From Fresh Prince to Full House: 29+ On-Screen Homes You Can Visit


| LAST UPDATE 10/27/2022

By Ray Zhang

From West Philadelphia to Seaside Heights, we're about to invite you inside the most iconic on-screen homes. We know you're excited, but please, save the fist-pumping for later. We've got a long ride ahead of us...

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air: $6.7 Million

Go grab the Gushers and Dunkaroos, because our first home is taking you right back to the '90s. But we'd like to take a minute, so just sit right there, and we'll tell you how it became the famous house of Bel-Air.

Fresh Prince, HomesFresh Prince, Homes
VALERIE MACON for AFP via Getty Images

Nestled on Bristol Ave. in Brentwood, the Banks' 6,438 sq. ft. mansion can be yours if you've got (about) $6,709,500 to shell out, according to But we should warn ya, Will's Jordan collection is off-limits.

Breaking Bad: $230,300

We don't say this often, but when it comes to this Science teacher, something tells us you'll want to pay him a visit. Though, we'd definitely tread lightly if we were you. Welcome to 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque, New Mexico, folks. Just kidding…

Breaking Bad, HomesBreaking Bad, Homes
Steve Snowden via Getty Images

You see, we simply can't tell you where Mr. White's off-screen home is, as owner, Frances Padilla is fed up with the number of eager fans deciding to pop in for a quick visit. What we can tell you, though, is that the Albuquerque, NM home will set you back about $259,015, according to

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Full House: $5.5 Million

Whatever happened to predictability? Someone call Kimmy, because the Tanner house is officially unrecognizable. Then again, something tells us she'll have no problem finding it. The iconic San Francisco home has been loved by fans for years - but the Full House creator loved it so much, he actually went ahead and bought the place.

Full House, HomesFull House, Homes
Instagram via @ sash_asf

That's right, back in '16, the three-story Victorian at 1709 Broderick Street officially became Tanner property again, after Jeff Franklin purchased it for a cool $4 million. His plans? Make it a Full House exhibit. Unlucky for us, neighbors weren't too happy, and he soon put it on the market for $5.5 million.

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Modern Family: $3.2 Million

One glance at this next home, and it's like we've just witnessed Claire Dunphy's worst nightmare. I mean, just look at those tame Halloween decorations. But don't worry, there's always next year. Until then, let's go inside and show you where all of the magic happens - according to Phil, at least.

Modern Family, HomesModern Family, Homes
Beth Coller for The New York Times

Perched at 10336 Dunleer Drive, this Cheviot Hills retreat boasts 4 en-suite bedrooms and a cozy suburban feel - and can be all yours for about $3,200,000, according to No word yet if that front step is still broken, though. I'd get that checked out if I were you.

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Home Alone: $1.6 Million

If Kevin McCallister's nightmare didn't already traumatize your childhood self, our next home is the perfect match for you. Though we feel like we should probably warn you, it has had its fair share of vicious burglars. Then again, something tells us they won't be coming back anytime soon.

Home Alone, HomesHome Alone, Homes
Instagram via @ andressa_blasques

Located right near Lake Michigan, the 671 Lincoln Ave mansion spans 4,250 square feet and sits on half an acre. For around only $1.6 million, you can be moved in comfortably right in time for the holidays! Just, please, keep an eye out for the booby traps.

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Mrs. Doubtifre: $5.2 Million

While Robin Williams is unfortunately no longer with us, the comedian's memory will live on forever thanks to this iconic San Francisco retreat. Of course, you already know we're talking about the Hillard family home and the Scottish housekeeper that once came with it.

Mrs. Doubtfire, HomesMrs. Doubtfire, Homes
Instagram via @ angeloflores88

Step inside the four-bedroom, 2640 Steiner Street home, and you'll be walking down memory lane in no time. Boasting a wood-burning marble fireplace and, yes, a grand staircase, the 3,300-square-foot Victorian pad can be yours for about $5,200,000, as put it. Are you as impressed as we are?

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Ozark: $702,169

We know, we know, the Byrdes haven't exactly had the, um, best memories inside this home, but just think about that view. Perched by the lake of the Ozarks, this ranch-style hideaway will have you feeling like a boss in no time. Just please, no funny business.

Ozark, HomesOzark, Homes
Instagram via @ hairdoc88

On second thought, if you're looking to stay in Missouri, this isn't the house for you. While Marty Byrde and his gang settled down Midwest on our screens, the actual home, perched on Gaines Ferry Rd, is in Flowery Branch, Georgia. The cost? A cool $706,594, according to

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The Haunting of Hill House: $1.5 Million

Looking for a forever home? We've got just the place in mind. In fact, this dreamy English-Tudor style mansion is rich in both detail and history. Trust us on that one. Care to have a look inside? Go ahead, just please: keep away from the Red Room.

