Virgil Abloh is Reimagining Luxury Via a Mercedes-Benz Concept Car

Dylan Henson

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Virgil Abloh has made his name and career through being a streetwear innovator, but now he's taking his vision to the streets in another way.

Tuesday welcomed the reveal of "Project Geländewagen" with German carmaker Mercedes-Benz and its chief design officer Gorden Wagener.

In an Instagram post detailing the inspiration behind the effort, Virgil claimed it's only the "first sketch of 1 million ideas" and they were "studying what luxury may look like in 100 years." He added, "transforming the iconic off-road vehicle in an enhanced AMG prototype purely for the street."

Some of the most eye-catching highlights of the refreshed G-Class include the decaying paint job, vintage Goodyear-style racing tires, the racecar-like steering wheel covered in vibrant controls, deep seats featuring two-strap seatbelts and roll bars. A pair of X's that would make KAWS proud dot the headlights. 

Desus Nice is one of many who thinks Virgil was inspired by the boxy Toyota Scion. "virgil paying homage to the toyota scion which sponsored 90% of lower east side parties [in new york] back in the early 2000s," he tweeted.

Kanye West also hyped up his fellow Chicagoan.

Not saying he's totally right, but one of Virgil's go-to "cheat notes" for his work is the "rule of three," as he told HYPEBEAST

"To me, an existing object needs to be altered by only 3 percent to become something new, to evoke a new or different emotion, to be perceived differently by the world," he suggested. "I carry this with me in everything I do."