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29+ Top Paid Actors in Hollywood, Ranked


| LAST UPDATE 10/21/2021

By Manny Ray

From Netflix hits to award-winning roles, our favorite actors are raking in the big bucks. From Dwayne Johnson's record-breaking salary to the actor who recently surpassed him, here are Hollywood's top-paid actors.

30. Daniel Radcliffe: $1 Million

For Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (2001)

He was just 11-years-old when the world first learned his name. But believe it or not, the wizard from Godric's Hollow had a whole lot more to show for himself than a Holly wand and Cloak of Invisibility.

harry potter movie salaryharry potter movie salary
Peter Mountain/WireImage via Getty Images

That's right. Daniel Radcliffe pocketed a pretty hefty sum for his time in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - roughly $1 million, as CelebrityNetWorth put it. And while that might not seem like much compared to our other stars, how many 5th graders have millions sitting in their piggy bank?

29. Paul Walker: $1 Million

For The Fast and the Furious (2001)

Before his tragic passing in 2013, Paul Walker was busy living life in the fast line. Ever since his debut in the Fast and Furious film franchise, the legendary actor secured an army of loyal fans - in addition to a pretty impressive paycheck, of course.

fast furious movie salaryfast furious movie salary

As CelebrityNetWorth estimated, Hollywood's golden boy (pictured above, right) raked in about $1 million for each of the first two Fast and Furious movies. But while Walker's time on our screen might have come to a tragic end, his legacy in Hollywood will forever remain priceless.

28. Tom Hanks: $1.75 Million

For Big (1988)

Remember when we watched Tom Hanks play a child trapped in a man's body? While the Big actor's cautionary tale about growing up too fast might have called for a swanky toy collection and silly sleepover parties, Hanks' salary was actually far from childish.

tom hanks movies salary tom hanks movies salary

As several sources allege, Hanks pocketed a cool $1.75 million for the 1988 classic. But if by some chance anyone expected that number to be significantly higher, well, it actually is. In today's market, that payout would actually translate to about $4 million. Not too shabby, huh?

27. Channing Tatum: $2 Million

For 21 Jump Street (2012)

Sure, he might not have been pulling A+'s at Sagan High School. But Channing Tatum's time as an undercover cop certainly put him ahead of the class. The 21 Jump Street legend walked away a hero after infiltrating the supplier - and he had lots to show for it, aside from a bullet in the arm.

top actors salary rankedtop actors salary ranked

The action-packed comedy earned Tatum (pictured above, left) an estimated $2 million - according to CelebrityNetWorth. Pretty impressive for a rookie, underachieving officer. Just like our next star, who walked away a couple million richer from their time dominating our screens...

26. Ethan Hawke: $2 Million

For Purge (2013)

When Ethan Hawke signed on to star in 2013's Purge, it certainly wasn't for the money. "There were no perks. No trailer, no driver, no BS, just a great role, a great director," the actor revealed to The Hollywood Reporter. But don't get it twisted - he definitely wasn't slumming it.

ethan hawke movie salary ethan hawke movie salary
YouTube via Universal Pictures

Hawkes' sleepless nights spent on the director's couch certainly paid off. According to CelebrityNetWorth, the 50-year-old actor earned an estimated $2 million thanks to the blockbuster's success. And given the successful Purge sequels that followed, we've got a feeling Mr. Hawke is living pretty comfortably...

25. Mike Myers: $3 Million

For Austin PowersInternational Man of Mystery (1997)

Dr. Evil might have been eyeing that $1 million dollars, but Austin Powers had his sights set higher. The actor behind our favorite ladies' man pocketed a nice chunk of change for his time in the adventure-comedy franchise. How much, exactly?

top comedy movie salary top comedy movie salary
New Line Cinema via Getty Images

As CelebrityNetWorth estimated, Mike Myers received roughly $3.5 million for his legendary role in Austin PowersInternational Man of Mystery. Sound like a lot? According to several sources, that number doubled by the time the second spy film came rolling around 2 years later. Yeah, baby!

