Spider-Man Will Appear Exclusively on PlayStation for Marvel's Avengers

Mahlik Campbell

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A wise man once said, "With great power comes great responsibility." 🕷️

PlayStation dropped some big news on Monday regarding the upcoming Marvel's Avengers video game scheduled to drop on Sept. 4: If players want to access Spider-Man, they'll need to own a PS4 or PS5.

A lead designer for the game revealed Spider-Man's exclusivity to PlayStation in a blog post, writing that he'll be added to Marvel's roster of playable characters "at no additional cost" in early 2021. So, people will have to be patient for Spidey's arrival.

Though Spider-Man is the only console-specific character, other heroes like Hawkeye will arrive as free, post-launch DLC as well.

When Spider-Man is finally available, players can expect him to possess the ability to smoothly transition between navigation and combat, as Crystal Dynamics wants to ensure "our hero moves and fights like he should, no matter which one of our War Zones he finds himself in."

He'll also have special skill trees allowing for customized attacks and abilities, not to mention choosing the gear and skills most important to your unique version of Peter Parker.

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The fits are coming correct, too, as designers pulled style inspiration from classic magazine sketches by artists Steve Ditko and John Romita Sr., which show Spidey with webbed underarms and his signature red and blue suit.

Other costumes will likely be released with "nods" to artists who "have defined the character’s look over his long history."

In other PlayStation news, Sony confirmed that PS4 controllers won't work with any PS5 games. While "supported PS4 games" will be fine, those looking to test out the latest titles will have to upgrade to the Xboxy DualSense.