Reebok Connects With 'Ghostbusters' for a Supernatural Shoe No One Expected

Mahlik Campbell

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For anyone looking to take their 'Ghostbusters' fit for Halloween 2020 to the next dimension, these Reebok "Ghost Smashers" created in collaboration with the comedy franchise are a must-have.  

Building on the athletic brand's Alien Stomper model, originally conceived for the 'Alien' movies circa 1986, the most eye-catching twist is without a doubt the "Pump" prop strapped to the heel imitating the Ghostbuster's signature Proton Packs used to vacuum away trouble-making souls. Two gray tubes and one green and one blue wire link the plastic machine to the rest of the sneaker.

Another fun nod to the series is the caution tape covering the Reebok logo on the mid-foot strap. On the padded tongue made of exposed foam sits the classic 'Ghostbusters' logo.

Via Reebok
Via Reebok

Making sure Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and Co. would approve, the final touch comes via light scuffing all along the midsole, giving the shoes a pre-worn feel and readying them for a long day's work of gobbling ghouls.

Balancing out the release is the much more reserved Classic Leather style in beige canvas. Yet similar motifs exist here like the main ghostly graphic and the hazard tape on the heel bottom. 

Via Reebok
Via Reebok

Both kicks are set to drop Halloween Saturday via Reebok's site. Prices are $150 for the "Ghost Smashers" and $100 for the Classic Leathers. A reported second 'Ghostbusters' collection will arrive later this fall.