New Hulu Documentary 'Look At Me: XXXTentacion' Sparks Debate Among Fans


| LAST UPDATE 05/31/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Thaddaeus McAdams via Getty Images

Hulu just released its new 2-hour documentary about the highs and lows of the late XXXTentacion featuring unseen footage and a rare interview with X himself. But fans are split on the portrayal of X for a few big reasons.

On one side there was high praise, as notable viewers like Taz Taylor – who co-produced X's 6x Platinum hit "F**k Love" – labeled the movie "amazing."

PnB Rock – who has three songs with X, including "Bad Vibes Forever" – liked the mental health aspect. "Watch XXXTentacion documentary you gonna cry but you will get a better understanding and also learn something about mental health," he wrote.

(The timeline mostly follows X from when he was 16 until his death at 20.)

On the other side, there was criticism focused on two alleged pitfalls. First, some fans felt Hulu and Fader Films didn't provide enough context on X's trauma as a child and his volatile relationship with his mom, Cleopatra, who had him at 17 and often handed him off to family and friends.

According to a 2017 interview with X, this left an incurable "void" in his heart.

Second, with a large chunk of the doc breaking down the domestic abuse allegations against X, part of the audience claimed there wasn't enough about X's true impact. In fact, his younger brother Aiden – who wasn't interviewed – posted the below note slamming the filmmakers.

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"They luved X but never gave af about Jahseh even bruh said it, n****s looked at him as a character instead of a human," he wrote. "They focused on so much dumb s**t and didn't even talk about the impact the man really made, they rather run wit dis false f****d up ass narrative on who he was."

Despite being one of the top 20 most-streamed artists on Spotify, X's influence on music and culture seemed to take a back seat to his controversial behavior. The below clip of A$AP Rocky co-signing X made the cut, but no major artist besides Ski Mask The Slump God was interviewed.

"Free my n***a XXX, I can't wait 'til he come home," Rocky said. "F**k is you talkin' 'bout? He the hardest n***a in Florida. I said it!"

The lack of detail on X's influence as an artist can likely be tied to director Sabaah Folayan's mindset while making the doc. "I didn't set out to recruit new fans for him," she told Complex. "What people think and feel about X by the end of the film is completely their choice."