The Best Bape Collaborations Ever

Dylan Henson entertainment /

We have reached a time period where streetwear is basically high fashion. Brands like Supreme, Stussy, and Undefeated all have become prominent brands worn by some of the biggest stars in the world and in turn, have made the brands some of the biggest in fashion culture.

One of the biggest streetwear brands, arguably the biggest, Bape, stands out as well. Beyond their iconic Bape head logo their collaborations with various other brands, artists, and companies have helped keep them relevant for the past 20-plus years.

Take a look below at some of the best collaborations that have come from Bape.



This has to be a hypebeast's dream right? The two most iconic streetwear brands collaborating was good news for you if you got your hands on it, because it meant you had a grail. It was bad news if you missed out because the resell prices probably would cost you an arm and a leg. And a foot, and a few fingers and maybe an organ as well.

The Simpsons


Who knew that Bart Simpson had swag, I sure didn't. But if you throw him on a Bape hoodie with baby Milo now he suddenly becomes that much cooler. This was a dope twist on one of the most recognizable cartoon characters of all-time.

Dragon Ball Z


There was nothing I wanted more than this Bape and Dragon Ball Z collaboration. If you grew up in the early 2000s then Dragon Ball Z was probably one of the highlights of your childhood, and hey, Goku died so many times on the show it's only right he gets put on a t-shirt.

Star Wars

Bape Talk

Is there a more iconic movie franchise over the last 40 years than Star Wars? There can't possibly be one, which makes this collaboration a no-brainer. I need one of these t-shirts with Darth Vader on the front, or a stormtrooper if possible.

Kanye West


This collaboration made sense for no other reason than Kanye West being one of the most stylish rappers on the planet on top of being one of the biggest artists in the world. But instead of it being in the form of a regular clothing collab, he was able to design a pair of Bape's signature Bapesta sneakers.



Undefeated is one of the most recognized and respected streetwear boutiques in the world, and one of the few carriers of Bape clothing in the United States. So, it was only right that they were able to collab on a pair of pullover hoodies and jackets.

Comme des Garcons


You're telling me I can get two of my favorite brands in one shirt here? Sign me up. I need a shirt to wear with my Commes Des Garcon converse sneakers anyway, so this is pretty lit.

Street Fighter


This is definitely one of the best ideas Bape has ever come up with, collaborating with the legendary arcade game Street Fighter. Ryu, Ken, Guile, Chun-Li, all on one shirt with Baby Milo. Inject this type of fashion into my veins, I couldn't ask for more.

Kid Cudi


Amongst the lead consumers of Bape clothing, I'm willing to bet Kid Cudi is one of the favorite artists of those consumers. And Cudi has long been a supporter of the brand so it's cool that he got to collaborate with Bape for a couple of t-shirts. Legend has it, Kanye West discovered Cudi while he was working at the Bape store in New York, so he'll forever be a part of the brand.

The Godfather


There is a strong chance that most of the people who are actually wearing Bape weren't even close to being alive when The Godfather was a thing. But that's neither here nor there, when you have a chance to do a collab with arguably the greatest movie ever you do it.



Nintendo has stood the test of time more than any video game company in the world and their reward for it? A collaboration with the streetwear titan Bape. This is the pinnacle right? I mean Super Mario was cool but getting him on a Bape shirt raises his clout infinitely.



Uggs are definitely the most comfortable shoes on the market right now. It's like putting your foot in a cloud, I can't think of anything more comfortable. Now I get to rock them in style with Bape too, I'm going to need about five pairs of these.

Planet Of The Apes

This is a collaboration that you would think would have happened a long time ago but it is actually pretty recent and I think Big Sean has a lot to do with this. When he rapped that his closet looked like Planet of the Bathing Apes on his song "Paradise," this collaboration came to life. I know Sean catches a lot of jokes, but give him his props here.



The shark zip-up hoodie is probably the most iconic piece of clothing under the Bape brand so when it got a makeover by the hands of KAWS it was a big deal. The shark hoodie lost it's typical ape head logo placements and was replaced with teeth exclusively. Pretty dope idea.