24. Eddie Murphy: $3 Million

For Shrek (2001)

A donkey teaming up with an Ogre to save a princess from an evil Lord might seem like a mission impossible. Perhaps that's why Eddie Murphy was compensated very favorably for his time as Shrek's infamous sidekick ( - which included an endless supply of waffles, of course).

shrek eddie murphy salaryshrek eddie murphy salary
YouTube via Universal Pictures

According to several sources, the legendary comedian walked home with roughly $3 million for voicing Donkey. And while that number was said to have increased drastically throughout the duration of the movie franchise, we're sure he'd be just as witty and lovable regardless. Right, Shrek?

23. Rob Pattinson: $3 Million

For The Batman (2022)

Most of us first met him as a blood-sucking vampire back in '08, but Pattinson has been dominating the scene ever since. The Twilight hotshot has been nabbing blockbuster after blockbuster, including the upcoming Batman drama - set to premiere next year.

batman rob pattinson salarybatman rob pattinson salary
Peter Byrne/PA Images via Getty Images

Safe to say, fighting off the Joker doesn't come cheap. According to Variety, the Batman hero will be cashing in roughly $3 million for his time as Bruce Wayne. But given the box-office success the film will likely welcome, that number is bound to grow. Stay tuned.

22. Samuel L. Jackson: $4-6 Million

For Marvel Cinematic Universe (2008-)

Nick Fury is one of the greatest super spies in the world - and his bank account will back us up on that one. Samuel L. Jackson's time as the Marvel hero is truly like no other. But maybe that's because each minute of screen-time earns him millions. Yes, really.

marvel samuel jackson salarymarvel samuel jackson salary

According to CelebrityNetWorth, we could all learn a thing or two from Jackson's negotiating skills. As they reported, the actor managed to secure an estimated $4-6 million for every time he appears as "Nick Fury" - even if it calls for a brief cameo or 2 quick lines. Ah, to be rich and famous.

21. Bruce Willis: $5 Million

For Die Hard (1988)

When the world was first introduced to John McClane back in '88's Die Hard, nothing was ever the same. No, really. ''[It threw] the business out of whack,'' Alan Ladd Jr., chairman of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, explained of the record-breaking deal it called for.

die hard movie salarydie hard movie salary
Handout/Hulton Archive via Getty Images

And by record-breaking deal, we mean the $5 million 20th Century-Fox shelled out to get Bruce Willis on board - as several sources reported. (Which, by the way, translates to roughly $11.2 million in today's market.) But hey, there shouldn't be a price-tag on de-escalating a hostage situation. Just ask our next star...

20. Liam Neeson: $5 Million

For Taken (2008)

Just like Bruce Willis, our next actor's time as a devoted family man came at a very steep price. After all, tracking down one's daughter halfway across the globe doesn't come easy, does it? But while we all know how that story ends, we didn't know just how many millions it called for.

liam neeson net worthliam neeson net worth
Europa Corp/Kobal/Shutterstock

As CelebrityNetWorth revealed, Liam Neeson raked in an estimated $5 million thanks to his infamous role in Taken. But if that sounds impressive, we should probably note that his salary was said to have tripled by the time we caught up with him again in Taken 2.

19. Adam Sandler: $5 Million

For Uncut Gems (2019)

He might have struggled with a brutal gambling addiction on our screen, but Sandler's decision to take a chance on Uncut Gems certainly paid off. Back in 2019, the comedian proved just how talented he truly is after swapping laughs for drama in the action-packed thriller.

adam sandler movie salaryadam sandler movie salary
Wally McGrady/Netflix/Kobal/Shutterstock

And while he might have been snubbed from any Oscars (his words, not ours), Sandler's time as Howard Ratner earned him quite a pretty penny. According to Forbes, the actor walked home with roughly $5 million thanks to the internationally acclaimed role.

