Watch This 5-Year-Old Who Took a Joyride to Buy a Lamborghini Meet Jamie Foxx, Shaq, and Lil Pump

Mahlik Campbell entertainment /

After being pulled over "on his way" to California to acquire a Lamborghini, this five-year-old Utah youngin' recently had his broken dreams pieced back together. 👏

About a week and a half ago, Adrian Zamarripa's automotive ambitions went viral after he was stopped by a Utah Highway Patrol officer in his parents' car cruising down the highway at a laidback 32 MPH.

When asked where he was going and why, Adrian, who had only ventured about three miles from his home, stated the obvious: he was working toward California to scoop a fresh Lamborghini.

He was prepared to offer all $3 he was carrying, too.


Among those who heard about the story was RD Whittington, owner of Wires Only, a luxury car shop. Whittington was recently in the news himself for selling Playboi Carti his brand new 2020 Rolls-Royce Cullinan, thus helping the rapper adapt to fatherhood.

A clearly well-connected individual, Whittington decided to leverage his celebrity relationships, as well as his knowledge of where to find rare vehicles, to create a few special memories for Adrian.

Per TMZ, Whittington flew Adrian and his family out to Los Angeles just a few days after the traffic stop occurred. Once there, Adrian had the opportunity to hop in the driver's seat of a Ferrari and a Hummer, and the excitement on his face was undeniable when he revved the Ferrari's engine.


In addition to talking to Lil Pump over FaceTime, Adrian got to meet Jamie Foxx at his pad in the hills and had another FaceTime session, this time with Shaq. However, he was so starstruck that he couldn't muster the courage to say any words.

Though Adrian is reportedly facing some repercussions from his mom for his impromptu joyride, the Weber County District Attorney has confirmed the parents won't face any charges for neglect.

Watch the recap of his one of a kind experience here.