Hill House, HomesHill House, Homes
Instagram via @ ermisee_xvx_

But while the Hill House may have haunted the Crain family on our screens, the home is just as mysterious in real life. Dubbed 'Bisham Manor,' the LaGrange, GA mansion is haunted by "4 or 5 ghosts" - at least according to owners, Neil and Trish Liechty. Still interested? It'll cost ya about $2.8 million, as put it.

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Harry Potter: $620,000

If you're looking for a place where all of the magic truly happens, you've officially found your match. Welcome to the Dursley house, folks, the place where young Harry's journey first began. Though we wouldn't recommend calling dibs on his bedroom.

Harry Potter, HomesHarry Potter, Homes
Warren Little via Getty Images

4 Privet Drive, as you know it, is actually nestled in Bracknell, about an hour away from London. While we can't promise you any flying brooms or invisible cloaks, for $620,000 (as it was listed on-sale, back in 2016) I'd call this magical home a steal.

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Parent Trap: $15.4 Million

Go ahead and grab the Oreos and peanut butter, because our next home is taking us all the way around the globe to London. Does it smell like peppermint and pipe tobacco? That's something only Annie can answer. But what we can tell ya, is Elizabeth James' home is officially as posh as we remembered.

Parent Trap, HomesParent Trap, Homes
Instagram via @ jake.h.allen

Boasting 4 cozy bedrooms, 7 Pembrooke Lane comes with its very own butler - but that's not all. Looking for some quiet time? You'll be happy to know there's a nice, little phone-room tucked right under the staircase. Dream homes like this don't come around often, which is why it'll cost ya about $15.4 million, according to

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Twilight: $2.5 Million

We get it, this posh hideaway might look very inviting, but we'd be careful who you let inside those doors if we were you. In case you're too mesmerized by the dreamy home to remember, allow us to remind you where you've seen this modern masterpiece.

Twilight, HomesTwilight, Homes
Instagram via @ @ArchitecturalReality via Sky Lab Architecture

Back in 2008, we were reminded just how brutal meeting the in-laws is, as we saw Bella come face to face with the Cullens at this Portland, OR pad. Lucky for us, its new owners are a little less intimidating, though you'll have to shell out about $2.6 million to make it yours, according to

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Ferris Bueller's Day Off: $1.06 Million

Don't change out of those pajamas just yet, because our next home will have you playing hooky in no time. But don't get too excited just yet, Mr. Frye's Ferrari convertible won't be coming with the pad, sorry guys. On the plus side, you'll be in for the best day-off of your life.

Ferris Bueller, HomesFerris Bueller, Homes
Business Insider via Redfin

Tucked away in Chicago's suburb of Highland Park, this swanky 4 bedroom home sits on almost an acre and is just as dreamy as it looks. Unfortunately, you'll have to get in the back of the line, though, as it was just purchased for $1.06 million a few years back.

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The Conjuring:  $316,000

Perched at the end of an abandoned dirt road, this mysterious farmhouse is about to bring back some pretty unpleasant memories, sorry about that. Back in 2013, we watched the Perron family live out our worst nightmares, as their new home brought them some, um, unwanted friends. Ring a bell?

The Conjuring, HomesThe Conjuring, Homes
Instagram via @ luna_sferrazza

From the looks of it, that two-story, North Carolina farmhouse is just as alarming in real life. Boasting narrow stairways and hidden nooks and crannies, we'd keep that cross with you at all times. Then again, maybe haunted houses are up your alley, in which case this retreat can be all yours, for about $316,000, according to

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Charmed: $1.1 Million

Speaking of haunted homes, our next famous site is home to several unwanted demons, though you probably already knew that. What you didn't know, though, is that the haunted Halliwell Manor is actually worth a whole lot. Care to have a look inside?

Charmed, HomesCharmed, Homes
Instagram via @ tikitikibribri

Boasting five bedrooms and two bathrooms, the 1329 Carroll Ave, Los Angeles home, is valued at over $1 million, according to; Built back in 1887, this Victorian mansion boasts a whole lot of history - though we can't promise you access to the Book of Shadows, sorry.

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That's So Raven: $2.2 Million

Is anyone else getting a vision here, or is it just us? Nestled on the scenic streets of San Francisco, this iconic home boasts not only rich charm and history but one very gifted teenaged girl. No need to knock on the door, though - she already knows we're here.

That's So Raven, HomesThat's So Raven, Homes
Instagram via @ koreanollie

That's right, this 461 Ashbury Street charmer is home to everyone's favorite psychic. With over 2,600 square feet, this Victorian site brings back a whole lot of memories. Seriously, it's like we've just stepped back into the '00s. So, if you've got about $2,200,000, as put it, go on inside and get ready for the nostalgia.

