Jeff Bezos Breaks Single-Day Net Worth Record With $13 Billion Boom

Mahlik Campbell

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WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 28: Amazon founder and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos delivers remarks during the opening ceremony of the media company's new location January 28, 2016 in Washington, DC. Bezos purchased the newspaper and media company in October of 2013 from the storied Graham family. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

This world is proving to make zero sense. 😒

If you needed another example of America's staggering wealth inequality issue, here's something to consider: Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos just made $13 billion – yeah, billion – in a single day.

Per Bloomberg, Bezos' bank boomed as Amazon's shares rose 7.9% following favorable views around online shopping trends. It's the largest single-day stock increase for the company since Dec. 2018. 

The 56-year-old, who's already the world's richest person, set a new record for the biggest jump in wealth in 24 hours as well. This makes him worth more than the market valuations of massive brands like Nike, McDonald’s and Spotify. Juuust great.

As sports business reporter Darren Rovell pointed out, Bezos could buy three of the most valuable franchises in sports and still have plenty of money leftover. There are obviously much more important efforts he could put his money toward, like world hunger and the looming homelessness crisis.

But, while millions of Americans prepare to face the true drawbacks of unemployment with the $600 weekly stimulus coming to an end, Bezos will continue to sit back and watch his net worth skyrocket: This year, it's risen from $74 billion to $189.3 billion.

Other celebrity tech CEOs like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have also seen their fortunes swell, adding $47 billion and $15 billion respectively in 2020.

Oh, and Bezos' ex-wife, Mackenzie Bezos, pocketed $4.6 billion on Monday. She now holds the 13th position on Bloomberg's Billionaires Index.

Daquan previously wrote about Bezos' outlandish finances when an industry report predicted that he would become the world's first trillionaire by 2026.