KidSuper Taps Usain Bolt, Westside Gunn & More for 'SCRAM!' Cartoon Series

Dylan Henson entertainment /

Brooklyn-based designer KidSuper and Puma are pushing the boundaries of their collaboration to unseen heights via the premiere of their animated YouTube show called 'SCRAM!' 

The seven-part series stars Colm Dillane aka KidSuper, Usain Bolt, Westside Gunn, Action Bronson, Lil Tecca, Lolo Zouai, and others. Bolt plays a cab driver with a need for speed; Bronson voices a crude squirrel and a pigeon. Meanwhile, Gunn appears as himself, a local superhero of sorts, and even lends his signature "BOOM BOOM BOOM" ad-lib for good measure.

"2021 I told y’all I’m going full-fledged ART, FASHION, WRESTLING, FILM and running GXFR this is an example of what’s going on," Gunn captioned a promotional clip of the pilot episode.

Here's how 'SCRAM!' is billed on KidSuper's Netflix-like site: "A story of three New York City kids in their adventures through the city. Their lives change when they explore a secret laboratory below the neighborhood bodega, the kids are unknowingly exposed to superpowers, which they will need to figure out how to use."

Joining Colm, the laidback, long-haired main character, on this lighthearted urban adventure are his two best friends Juan David (Jonabrazy) and Denzel (Dee Knows).

Before shooting his shot with Cartoon Network, Dillane dropped a smooth pair of "KidSuper King" cleats, debuted by Arsenal's Héctor Bellerín of the English Premier League in a real game. "Soccer has always been my one true love, this is such a dream come true," Dillane wrote on Instagram. Bellerín came within mere inches of scoring a goal.

Serendipitously, the shoes were released on Pele's 80th birthday, who's KidSuper's favorite soccer player. Pelé was also the subject of a watercolor painting that inspired the look of the Puma x KidSuper "Style Rider."

You can peep 'SCRAM!' below.