Netflix Will Premiere a Documentary About the Last Blockbuster Store   

Mahlik Campbell Entertainment /
Andrew H. Walker via Getty Images

Can you say petty? Netflix is releasing a documentary on Monday, March 15th, called 'The Last Blockbuster' about the rise and fall of the movie retailer and its lone remaining store in Bend, Oregon.

You've likely heard the story: Back in the early 21st century when Netflix was simply a DVD delivery service, Blockbuster had the chance to buy the company for $50 million. But they didn't.

Damn: Fast-forward to the present day and Netflix made a record $25 billion in 2020 and is trading at over $500 per share. Let's just say Blockbuster, on the other hand, isn't doing that well.

"In an ironic twist of fate, our movie The Last Blockbuster is coming to Netflix one week from today," 'The Last Blockbuster' wrote on Facebook. "We are beyond excited for people to get to see this tribute to [the] era of home video on the world’s largest streaming service. Just don’t forget to rewind it when you’re done watching it and bring it back by noon on Wednesday."

The movie not only includes interviews with former employees, loyal customers and industry experts but special cameos from the likes of Doug Benson and Kevin Smith. You can watch the trailer above.

In other Netflix news, the streaming company is testing a new feature to limit password sharing, as some users are receiving an error message when they try to access someone else's account.

It reportedly reads, "If you don't live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to keep watching." Bruhh.