Jack Harlow Names André 3000 As His Latest Dream Collaboration


| LAST UPDATE 08/16/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Jack Harlow
Dave Simpson via WireImage

After blowing up at the start of 2020 with "Whats Poppin," Jack Harlow has already worked with some of the biggest artists hip-hop has to offer: Drake, Lil Wayne, Pharrell, Lil Baby. But his latest "dream collab" might be too ambitious even for a rapper with Jack's fame.

During a chat with the Today show, Jack pointed to André 3000 as the next artist on his bucket list. "That's a big one I've been manifesting for a while," he added. "I'm just gonna keep saying André 3000 with faith that it will happen."

The issue is that André rarely records anymore, only popping out for special occasions like Kanye's "Life of the Party" where he raps about his relationship with his late mother: "Hey, Miss Donda / You run into my mama, please tell her I said, 'Say something.'"

André's intense selectiveness mixed with his potent lyrical talent has made him the "white whale" of many rappers.

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Lil Baby not only identified him as his favorite artist but he referred to the Atlanta legend and former Outkast member as his own dream collab in an interview last year, even claiming they're in talks.

"I talked to somebody who be talking to him, and he's on it right now. We're in third-party communications," he told Billboard.

Turns out, André would enjoy rapping with Baby, too. "I just want to work with people that inspire me. Hopefully, I can work with Kendrick on his album. I'd love to work with Lil Baby, Tyler [The Creator] and Jay-Z. I respect them all," the 47-year-old wrote last September.

Before Jack had his sights set on André 3000, he had always listed Pharrell as someone he hoped to work with, even sampling his beat from the 2006 Clipse song "We Got It For Cheap" for his first viral hit "Sundown" in 2018.

The two officially connected this year with "Movie Star." Shout out to Jack for making his dreams come true!