Press Play: AMC Will Officially Allow Moviegoers to Rent Out Its Theaters

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An AMC Theater in Times Square is closed for business on Friday, March 2020 in New York, NY. The city officially announced the closure of all non-essential businesses and implemented a lockdown last week. Photo by Erin Lefevre for Nur Photo. (Photo by Erin Lefevre/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

There's no feeling like walking into a movie theater with friends and having the place all to yourselves. AMC wants to give moviegoers that VIP vibe as much as possible, so it's launching a Private Theatre Rentals program.

The program was made official after the beta launch drew 110,000 nationwide inquiries in just a month and without any serious marketing efforts, per Variety. That's more than four times as many inquiries as AMC’s total private theater rentals during all of last year.

AMC has 600 screening rooms across the country and customers can rent them for as little as $99 for up to 20 people. Recent releases like 'Tenet,' 'The War With Grandpa' and 'Freaky' start at $149. You won't be able to bring your own popcorn and soda, though. That's against AMC's policy. Patrons will also have to wear masks and follow social distancing practices.

"It’s unprecedented for AMC to receive 110,000 contacts in four weeks about a private theatre rental, based only on word of mouth and organic publicity, and we are excited about and appreciative of the interest this has sparked among AMC guests," said Elizabeth Frank, AMC's executive vice president of worldwide programming and chief content officer.

Unfortunately, from a business viewpoint, this move is likely a last-ditch attempt to prevent AMC from completely crashing financially. The company lost nearly a billion dollars last quarter and then claimed it may have to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Those interested in booking their own "Safe & Clean Auditorium" – and simultaneously keeping one of the last remaining movie theater chains afloat – can do so here.