Kid Cudi Announces Two New Live-Action Films


| LAST UPDATE 11/09/2022

By Elizabeth Russo
Kid Cudi Netflix Movies
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Kid Cudi has taken to Twitter to announce some pretty exciting news for his future (and ours). The rapper revealed he is currently working on the script for two upcoming movies, and we can't wait. Following the hype around Entergalactic, Cudi has been deemed not only a musical mastermind but not a seasoned film creator. So, let's take a closer look at what's going down behind these upcoming films.

The Pursuit of Happiness singer surprised us this week when he announced he's in the midst of writing two live-action projects, one a black rom-com and the other a horror/thriller. "I've been so inspired. My mind is racing w ideas," he tweeted. "The creative madness overflowing from my brain. I love this feelin," he shared with his 2.7 million followers. Cudi confirmed, "Both of these movies I wrote for me to star in." Yas! Fans immediately praised the multitalented artist for his future endeavors as well as gave Cudi a whole lotta love for his latest work, Entergalactic. "Love this for u man! Entergalactic was amazing!!! Can't wait to watch the new movies ur working on!" one Twitter user wrote. And well, we totally agree.

Kid Cudi Entergalactic Movies
Charley Gallay via Getty Images for Netflix
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It's no surprise Cudi is working on two more scripts following the success of Entergalactic. The adult animated film has received endless praise following its release in September on Netflix. Created by Kenya Barris and Cudi himself, the series follows Cudi voicing a young artist, Jabari, and his neighbor, Meadow, voiced by Jessica Williams, who hit it off romantically but find things get a lil rocky when Jabari's ex shows up. Fans have not only heavily related to the film but fell in love with the artistic visuals and moving soundtrack. 

For a musical genius like Cudi, "Entergalactic is everything I've always wanted to do, create a long-form visual companion to an album," he said. "It all started with the music, which helped bring this storyline and these characters to life." However, for all the Kid Cudi fans out there, the artist shared some pretty sad news regarding his fate as a rapper. The musician tweeted, "Im doin 1 more album, and then im done w my deal, and not sure what ima do after that." And something tells us he'll be going out with a bang. Stay tuned.

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