James Gunn Weighs In On 'Superhero Fatigue' Debate


| LAST UPDATE 04/10/2023

By Julia Shepherd
James Gunn Superhero Fatigue
Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Are we all sick and tired of superhero movies, or do we want them to keep coming? With the ongoing release of Marvel and DC movies, a new conversation has begun, questioning whether it's all getting too much. For a time, each superhero movie premiere was met with the highest excitement and praise, with insults being thrown towards anyone who said otherwise. Now, with Hollywood legend Martin Scorses weighing in and criticizing their bulk supply, it's time for the superhero movie industry to do some inward reflection. No man is more qualified for this job than James Gunn, who has worked successfully on many Marvel and DC movies and is now the co-CEO of DC Studios. When proposed with this question by Rolling Stone, he shared his thoughts...

As the man sitting next to Peter Safran at the head of the DC table, Gunn knows that an honest viewpoint on superhero fatigue will ensure the company can succeed. Despite being in the superhero world for as long as he can remember, he believes he can still look beyond it and analyze the popularity and desire for these types of films. Considering that Marvel decided to cancel its Phase 4 release plans, it's clear something isn't quite working the way it used to.

Avengers Marvel DC Movies
Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons
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"I think there is such a thing as superhero fatigue. I think it doesn't have anything to do with superheroes. It has to do with the kind of stories that get to be told and if you lose your eye on the ball, which is character. We love Superman. We love Batman. We love Iron Man. Because they're these incredible characters that we have in our hearts. If you don't have a story at the base of it, just watching things bash each other, no matter how clever those bashing moments are, no matter how clever the designs and the VFX are, it just gets fatiguing, and I think that's very, very real."

If one examines the superhero movies that have found success and high praise in recent years, Gunn's point is proven correct. Films such as The Joker and Logan, which have its character at the center and focus on their journeys, have been loved by critics and audiences worldwide. Films such as Thor: Love and Thunder instead focus on the VFX over the superheroes themselves, leaving audiences struggling to connect. Is a new era of DC superhero movies on the horizon? Stay tuned...

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