The Internet is Split on Who (If Anyone) Made Nike Air Force 1s Popular

Mahlik Campbell

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As the nationwide quarantine forces many people to stay inside and rely on bare necessities, debates surrounding some of life's most important questions have begun to bubble to the surface. For example, who is responsible for giving Nike Air Force 1s their cultural cachet?

Is it A$AP Rocky? Nelly? Jadakiss? Or no one at all?

This conversation started to take hold of the public interest after a report came out claiming that Rocky said he was responsible for starting the Air Force 1 trend.

While A$AP was undoubtedly one of the biggest fashion icons of the 2010s, many people disagreed with this alleged take since Air Force 1s gained popularity in the U.S. before A$AP was famous.

Instead, many people pointed to Nelly as the trailblazer.

Back in 2002, the St. Louis rapper released a song titled "Air Force Ones" that was wholly inspired by the classic Nike sneakers.

Capturing his unwavering love for a fresh pair of 1s, he rapped, "Now don't nothing get the hype on first sight like, white on whites / Them three quarters, them lows, they all tight."

As opinions continued to spread, another legendary hip-hop name came into the fold: Jadakiss.

According to hip-hop historian Andrew Barber, the New York rapper was rapping about Forces as early as 2000 on The LOX's second album, We Are The Streets.

"You heard, L-O-X came through in a yellow Lex / And hop out with the Air Force One's with yellow checks," he proclaimed.

With Air Force Ones having debuted nearly 20 years earlier in 1982, though, they may have earned respect all on their own.

While society may never know for certain who's responsible for giving Air Force 1s their clout, one indisputable fact is that a clean pair of these signature Nikes makes for a timeless look. 💯