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Amityville Horror: $624,000

If haunted farmhouses in North Carolina don't interest you, maybe this next charmer will. Nestled in Amityville, New York, much like the Perron Family's, this home boasts a whole lot of history. In fact, as former owner George Lutz put it, "it was a dream come true." Safe to say, that didn't last long...

Amityville Horror, HomesAmityville Horror, Homes
Paul Hawthorne via Getty Images

The 112 Ocean Ave retreat might look warm and inviting on the outside, but don't let it fool you: "There were… odors in the house," Lutz revealed. "There were sounds. The front door would slam shut in the middle of the night." For all of our adrenaline junkies, though, the haunted home can be yours for about $624,000, according to

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: $3.2 Million

On a hot summer night in August 1969, Hollywood was changed forever, after Sharon Tate and the guests of her 10050 Cielo Drive home were brutally murdered. One look at that infamous home, and it's like we've just stepped back in time to that tragic night.

Once Upon a Time in HollywoodOnce Upon a Time in Hollywood
Architectural Digest

Of course, when Quentin Tarantino decided to recreate the shocking story, he deployed a different address. So, where can you find the on-screen home? Nestled on a cul-de-sac on Alta View Drive, Margot Robbie's quaint Studio City 'home' is estimated at about $3,200,000, according to

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Shameless: $130,000

The Gallaghers might be the most dysfunctional family we've ever caught on our screens, but that's exactly what we love about them. But what about their famous porch, where we've caught Frank sipping on an Old Style (or simply passed out) more times than we could probably count?

Shameless, HomesShameless, Homes
Instagram via @ photographychi.423

Well, lucky for us, if you ever find yourself in the South Side, the owners of the 2119 S Homan Ave attraction - which is estimated by at $131,000 - are happy to let you inside: “Shameless fans, you are welcome to come inside the gate and take pictures,” a sign at the front reads.

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The Office: $924,000

Sorry, Michael Scott, I'm not so sure you'll be invited to any dinner parties at our next home (though you sure know how to host them). Back in Season 5, we finally watched Jim and Pam's confusing romance take a turn, as they moved into this charming cottage together.

The Office, HomesThe Office, Homes
Instagram via @thewhimsysoul

Granted, it may have once belonged to Jim's parents, but the Dunder Mifflin troublemaker sure made a good investment when he bought it from them. With 4 beds and 1,770 sq. ft., this Valley Glen, CA, home is valued at about $924,000, according to You heard that, Schrute Farms? You may want to step up your game.

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The Sopranos: $3.4 Million

Bada Bing! One quick glance at that long, curved driveway, and you can already picture our favorite Italian fetching the morning paper in his bathrobe. But while we won't be catching Tony Soprano in his yard anytime soon, there's no doubt about it: the estate was made for a boss.

Sopranos, HomesSopranos, Homes
Bobby Bank for WireImage via Getty Images

Welcome to 14 Aspen Drive, folks. Perched high atop a cul-de-sac, the swanky New Jersey home sits on a whopping 1.5 acres and will set you back about $1,800,000 million, according to With 4 bedrooms, a luxe pool, and a private guesthouse, I guess our only question is, when can we move in?

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American Horror Story: $3.2 Million

If this striking Gothic mansion looks like something from your worst nightmare, that's because, well, it is. When the infamous mansion wasn't busy making a cameo on the latest Law & Order or CSI, it was busy haunting the Harmon family back in Season 1 of American Horror Story.

American Horror Story, HomesAmerican Horror Story, Homes
Instagram via @ gorejessz

The reality? Dubbed the Alfred F. Rosenheim Mansion, the 10,440 square-foot house boasts more haunting secrets than stained-glass windows. After being purchased for $3.2 million back in 2015, the new owners of the infamous site sued their broker, claiming the home was... haunted. That's right. Anyone up for a road trip?

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Friends: $4,500/month

Their jobs were jokes, they were broke, their love lives', DOA, but we couldn't get enough of the dysfunctional friends. In fact, could we BE anymore excited about our next famous home? That's right, believe it or not, Monica and the gang didn't live at Central Perk.

Friends, HomesFriends, Homes
cnicbc via Getty Images

In fact, according to the NYPost, the gang's colorful hangout, situated at 90 Bedford St, would actually set them back a whole lot today - (about) $4,500/month, to be exact. Lucky for them, I'm sure Pete Becker would be happy to help. *Ahem, Monica.*

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians: $7.7 Million

Sorry, Kris, we're not so sure you'll be too happy about this revelation. You see, while we've been keeping up with Calabassas' finest, our favorite mom-ager has been hiding a very big secret of her own: her home, the place we've seen more times than we can count - or so we thought.

KUWTK, HomesKUWTK, Homes
Dana and Jeff Luxury Homes

That's right, all of the exterior shots of Jenner's home are actually of an entirely different (and equally drool-worthy) pad: 11947 Iredell Street in Studio City, California, priced at a whopping $7,700,000 on Zillow. Why? They "realized how unsafe it is to show the exterior of [their] homes," as Kim put it.

