Saweetie Shares Update On Delays Around Debut Album 'Pretty B***h Music'


| LAST UPDATE 07/05/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Rodin Eckenroth via WireImage

After dropping hits like "Tap In" and "Best Friend" feat. Doja Cat and partnering with McDonald's for her very own meal, everything seemed ripe for Saweetie to unleash her debut album 'Pretty B***h Music.'

But she decided to take a surprising step back, leaving fans wondering, "Where is Saweetie?"

Saweetie finally addressed the long delay around her debut album in a note to her 13 million IG followers. "These past couple of years have been a growing experience for me as an artist, human, but most importantly a woman," she wrote. "I have realized my purpose with the platform God has given me which is why I have taken my time with releasing music this time around.

"Through hours of self-reflection I have realized that Pretty B***h Music is not an album – it's a movement. It's a culture. It's a language. It's a lifestyle. We not rushing art, we taking our time! This ain’t no microwave s**t! It's baking & it will definitely be worth the taste."

Saweetie has brought up the idea of understanding her purpose before. "The ice, the fame, the money is cool, but if I can inspire or change someone's life, that's when I feel like I did my job," she told Nick Cannon in an interview last year. (She just celebrated her 29th birthday this past weekend!)

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One of Saweetie's biggest goals is to become a billionaire, and she's working every day to build her brand. "For me, a billion dollars, I just feel like that's just what's to come because I'm gonna have several streams of income from different companies," she said.

In addition to releasing music like "Closer" feat. H.E.R., she partnered with Crocs for a pack of "Icy" Jibbitz charms and was even named the Global Cultural Consultant for Champion.

"So excited to share my love for apparel and women in sports through the Icy-Champion projects to come," she wrote.