'Game of Thrones' Sequel: Will Jon Snow Rise Again?


| LAST UPDATE 06/08/2023

By Amelie Durham
Kit Harington Jon Snow
Jason LaVeris / Contributor via Getty Images

Game of Thrones fans around the world were left with mixed emotions after the airing of the show's final season last year. While many felt that it was a satisfying conclusion to a beloved series, others were left with a sense of disappointment and frustration. Among the most significant issues fans had with the final season was the feeling that the show left too many plot points unresolved and unanswered questions. However, recent rumors have suggested that this could all change, as HBO may be working on a Jon Snow TV show sequel.

The rumors began circulating after an observant fan noticed an error on a credits page that listed an "untitled" limited series in development at HBO. While Kit Harington, who played Jon Snow, has denied any knowledge of the project, the fact that HBO is developing something has sent shockwaves through the Game of Thrones fandom. However, while the idea of revisiting Jon Snow's story is exciting for many fans, there are also concerns about how the show will address the issues left unresolved by the original series. The finale left many loose ends, and some characters' stories felt rushed or incomplete, leaving fans with a sense of dissatisfaction. There is also the fear that a limited series may not be enough time to answer everything satisfactorily.

Game Thrones Jon Snow
PA Images - PA Images / Contributor via Getty Images
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Despite these concerns, if the Jon Snow TV show sequel proves successful, it could open the door to other potential spin-offs or miniseries focused on other popular characters. Fans are eager for more stories from the richly detailed world of Westeros, especially those involving the Stark siblings, who remain favorites among viewers. Additionally, Emilia Clarke's recent teases about her character, Daenerys Targaryen, hinting that her story may not be entirely over, have sparked speculation about further possibilities for the franchise.

All in all, while there's no official confirmation yet on whether the Jon Snow TV show sequel is happening, fans around the world are excited at the possibility of finally getting the answers they've been seeking. Whether or not the show can tie up all the loose ends from the original series remains to be seen, but the prospect of revisiting some beloved characters and exploring new stories is enough to keep viewers eagerly anticipating the future of the Game of Thrones franchise.

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