Georgia Guy Receives Overdue $915 Paycheck in Oil-Coated Pennies With "F**k You" Note


| LAST UPDATE 06/01/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Tim Boyle via Getty Images

Typically, payday = a pretty good day. But for a Georgia man named Andreas Flaten, his direct deposit was truly hitting different after a $915 paycheck was fulfilled entirely in pennies along with a note simply reading, "F**k you."

Per HuffPost, not only were the 90,000 pennies left in Flaten's driveway – they were completely covered in oil. The money was owed to Flaten stemming from his former job at a local auto shop called A OK Walker Autoworks. He had quit 4 months prior.

Flaten tried to leave the role relatively graciously, according to an IG post from his girlfriend, Olivia Oxley. He gave his boss, Miles Walker, a 2-week notice, though he ended up dashing after just 5 days.

Sparing no words! Oxley claims that Walker "continued to be the a**hole he is" and "an all-around d**k" while also dropping "unnecessary comments" about Flaten's daughter. Yet when Flaten tried to collect his final paycheck, Walker denied him, citing "damages to the shop."

Flaten told FOX 5 that once he contacted the Georgia Department of Labor about the issue, Walker came through...with the pennies. Understandably, he's not too happy about how things turned out.

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The 91,515 coins are now sitting in a wheelbarrow in his garage. The wheels are flat from the weight of the zinc and copper, which he estimates to be around 504 pounds. Instead of enjoying or saving the $915 he's earned, Flaten is stuck in his garage every night cleaning off all the oil.

"I think that’s going to be a lot of work for money I’ve already worked for," he said. 

The bad boss then had the nerve to say he has no recollection of the event. "I don’t know if I did that or not," Walker told CBS46 News. "I don’t really remember. It doesn’t matter – he got paid, that’s all that matters. He’s a f*****g weenie for even bringing it up."

You may be glad to know that A OK Walker Autoworks' Google rating has dipped to 1 star. Yikes!