Jaden Smith Goes Viral With 2018 Big Boy Interview Mocking "Kids" His Own Age


| LAST UPDATE 04/19/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Jaden Smith
Rich Fury via Getty Images

From music and fashion to philanthropy, Jaden Smith has developed a reputation as one of the more eccentric and free-spirited creatives out there.

He's turning heads again with a rehashed 2018 interview where he explained to Big Boy why he likes hanging out with adults more than kids.

Jaden seemingly doesn't enjoy how mindless and carefree and absorbed with the internet others around his own age can be at times.

"I am very happy that I spent my childhood with more adults than I did with kids my own age because I was picking up more things from adults than I were from kids my own age," he said. "I hang out with other people who are my age and they're just like, "Brooo! [Let's take a] selfie!"

Rather than be easygoing 100% of the time, Jaden prefers to dive into real, hard-hitting topics: "I'm just like, 'Dude, oh my God, can we talk about the political and economic state of the world right now? Can we talk about what's going on with the environment?"

He added, "Don't worry. I like to turn up, I like to flex. ... But I'm always looking for that next thing. I'm not satisfied at just like a party."

At just 23, he's achieved a lot, like starring in 'The Pursuit of Happyness' when he was eight years old and releasing two albums that have peaked in the top 25 of the Billboard 200 chart.

On the flip side, he also went to Kim Kardashian and Kanye's wedding dressed as batman back in 2014. "I felt as though I needed to protect everyone there and needed to have the proper gear to do so," he told GQ. "I'm just expressing how I feel inside."

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Another revealing moment from the same interview is Jaden's explanation of why he often has trouble working with popular rappers due to their misogynistic lyrics.

In fact, he said he was upset after Rich The Kid dropped their above collab track called "Like This" in 2016 without his permission. The song features lyrics like, "Swimmin', I'm swimmin', I'm swimmin', I'm swimmin', I'm swimmin', I'm swimmin' / I roller coaster through the women."