Takashi Murakami Partners With Perrier for Special Bottle Design

Dylan Henson entertainment /

Sparkling water isn't for everyone, but this Takashi Murakami and Perrier collab might cause some people to reconsider their taste.

Highlighted by the Japanese artist's signature smiling flower motif on the larger bottles and his Kaikai and Kiki characters on the smaller ones, the limited edition green glass offering radiates fun and uplifting vibes.

Via Perrier

In a nearly seven-minute video interview, Murakami spoke on his affinity for Perrier and how he "used to drink it a lot" when he was living in New York during his early 30s.

He then recalled a goofy time when he mistook the French brand for alcohol on the "first romantic date" of his life at 18 years old. Lol.

"When Perrier first approached me, I felt extremely lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with this sparkling water brand with such a long history," he said. "It held many positive associations for me. For example, when I was 32 and started living in New York, I used to drink Perrier a lot.

"Even further back, though, I have another very strong memory: I was on the first romantic date of my life at age 18 with a girl two years my senior. We went to a place in Ginza and I ordered a bottle of Perrier, mistaking it for alcohol. I remember it all so clearly – especially how confused I felt when I didn’t feel any alcohol effects after drinking many glasses!"

Perrier has worked with several iconic artists during its 150 years of business, including Andy Warhol and Salvador Dalí. (The Warhol collab is Murakami's favorite.)

The glass collection will begin rolling out around the globe in October, and cans are scheduled to hit shelves early next year. Pour up!