Jake Paul & Logan Paul Aren't Afraid of Rapper The Game's Bold Fight Offer


| LAST UPDATE 05/18/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Jake Paul

Standing at 6'4" and over 200 pounds, The Game is one of the most intimidating rappers you can find. But when he challenged Jake Paul and Logan Paul to a street fight in Los Angeles, Jake didn't hesitate to threaten a KO.

The hype is real around Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather's exhibition boxing match happening on Sunday, June 6th. Their first press conference went viral after Jake pulled his "gotcha hat" stunt and ran off with Floyd's cap. The 44-year-old boxer then told him multiple times, "I'll kill you."

One celeb who's clearly watching is The Game, and he thinks Jake and Logan wouldn't stand a chance against him and his brother. "No gloves, no money needed….," he tweeted at them. "Just on some me & my brother will f**k you & your brother up s**t !!!!"

The Game is likely referring to his older half-brother, Big Fase 100, who helped The Game launch his rap career in Compton. However, the two haven't always been on the best terms. The Game even disses him on his 2019 track "Hug The Block," claiming he asked for money during their dad's funeral.

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Jake Paul quickly shot back, nodding to The Game's Grammy-nominated hit "Hate It Or Love It" featuring 50 Cent. "Hate it or love it you would get knocked the f* out," he wrote.

Logan suggested the 41-year-old rapper would need his "entire family" to win.

They would all be foolish to throw hands without some money on the line, though, especially Jake. The 24-year-old YouTuber-turned-boxer made $690k for his last knockout against Ben Askren. According to him, the event generated $75 million as a whole.

Either way, Jake and Logan are almost impossible to physically reach right now. Following Floyd's threat that he was going to somehow harm Jake, big bro Logan made the decision to hire 24/7 security, per TMZ. He also revealed he could make upwards of $20 million for his fight with Floyd.