Lil Yachty-Produced ‘Uno’ Movie Is Making Some Script Changes


| LAST UPDATE 07/07/2023

By Elizabeth Russo
Lil Yachty Uno Movie
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There's a whole lot of action going over at Matell Films this year. Besides the Barbie film hitting theaters soon, the production company is preparing a feature based on the popular card game Uno. What exactly is going on over there? Let's take a closer look and find out.

Mattel is on a roll. The company is working on on movie adaptions of Hot Wheels, Bad Robot, Barbie, and now Uno. However, this month's New Yorker piece says the Uno script was written but wasn't "quite what Mattell had in mind." Mary Kelly, the scripts writer, explained to The New Yorker that the story based on the iconic card game would be centered around some sort of a heist. Marcy Kelly, known as "Mattel's de-facto screenwriter and punch-up artist," set the first draft "in Atlanta's hip-hop scene." Apparently, the" 'f*** heavy' first draft was flagged by an executive," so "Kelly returned with a revised version featuring 'one, well placed, PG-13' f*** '". The script was then taken to a "one-day writer's room" in order to take a look at another idea.

Lil Yachty Uno Movie
 John Salangsang/BFA via Shutterstock
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In early 2021, Lil Yachty was attached to an Uno movie revolving around the rap scene in Atlanta and a heist. The rapper was on board to produce "With an eye to star," according to The Hollywood Reporter. Yachty himself even shared the news explaining his excitement for the game he loves to be turned into a movie "based on the Atlanta hip-hop scene I came out of is really special," and that "It hits close to home for me." However, it is unclear if Lil Yachty is still on board.

Considering Mattel is currently working on 45 films, the production company has given its writers relative creative freedom to do what they find necessary. One of which is the upcoming Barney film starring Daniel Kaluuya, which is aimed towards adults in the "A-24 type" style, exploring "some of the trials and tribulations of being 30-something" while growing up with the purple dinosaur. In addition to the Get Out star joining the Mattel team, Vin Diesel (Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots), Margot Robbie (Barbie), and Tom Hanks (Major Matt Mason) are all on board to turn some classics into Blockbuster sensations. 

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