This 21-Year-Old's Supreme Box Logo Tee Collection May Auction For $2 Million


| LAST UPDATE 06/01/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Supreme Box Logo
Via Christie's

Christie's is preparing to auction a one of a kind streetwear collection that reportedly includes every Supreme box logo (Bogo, for short) T-shirt ever made since the brand was founded in 1994.

The "Behind the Box: 1994-2000" offering is expected to sell for $2 million or more, a price that would make it "the most valuable collection of Supreme material to ever be offered in a single sale," according to Christie's

The young man responsible for the 253-item Bogo tee bonanza is 21-year-old James Bogart, who's been assembling the archive since 2014. His pursuits have taken him "across the globe, both physically and virtually, from Vancouver to London, Los Angeles to Tokyo."

As for the most valuable piece in the group, Bogart says it's the 1999 WTAPS shirt printed on Neighborhood blanks, as only 30 are believed to have been produced. Yet the most significant shirt to him is the original 1994 red on white Box Logo style sold in the OG Supreme store at 274 Lafayette Street in New York.

Another favorite grail of his is an unreleased Three 6 Mafia purple and white sample from the early 2010s. It's currently reselling on eBay for nearly $10,000. He even has an entire site dedicated to his Box Logo Collection, the first and only complete archive of the classic T-shirts. 

Previously, a full set of Supreme skateboard decks dating back to 1998 held the title of the most expensive Supreme auction, fetching $800,000 via Sotheby's at the start of 2019. 

Bogart noted that people often overlook the "weeks, months, and even years of research and work" just one T-shirt can require, so props to him for putting in the time and embracing the game.