Lil Durk Reveals His Net Worth & Appraises Elite Richard Mille Watches


| LAST UPDATE 01/18/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Lil Durk
Daniel DeSlover via Shutterstock

Last year, Lil Durk had the most number of new Hot 100 placements among all artists with 40, so you know his bank account is looking healthy.

He not only revealed his net worth but the value of his watches after coming across inaccurate reports online about his level of wealth recently.

"They got my net worth 3 million whoever did that failed math class because I got that in Richards only," Durk told his 12.2 million IG followers. Yup, the 29-year-old claimed his Richard Mille watch collection is worth more than $3 million. (You can see him rocking one below.)

Durk's first Hot 100 entry of 2022 was alongside country singer Morgan Wallen, as "Broadway Girls" appeared at #14 on the chart. "They town just told me, 'Don't trust 'em' / Broadway girls a trap / They on me, they tryna finesse me / They see me with Morgan and know that I rap," Durkio croons.

Though Wallen was infamously caught saying the N-word on a doorbell camera close to a year ago, Smurk recently said he thinks Kendrick Lamar and other rappers should consider working with him. "For sure, for sure," he responded when asked about the idea.

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TMZ even pressed Durk on whether Wallen is racist. "Nah, he ain't no racist. That's my boy, you know?" the 29-year-old replied. "So, we had a long talk – he had his public situation, we had [a talk] behind closed doors, and I'll vouch for him and he good. … He ain't canceled."

Lil Baby – another one of Durkio's collaborators – might have to set the record straight on his real net worth soon, too. He turned heads with the below clip of him shuffling stacks of bills and getting ready to make a big purchase at Icebox, his favorite jewelry spot in Atlanta.

Durk will soon be stacking his bread once again, too. He just announced The 7220 Tour, which kicks off in April in Phoenix. Plus, he's reportedly got a video on the way with Gucci Mane.