Lil Uzi & Adin Ross Connect For Lawless Stream, Uzi Speaks On XXXTentacion Collab


| LAST UPDATE 11/22/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Lil Uzi
Theo Wargo via Getty Images

Popular Twitch streamer Adin Ross invited Lil Uzi to join his stream for his more than 5 million followers to watch, and the result was internet gold.

From turning Adin's hair green to speaking on XXXTentacion, there were zero boundaries. Adin initially turned heads when he announced that he'd be making his "comeback stream" alongside Lil Uzi, who was going to dye Adin's hair blue.

Several weeks ago, Adin tweeted, "I've been depressed, very down, and mentally drained. I’ve been staying in New York and fell in love [with] it. I’m moving outta LA and gonna go back to my old roots and do what brought me here today !" The first part concerned his fans, so this stream was a big deal.

As Uzi messed around with his hair, Adin was visibly uncomfortable.

Despite switching his own hair from blonde to purple to blue to red to orange to green throughout his career, Uzi might want to stick to being the one who sits in the chair. Adin's look didn't exactly turn out how they thought it would.

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Adin thought he was going to have blue hair but the result was green.

He was upset at first, but Adin later came to terms with his new hairstyle. "I'm not even gonna lie, I kinda think I look good," he said. He added in a tweet, "This green hair means I don’t give a f**k about anything anymore."

Elsewhere during their stream, Uzi revealed he spoke to XXXTentacion back in 2017 while he was on tour with The Weeknd. He added that he'd "love to do a song with him" but isn't sure if it's the right move since X is no longer alive.

"I would love to do a song with him but I’m really weird on stuff like that," he said. "I understand that they're not here living, and what if that's not the vision that they really want?"

Uzi was feeling some type of way all night. The 26-year-old even hopped on Adin's gaming chair and tried to spin around on it, but he quickly fell, giving viewers another bizarre moment to talk about.