Lil Uzi & Girlfriend JT From City Girls Reportedly Split After Fans Unearth Old Tweets


| LAST UPDATE 07/12/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Lil Uzi & JT
Johnny Nunez via WireImage

Lil Uzi Vert became a trending topic after revealing his famous girlfriend JT from the rap duo City Girls had allegedly ghosted him due to tweets from 2015 that had resurfaced. Here's what he said that got him in trouble.

Uzi and JT began dating in 2019, and he's been known to fawn over her with love notes like, "I love JT so much that I will do anything for her she is the best feeling I ever had in my life thank you thank you thank you." They also appear to have tattoos of each other's names.

There were even rumors floating around in September that Uzi and JT were expecting their first child together. Fans suspected she was covering a baby bump, combined with the fact that Uzi claimed she pushed him to "switch up my whole life" in an IG Live. (There was no baby, though.)

Now, there seems to be some trouble in paradise. A group of fans unearthed a series of tweets from 2015 that show Uzi thirsting over an artist from Philly (where he's originally from) known as Distortedd.

"I used to think you was gonna have my first child," he allegedly told her in one tweet. He wrote in another, "If you was meth I would do it all day long."

Uzi then claimed in a deleted tweet that JT "broke up" with him. Plus, he complained that people "keep tryin' [to] f**k my lil life I got going on up." JT added fuel to the fire when she suggested that Uzi had tried to convince her behind the scenes that the tweets are actually fake.

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Even with this drama, Uzi is staying focused with a couple of verses on the deluxe edition of Yeat's latest tape titled '2 Alivë.'

In fact, he addresses his recent three-year probation sentence stemming from an assault case involving his ex-girlfriend Brittany Byrd. "Yeah, f**k it, get high as I like / F**k this probation I don't got no patience."