Magic and Kareem's Epic Rivalry Unveiled in 'Winning Time' S2


| LAST UPDATE 08/07/2023

By Amelie Durham
Solomon Hughes Quincy Isaiah
Tommaso Boddi / Stringer via Getty Images

Imagine the thrill of young talent challenging established mastery, a rivalry that sparks tons of energy on court! This is the heart of Season 2 of Winning Time, featuring stars Quincy Isaiah and Solomon Hughes. They take us behind the scenes of the legendary face-off between Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Imagine the scene: a grueling scrimmage at the Lakers' training camp. The coaches want to wrap things up, concerned about Abdul-Jabbar's ankle. But Johnson, the ambitious rookie, pushes for another round, teasing his seasoned teammate to let the newbies take the spotlight. Abdul-Jabbar's response? He leaps from the bench, sprinting to block Johnson's fast-break dunk. The intense game ends with Abdul-Jabbar nursing a scratched cornea, a poignant reminder of how off-court tensions can impact even championship teams.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Magic Johnson
Sporting News Archive / Contributor via Getty Images
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Hughes recalls the filming of this high-tension sequence, "Quincy really tried to dunk on me. We were both in character and I was still able to block the shot. The physicality of basketball helps ramp up the tension." He adds, "Here we are at training camp again and now Magic’s going to try to publicly proclaim that he’s better off without me. It gets out of control.” Johnson comes out triumphant, but his victory is short-lived. As he steps onto the court early in the season, he envisions himself basking in the sole spotlight, his nerves pulsating to the rhythm of Donna Summer’s I Feel Love. He's talented, he's vigorous, but then - disaster strikes! He tears the cartilage in his left knee, condemning him to a second-year slump spent on the bench.

The first episode of Winning Time Season 2 cleverly sets up Johnson and Abdul-Jabbar as contrasts, both on and off the court. Abdul-Jabbar adjusts his focus, welcoming a child with his partner, while Johnson dodges that same responsibility. He hires a legal team to manage an old flame he's left in a family way. So, sports fans, get ready for a season filled with fierce rivalries, personal struggles, and the raw, unfiltered reality behind the glamour of professional basketball. Season 2 of Winning Time promises to be a slam dunk!

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