Pre-Orders for Xbox Series X and S Are Causing Retailers' Sites to Malfunction

Dylan Henson

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Pre-ordering of the Xbox Series X and the digital, cheaper Series S opened on Tuesday and almost immediately the intense customer demand caused issues for online retailers. Yikes!

According to multiple accounts of what it was like trying to buy the system(s), here's what happened: 

 Walmart sold out in about 30 seconds;

 Target wouldn't let shoppers add the item to their carts;

– Amazon and Best Buy were slow to list;

– GameStop put people in a weird waiting room;

 Microsoft's site straight-up crashed.

Some far-too-eager gamers reportedly bought the current-gen Xbox One X by accident, as sales of the console on Amazon increased by 431% during Tuesday afternoon. Hahah. 

Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hryb acknowledged that "demand is high" around the world, while Xbox tweeted that they're "humbled by the record-breaking demand." They added, "Huge thanks to everyone for the excitement." Don't mention it...

Nevertheless, a lucky few were able to get their cursors on either the $499 or $299 model. Not sure if I'm mad, sad, impressed or what.

If you weren't able to scoop the new Xbox this time around, you'll have to wait until it's officially released on Tuesday, Nov. 10. So close, yet so far.