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The Brady Bunch: $3.5 Million

But before we watched Kourtney and Kim pull each other's hair out, there was another bunch of feuding sisters that blessed our screen. Of course, you already know we're talking about Marcia and Jan Brady - the Brady Bunch, who graced our televisions over 50 years ago. Feel old yet?

Brady Bunch, HomesBrady Bunch, Homes
PG/Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images

Lucky for us, HGTV decided to take us back to the '70s, purchasing the 11222 Dilling Street retreat back in 2018 for a whopping $3.5 million. Their plans? Bless us with some nostalgia, in the form of an exact replica of the iconic set. If you haven't already caught HGTV's A Very Brady Renovation, well, what are you waiting for?

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Sex Education: $2,000/week

Sorry, mom and dad, but it looks like we've just found your teen's new favorite vacation destination. Don't worry, we're sure it's been heavily sanitized. In fact, before you rush to judgment here, go ahead and take a look at that stunning home. Seriously, it looks like we've just ripped it out of our favorite fairytale.

Sex Education, HomesSex Education, Homes
Instagram via @thechaletsymondsyat

Dubbed 'The Chalet,' Otis Milburn's charming home, perched in the village of Symonds Yat East, is just as dreamy off-screen as it is on-screen. And, well, lucky for you, for about $2,000/week you can now rent out the Netflix hotspot during the summer season, according to GQ.

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Jersey Shore: $421,000 or $3,000/night

Go and pack your bags, because it's officially gym, tan, laundry time. That's right, our next famous home is taking us all the way to Seaside Heights, though we can't promise you any Meatball sightings. But don't worry, you're definitely in for a good time - so what are you waiting for? Cabs are here.

Jersey Shores, HomesJersey Shores, Homes
Bobby Bank for WireImage via Getty Images

Decked out with six bedrooms, a massive patio, and of course, an exclusive duck phone, the 1,600-square-foot home is exactly the way you pictured it to be. And for (about) $3,000/night, according to Distractify, you can be on your way to fist-pumping through Club Karma and the Shore Store.

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Seinfeld: $3,400/month

We've got to give credit where credit's due: for a struggling stand-up comedian, Jerry definitely did well for himself when it came to his little bachelor pad. Perhaps that's why he could barely keep Kramer and Elaine out. So, exactly how much did Apartment 5A set him back?

Seinfeld, HomesSeinfeld, Homes
Twitter via @amartin995

According to the NYPost, Jerry's one-bedroom, one-bathroom, perched at 129 W. 81st St., would actually call for about $3,400/month today. A short walk away from the American Museum of Natural History, we sure wouldn't mind shacking up at the impressive pad. Though, you'd probably have Kramer as a neighbor. Keep that one in mind.

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Joker: $1,600/month

It feels like just yesterday we watched Arthur Fleck take us for a wild ride down in Gotham City. Of course, we all know how that story ends. But what we bet you didn't know, is that you can actually visit the Joker's home - and signature stairs - for yourself.

Joker, HomesJoker, Homes
Youtube via @Louie6Cat

Located in the Bronx, head towards 1140 Anderson Avenue, and you'll find those signature archways we saw Arthur frequent on our screens. What exactly would a place like this cost you? According to Zillow, a one-bedroom in that complex goes for about $1,600/month. Not too bad, though we'd definitely double lock those doors if we were you.

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Get Out: $813,000

Welcome to the Armitage Estate, or as we like to call it, the reason we have trust issues. You see, on paper, the charming little cottage looks like something you'd be thrilled to move next door to, occupied by a nice little family with a white picket fence. The reality? Stay away from this haunted home at all costs.

Get Out, HomesGet Out, Homes
Yahoo via Global Film Locations

But while the Armitage family and their terrorizing story only exist on our screens, their swanky estate is actually all too real. That's right, perched at 6892 Heathcroft Lane, this Point Clear, Alabama home has got lots of Southern charm - and can be yours for about $813,000, according to Zillow.

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Outer Banks: $11.1 Million

While we can't promise you a map that leads to sunken gold, Sarah Cameron's Southern estate is as much a treat off-screen as you probably expected it to be. In fact, the South Carolina mansion is so impressive, it lures in thousands of visitors each year. Sorry, Pogues, but we're definitely not in The Cut, anymore.

Outer Banks, HomesOuter Banks, Homes
Eventective via pphgcharleston

Called 'Lowndes Grove,' the Charleston estate sits on a dreamy 14-acres with scenic views of the Ashley River. But you don't need to be an Outer Banks fan to appreciate the swanky venue. In fact, each year, the estate is home to fairytale weddings, events, and celebrations. How much will it cost you? A cool $11 million, according to Redfin.

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