Sole Collector

If there is one thing that Adidas has been able to do successfully it has been bridging the gap between culture and their brand. That wasn't more apparent than their collab with Bape, which gave us the BAPE x Adidas Dame 4 which Damian Lillard wore in game multiple times.



G-Shock watches might not be as popular as they once were, but they are still definitely a cool watch to have and getting the Bape stamp of approval is proof of that. If this collab happened 10 years ago there is a strong chance that Soulja Boy and Bow Wow would have been all over this.

DC Comics


DC has been struggling recently with their films and characters for the big screen, but I think this collab with Bape is one of the ways to get people back behind characters like Batman and Superman. Imagine watching the caped crusader stop crime in this, it would be awesome.



Marvel seriously can't do any wrong in 2019. Coming off of the success of Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame, the company is just printing money. Another way for them to continue to corner pop culture is collaborating with iconic streetwear brands such as Bape.



I never got my hands on one of these Bape and Pepsi cans but I wish I did just to have a collector's item. If Pepsi was real, they would have Bape on a Super Bowl commercial in 2020. They get a Super Bowl placement every year, use it for the culture next year.



Disney basically controls all forms of media in 2019, having the rights to Star Wars and all of the MCU films they really can do no wrong. They also have a streaming service launching later on this year, but if they corner the market of streetwear then they will truly be unstoppable. This Bape collab looks good enough to make me open to the idea.



Who you gonna call? The Ghostbusters...and Baby Milo? That's what it looks like. One of the biggest phenomenons in pop culture, The Ghostbusters, got their day in the sun with Bape and a second wind amongst a generation of people who might not have been too aware of the impact of the franchise.


BBC is Pharell Williams brainchild and it's only right that the collaboration with Bape happened, considering that most of BBC's influence can be drawn directly back to Bape. This is a classic example of the pupil working with the master, and what you get is one of Bape's best collabs.

Beastie Boys

Freshness MAg

This Beastie Boys collab is one of the most unorthodox collaborations with Bape because they aren't an active group and they didn't get a line of shirts or hoodies like other celebrities have. They were immortalized in the form of dolls. This is fire, low-key.

Snoop Dogg

Modern Notoriety

This collaboration technically happened when Snoop made his transition to Snoop Lion, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that the coolest rapper ever got to do a collaboration with the coolest streetwear brand on the planet.



Playboy collaborating with big streetwear brands is nothing new, considering they have collaborated with Supreme already before this, so a Bape collab makes a lot of sense. The playboy bunny is iconic and speaks for itself, same as the bathing ape head. The two logos look good together.

Linkin Park


I know Linkin Park got to collaborate with JAY-Z for an album and do a tour and all that good stuff, but I'm sure this is probably the coolest thing they have ever done. I mean, look at this shirt, how could they even deny this is the coolest moment of their careers?

A$AP Ferg

Believe it or not, A$AP Ferg was one of the biggest rappers in hip-hop for a good four-month period in 2013. And during that time his profile as one of the most stylish rappers rose peak, which granted him access to working with Bape on this TrapLord collaboration. This is one of the more obscure collabs Bape has done but I like it a lot.



You thought Bape was going to do a Pepsi collab and not do a Coca-Cola one? Yeah right, they are all about equal opportunity. And though they didn't do bottles or cans with Coca-Cola as they did with Pepsi, they did make the ape head drink the famous soda on a shirt. Good advertisement if you ask me.

Angry Birds


Angry Birds was one of the biggest mobile video games of all-time, undeniably. For a brief period of time it was inescapable, and one of the few games you ever had to have on your cellphone. Because of that popularity, Bape came calling, and when they come, you answer.


Kicks On Fire

It's one thing for Bape to work with Reebok, that's cool enough on its own. But for them to remix Allen Iverson's iconic Reebok Question sneakers? That just shows they understand their place in streetwear culture and they know what the people really want. This was a homerun.