Moesha, The Parkers and 5 Other Classic Sitcoms Are Coming to Netflix

Mahlik Campbell

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Okay, Netflix. 👏

Netflix is doing its part to help give subscribers a much-needed laugh. On Wednesday, the streaming service announced that seven beloved Black sitcoms from UPN and The CW would be arriving in the next couple of months.

Titles include Moesha (Aug. 1) and its spin-off, The Parkers (Oct. 1); Girlfriends (Sept. 11) and its spin-off, The Game S1-3 (Aug. 15); Sister Sister (Sept. 1); Half & Half (Oct. 15); and One on One (Oct. 15).

Alongside the announcement came a compilation of leading stars like Tracee Ellis Ross, who plays Joan on Girlfriends, thanking fans for their unwavering enthusiasm and reliving their favorite moments on set.

"Surprising William in his new house and I was dressed up as Spider-Man and I was hanging from ceiling swinging," Ellis Ross recalled.

The clip racked up over 2 million views in just a few hours, prompting "Okay Netflix" to start trending.

Many of these programs reached peak popularity in the late '90s and early 2000s, so you can bet some serious nostalgia rushed over Twitter. 

Of all the shows, fans seemed to be most excited about the return of Moesha, which stars Brandy as a hilarious and strong-willed high schooler trying to manage a handful of dynamic relationships with family and friends.

This is a good start for sure, but many people were also clamoring for other notable series to be scooped by Netflix's Strong Black Lead effort. The Fresh Prince of Bel-AirMartin or The Wayans Bros., anyone? 

Netflix has been on a roll lately. Heading into the 72nd Emmy Awards, they broke HBO's record (107) for the most nominations for a network ever with 170.