18. Shaquille O'Neal: $7 Million

For Kazaam (1996)

And who said Shaq's reign was only limited to the courts? The NBA champ showed us the true definition of a baller back in 1996 after signing on to star in fantasy-comedy Kazaam. Name not ringing a bell? Don't worry, there's probably good reason for that.

highest paid actors 2021highest paid actors 2021
Ricco Torres/Touchstone/Interscope/Polygram/Kobal/Shutterstock

Despite its legendary leading star, the film was dubbed an instant flop by almost every critic at the time. But no need to worry - Shaq's not losing any sleep over it. "Someone said, 'Hey, here's $7 million, come in and do this genie movie.' What am I going to say, no?" the athlete joked to GQ of his hefty payday.

17. Jim Carrey: $7 Million

For Dumb and Dumber (1994)

Granted, playing dumb is never recommended. But when it comes to Jim Carrey? Something tells us he might just feel otherwise. In fact, back in 1994, the funny guy did exactly that - and it earned him almost $10 million. Any guess what we're referring to?

richest actors jim carreyrichest actors jim carrey
Erik S Lesser/EPA/Shutterstock

Of course, Dumb & Dumber - a film so dumb, it made for one of the smartest money moves of Carrey's career. In fact, that's exactly what viewers (us included) loved about the spoof comedy. And given Carrey's alleged $7 million payout, as Business Insider revealed? We're sure he's just as much a fan as we were.

16. Seth Rogen: $8.4 Million

For The Interview (2014)

Remember when two of Hollywood's biggest comedians accidentally threatened national security thanks to their latest spoof comedy? Yep, 2014 was wild. But forget Seth Rogen and James Franco's time insulting North Korea for a second. Just how much did The Interview set Sony back?

seth rogen movie salaryseth rogen movie salary

According to Variety, a whole lot. After a cyber-attack leaked documents detailing the film's production, it was revealed that Rogen (pictured above, right) raked in the big bucks during his time stirring the pot. As the news outlet reported, the comedian earned a cool $8.4 million for his role as Aaron Rapoport.

15. Kevin Hart: $10 Million

For Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

Good things come in small packages, as Kevin Hart has proven time and time again. But in this case? They also come in the form of hefty paydays. The Philadelphia comedian has come quite a long way since his time as a struggling shoe salesman - including his time in Jumanji, which saw him rake in millions.

kevin hart net worthkevin hart net worth

Back in 2017, when the funny guy (pictured above, middle) made his debut in the Jumanji film franchise, he scored a whole lot more than some quick laughs. As Variety reported, Hart earned an estimated $10 million from the comedy-adventure. He might be small but he's certainly livin' large.

14. Rob Downey Jr.: $10 Million

For Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Tony Stark, who? He might have played a thriving billionaire in Iron Man, but we're here to talk about Robert Downey Jr.'s time dominating a different blockbuster: Spider-Man. Granted, it might not have spanned as long, but it was certainly worth his while. Trust us on that one.

marvel movie actor salary marvel movie actor salary
Chuck Zlotnick/Columbia/Kobal/Shutterstock

As Variety revealed, the legendary actor (pictured above, middle) walked home with an estimated $10 million thanks to his cameo. Let's put that into perspective for a second: Downey Jr.'s Spider-Man screen-time totaled about 10 minutes, so we're looking at almost $1 million/minute. Let that one sink in.

13. Chris Pine: $11.5 Million

For Dungeons & Dragons (2023)

Ever wonder how much it cost to get a big-time actor inside a dungeon? (Psst, a whole lot.) Chris Pine is slated to star in the film adaptation of fantasy role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons come 2023. But it won't come cheap. In fact, he'll be looking at quite the payday.

top paid actors moviestop paid actors movies
Liam McBurney/PA Images via Getty Images

Not only will Pine be earning a cool $11.5 million, but it'll also place him as the 16th highest-paid actor in Hollywood - as several sources estimated. And while we'll have to wait another 2 years to see if it was an investment well spent, well, we've got a feeling it was.

