VR Meets Your Worst Nightmare in Marlon Wayans’ Latest Series


| LAST UPDATE 10/21/2022

By Alanis Wallis
Marlon Wayans Movie Premiere
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In a matter of time, our favorite funny guy will be scaring all his friends in a new show, Oh Hell No! … with Marlon Wayans. If you want a way to get into the holiday spirit, grab your popcorn and get ready for some hilariously thrilling scares. In the series, Wayans’ celebrity pals will have to face their greatest fears in virtual reality. Here's a closer look...

The newly released trailer features celebrities like Black-ish’s Anthony Anderson, Destiny Child’s Kelly Rowland, and social media influencer and singer Loren Gray. They are all wearing the Meta Quest 2 VR headsets and are forced to confront their absolute worst fears. Wayans hilariously commentates as they battle through different virtual reality scenarios. Some of the fears they will be forced to face are claustrophobia, ghosts, and heights. This series is for sure not for the faint of heart. The White Chicks actor said about the show, “There’s nothing more fun than horror, pranking, and scaring friends. This show has all the above.”

Marlon Wayans Netflix Series
Rodin Eckenroth/Stringer via Getty Images
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Wayans will host the series for Meta. The release will be dropped weekly starting Wednesday, October 26th at 9 am PT/12 pm ET. You can catch the series on Wayans’ Facebook and Instagram pages. If you have Meta Quest 2 and need a good scare, you can view the series in an exclusive immersive VR experience on Meta Quest TV. Six episodes will be released in total, and each episode will feature a new celebrity being forced to face their worst fear by Wayans. But if you think you’re going to want more of a fright, don’t worry. Meta will also be dropping a VR experience based in the world of Jordan Peele’s Nope and another VR experience titled Eli Roth’s Haunted House: Trick-VR-Treat, which stars Vanessa Hudgens.

Are you as hyped as we are? Face your favorite star's fears with them in this new series - and get ready to laugh, a lot. Until then, be sure to check back in for more updates on all things spooky season.

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