Roddy Ricch Looks Ready To Throw Hands In New Viral Boxing Clip


| LAST UPDATE 08/10/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Roddy Ricch
Amy Harris/Invision/AP via Shutterstock

Following the lead of Logan and Jake Paul, more and more entertainers are looking to flip their clout into pay-per-view boxing matches with huge paydays. This clip of Roddy Ricch suggests he could step in the ring next...

Roddy took a break from recording his unnamed new album to hit the gym and practice his punches. A video emerged showing the 22-year-old working with a trainer who's coaching him on his jabs and slips.

As the video began to gain traction, many fans noticed that Roddy's hips move a lot when he punches. "He move like his back itching," someone commented. Others were more critical of his amateur style: "This ain't 'The Box' Roddy was talkin' 'bout."

If these trolls were to see Roddy in real life, they'd likely opt to keep the jokes to themselves. Not only did Roddy grow up in Compton, one of America's most cutthroat neighborhoods, but he's been boxing for a minute.

In this clip from May 2020, Roddy displays some nice footwork.

Blueface is the most notable rapper to participate in an official fight so far. Last month, he handled Kane Trujillo, a TikToker, and proceeded to pummel a fan who entered the ring and started talking trash. During a livestream, however, 6ix9ine claimed Blueface's purse was only $25,000.

Now, Blueface has his sights set on 6ix9ine as his next opponent. The two recently traded disses in a Clubhouse chat, with 6ix9ine suggesting that if Blueface's manager, Wack 100, can promise him "$20 million," he'll scrap at a moment's notice. "You 6'4", you all bones!" 6ix9ine said.

As for Roddy, only time will tell if he chooses to take his boxing talents to the next level. The same goes for his album release date, which he's yet to announce.

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He told Complex he's going "back to the basics" on his next project to try and "bridge the gap between my old fans and my new fans."