12. Keanu Reeves: $12-14 Million

For The Matrix 4: Resurrections (2021)

Red pill or blue pill? If you chose the latter, keep scrolling. As for those looking to learn the truth, well, you've come to the right place: Keanu Reeves' time in The Matrix was truly like no other. But given Neo's return to the big screen this winter? It's about time we learn just how much went into the infamous role.

the matrix 4 keanuthe matrix 4 keanu
Handout/Hulton Archive via Getty Images

According to Insider, the Matrix 4 will have Reeves walk away with anything from $12-14 million. And while that might seem like quite a hefty sum for just one movie, saving the world from mass destruction should never come with a price tag. Right, Neo?

11. Tom Cruise: $13 Million

For Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

Returning to the Danger Zone comes at a massive cost. And we'd be lying if we said we were surprised. After all, not only does Tom Cruise know how to keep us entertained, but the daredevil's time on our screen has him hanging by a thread - literally...

tom cruise movie salarytom cruise movie salary
YouTube via Paramount Pictures

Not only is the actor famous for doing his own stunts, but his time in the Top Gun franchise has him dangling from fighter jets and flying objects. Perhaps that's why it's reported by several sources that he's already pocketed $13 million from the 2022 Top Gun film. After all, nothing's a mission impossible when Cruise is involved.

10. Michael B. Jordan: $15 Million

For Without Remorse (2021)

Getting revenge has never been pricier. Michael B. Jordan's latest drama Without Remorse will have him seeking justice for the murder of his pregnant wife. And much like the film's title suggests, we've got a feeling the 34-year-old actor won't be regretting this role.

michael b. jordan salarymichael b. jordan salary
YouTube via Amazon Prime Video

...In fact, we've got 15 million reasons why. According to several reports, the Hollywood star has already nabbed a $15 million payout for the upcoming adventure. Though we'll have to tune in to the Amazon drama to see who pays the ultimate price here...

9. Brad Pitt: $20 Million

For Bullet Train (2022)

It's been quite a while since we watched him star as an assassin. But fast forward 17 years, and we'll be watching the Mr. and Mrs. Smith legend pick up right where he left off. Titled Bullet Train, Brad Pitt's upcoming thriller follows 5 assassins (him included) aboard a high-speed train in Toyko. Sound interesting?

brad pitt movie salarybrad pitt movie salary
Daniel Gilfeather/Shutterstock

While we can't quite tell ya how their time in Japan ends, we do know this: Pitt will be leaving Northeast Asia a very wealthy man. According to several reports, the Hollywood hotshot is set to rake in in a cool $20 million for his upcoming role. Just like our next star...

8. Chris Hemsworth: $20 Million

For Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)

It's wild to think Chris Hemsworth was once cashing in a mere $150,000 for his time as the God of Thunder. Safe to say, a whole lot has changed since then. In fact, by the time 2022 comes rolling around, the Thor legend will be $19,850,000 richer. Yes, really.

marvel thor movie salarymarvel thor movie salary

In a matter of months, Hemsworth will be picking up his role as Thor in the upcoming adventure, Thor: Love and Thunder. And while his last time as the Mjolnir-wielding hero earned him $15 million, he'll be walking home with $20 million this time around - as several sources reported.

7. Ryan Gosling: $20 Million

For The Gray Man (2022)

What's another $20 million when you're home to 200+ million subscribers and endless award-winning productions? Netflix's upcoming film The Gray Man will have them shelling out the big bucks as Ryan Gosling returns to the big screen in the action-packed thriller.

ryan gosling new movieryan gosling new movie
TSM/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

And if it's anything like we've seen before? The estimated $20 million paid (as Variety reported) to Hollywood's golden boy will be money well spent. Not to mention, Chris Evans will be joining Gosling on-screen as a CIA agent tasked with hunting him down. Safe to say we'll be tuning in.

