Fortnite Fans Are Upset After Device Event Reaches Max Capacity

Mahlik Campbell

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Those left out of Fortnite's "The Device" event were so sad that max capacity was reached so fast. 😢

Signaling the start of Chapter 2, Season 3, the highly anticipated Fortnite Doomsday Device event showed that water will play a bigger role than ever before in the Battle Royale.

Taking place at Midas' old home of The Agency in the center of the map, the island exploded and several 5G-like towers conducting purple electrical currents emerged as thunder, lightning and cinematic music filled the sky.

Similar to the Travis Scott concert, players were launched into the air, but then the towers shot out beams and cleared the storm. Sh*t got super crazy when gamers were teleported between the map and what looked like a real-world office with folders labeled "Top Secret."

As the event concluded, confused players found themselves surrounded by a monstrous wall of water in place of the traditional storm, though it's covering much of the map. You can swim in it, yes, but you’ll take damage, like when you would normally creep into the stormy weather.

However, the real drama came before the event even started. That's because many players quickly realized that they'd only be able to see what was going down from outside the game.

What happened? Well, Epic Games announced earlier that doors for the show would open at 1:30 p.m. ET, but just one minute after that time, Fortnite Support shared the unfortunate news that they had "reached capacity," leaving millions viewing from the outside.

In fact, over 6.1 million people were watching concurrently on YouTube, while 2.3 million were tuned in on Twitch, a new record.

Some people took to Twitter to offer sneak peeks of what happened, while others tried to convert their sadness stemming from not being able to experience "the flood" firsthand into relatable memes.