Yung Gravy Drools Over Addison Rae's Single Mom At MTV VMAs Red Carpet


| LAST UPDATE 08/30/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Yung Gravy & Sheri Nicole
Johnny Nunez via Getty Images

Meme rapper Yung Gravy and Addison Rae's newly single mom seem to be a couple after sharing kisses on the red carpet at MTV's VMAs. Here are the bizarre series of events that led to their steamy night out.

Who is Yung Gravy? The 26-year-old Republic Records artist is originally from Minnesota. He dropped his first songs in 2016, including his breakout hit "Mr. Clean." He came up with his stage name during a freestyle session in the woods following his day job as a camp counselor.

Since the start of his career, Gravy has always had a thing for moms and cougars. "All the mamas love me, now I think I'm peanut brittle / Flex the rainbow, bag it like some Skittles," he raps on his viral song "Betty."

When TikTok star Addison Rae's mom Sheri Nicole split with her husband and Rae's father Monty Lopez in July, Gravy didn't waste any time shooting his shot via the below clip. Sheri then responded.

From there, they texted and FaceTimed before meeting in person. The whole saga led to MTV's Video Music Awards near NYC where they shared several kisses on the red carpet for everyone to see.

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"She's like a Southern belle and I'm a Northern boy, so it felt really cute and wholesome," Gravy told Page Six. He also claimed she's "kind of the queen of MILFs."

Sheri's ex – who allegedly cheated on her for five months with a 25-year-old influencer – sent shots toward Gravy and thanked him for "taking the leftovers" in an IG Story. Gravy previously roasted him after Lopez challenged him to a boxing match, posting a clip that's earned 29 million views.

"I'm a grown man. I'm not gonna fight you over TikTok drama," Gravy fired back. "You've got one of the most successful daughters in the world, and you decide to act half her age to try to get some attention while embarrassing your whole family. So, grow up, get some help, and if we cross paths in real life, don't do anything stupid."