6. Mark Wahlberg: $30 Million

For Spenser Confidential (2020)

From Post Malone to Winston Duke, Spenser Confidential certainly knew how to keep us entertained. But forget the drama's star-studded cast for a second. Let's talk about the real rock star here (no, not Posty) - the star who walked away from the film $30 million richer.

highest paid actor netflixhighest paid actor netflix
Daniel McFadden/Netflix/Kobal/Shutterstock

As Variety reported, Mark Wahlberg's time as a Boston cop saw him rake in an eight-figure paycheck. But while the $30 million Netflix splashed out for the feature film (as several sources allege) might have set them back more than we expected, the record-breaking views the blockbuster welcomed speak for itself.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio: $30 Million

For Don't Look Up (2021)

Sure, there was Shutter Island. There was Inception. But when it comes to Leo DiCaprio's time on screen? Don't Look Up is the film that's got our attention - and it hasn't even hit the big screen yet. Let's just say, Netflix is as hopeful about the upcoming comedy as we are.

leonardo dicaprio movie salaryleonardo dicaprio movie salary
YouTube via Netflix

So much so, that the streaming giant splashed out a cool $30 million to nab Leonardo DiCaprio as the leaded role, according to Insider. As for what to expect? The upcoming drama will follow Leo as an astronomer on a journey to warn the world of a comet headed towards planet Earth.

4. Denzel Washington: $40 Million

For The Little Things (2021)

Denzel Washington, Jared Leto, and Rami Malek teaming up to hunt down a vicious serial killer in L.A. - what more could we ask for? While The Little Things' promising plot is, no doubt, tempting enough, its massive payout might just be even more noteworthy.

highest paid actors 2021highest paid actors 2021
WARNER BROS/Moviestore/Shutterstock

Not only did Washington secure $40 million from his time as a troubled detective - as Variety reported - but it placed him as the 4th highest-paid actor in Hollywood this year. As for who managed to out-earn the award-winning legend? Keep scrolling...

3. Will Smith: $40 Million

For King Richard (2021)

With a name like The Fresh Prince, Will Smith is used to living large. But his time in upcoming film King Richard has him looking very differently. The drama follows the lives of Serena and Venus Williams on their journey to dominating the courts - as told from their father, Richard's perspective.

will smith upcoming moviewill smith upcoming movie
YouTube via Warner Bros. Pictures

While the film will have Smith star as the tennis champs' proud father, we'll watch their rags to riches journey unravel on our screens. But don't let his award-winning acting fool ya - Smith is leading a very comfortable life. In fact, according to Variety, the actor pocked roughly $40 million from the notable role.

2. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson: $50 Million

For Red One (2023)

Up until 2021, Dwayne Johnson was on top of the world - and our countdown. That is, until another Hollywood hotshot booted the actor out of the #1 spot. But don't feel too badly for him - The Rock's still got a pretty hefty chunk of change lying around in the bank.

dwayne top paid actordwayne top paid actor
YouTube via The Rock

In fact, come December 25 of 2023, and it won't matter if he lands a spot on Santa's naughty list. The actor will be doing just fine - you know, considering the $50 million he'll have pocketed from his role in the upcoming Christmas-themed comedy Red One.

1. Daniel Craig: $100 Million

For Knives Out: 2 & Knives Out: 3 (2022 & TBD )

And finally, the moment we've all been waiting for: Nabbing 1st place as the highest-paid actor of 2021 is none other than 007 himself. But believe it or not, Daniel Craig doesn't have his time as an international secret agent to thank for this one. Instead?

daniel craig movie salary daniel craig movie salary
Claire Folger/Lionsgate/Kobal/Shutterstock

As Variety reported, the James Bond legend will be raking in a cool $100 million thanks to his upcoming roles in both Knives Out: 2 and Knives Out: 3. Then again, given the big bucks the original movie earned at the 2019 box office, perhaps it's no surprise. As for what will be a surprise? How long Craig sits at #1. Stay tuned...