This Gigantic Godzilla Statue in Japan is Nearing Its Final Form

Dylan Henson

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If the 60-foot tall, life-size Gundam robot in Yokohama, Japan is looking for a new rival, this gigantic statue of Godzilla currently under construction on Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture – Godzilla's place of birth – should do the trick. 

A series of photos of the monument shows that it's almost complete. When finished, it'll measure 390-feet long – 10 feet more than an entire football field – and 65-feet high. Sheesh! 

For something that wreaks so much fictional havoc on their country, Japan sure has a lot of love for Godzilla. 

In fact, a smaller interpretation of the ​reptilian beast already exists in what's fittingly called Godzilla Square in Tokyo, and a 40-foot Godzilla head peers over a building not far away.

No updated opening date has been set, as the coronavirus delayed the project. The "Godzilla Interception Operation" experience will also offer the first-ever museum dedicated to Godzilla, a zipline tour traveling through the monster's mouth and a shooting game. 

Anyone else trying to book a trip?