Two Virginia Shoplifters Wore Watermelon Masks While Robbing a Convenience Store

Mahlik Campbell

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Many stores are requiring shoppers to wear protective face masks, so a pair of shoplifters in Virginia fashioned their own all-natural headgear. 😂

Recently, TMZ reported that a couple of dudes in Louisa, Virginia, not far from Washington, D.C., stole from a gas station called Sheetz about a week ago while wearing hollowed-out watermelons on their heads. Forget about the traditional ski mask or pantyhose accessory.

Image via The Louisa Police Department

Two suspects committed the convenience story larceny, and one person has since been arrested and taken into custody. Louisa police chief Tom Leary said that 20-year-old Justin Rogers was charged with three crimes, including misdemeanor larceny of alcohol, misdemeanor possession of alcohol by an underage person and felony prohibition of wearing a mask/face-covering in public.

That's right; those watermelon masks alone were illegal.

A surveillance camera in the store caught both suspects swiping assorted items before they hopped in their getaway car, which was a black, lifted 2006 Toyota Tacoma truck.

As the report from the Louisa Police Department notes, both suspects cut eyeholes in the watermelon rinds. Wonder if they ate the fruit before they committed their melon-headed theft.

Image via The Louisa Police Department

Police have asked the nearly 2,000 residents of the small town of Louisa to help them identify the second fruitful bandit, who's currently still on the run. No weapons appear to have been used in the larceny.

Speaking of watermelon, Harry Styles released the visuals for his single "Watermelon Sugar" on Monday. Spoiler alert: There aren't any melon helmets in the video, unfortunately.