29+ Fan Made TV and Movie Theories That Might Actually Be True


| LAST UPDATE 10/28/2021

By Tye Anthony

We've re-watched our favorite movies, and TV shows a million times. But what if there's more than what meets the eye? Here is a deeper look at some of the craziest conspiracy fan theories we've found online.

The Walking Dead Is the Sequel to Breaking Bad

With two Golden Globes and four Television Critics Association Awards under its belt, Breaking Bad has made quite the name for itself. But in doing so, it's also left many fans with countless theories.

Breaking Bad, Walking DeadBreaking Bad, Walking Dead
Breaking Bad (2008) AMC - YouTube via WatchMojo

One of these theories claims Walter White's empire ultimately resulted in the Walking Dead's zombie apocalypse. As for the apparent signs, according to fans? Merle from The Walking Dead's substance stash resembled the famous blue product that famously turned White into a kingpin.

Sandy Drowned at the beginning of Grease

An iconic musical adored by many, Grease earned nearly $400 Million at the box office - about 15 times more than its budget. But with the movie's staggering success came a big fan base. And many of these fans had concerning questions about the film and its plot.

Grease, Conspiracy, Theory, FansGrease, Conspiracy, Theory, Fans
Grease (1978) Paramount Pictures via IMDb

One of these eerie fan theories centers around Sandy drowning. At the end of the movie, she flies off in a red car with Danny Zuko, who says: "I saved her life. She nearly drowned." Some fans believe this scene alludes that Sandy did drown and that the movie was merely her elaborate imagination after lack of oxygen in her brain.

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Jack Is a Time Traveller in the Titanic

The famous James Cameron movie follows Jack and Rose's romantic love story. Over the years, the film earned 11 Academy Award wins and iconic status. But it also introduced us to Hollywood legend such as Leonardo DiCaprio - and some mind-bending theories.

Titanic, Conspiracy, Theory, MovieTitanic, Conspiracy, Theory, Movie
20th Century-Fox via Getty Images

A circulating fan theory suggests that Jack is a time traveler who came back to stop Rose from ending her life. Some of these conspiracists point out oddities such as Jack's archaic fashion, like his backpack. And how the traveler mentioned structures that weren't yet built in 1912.

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The Dinosaurs in Jurassic Park Are an Illusion

Steven Spielberg's breathtaking film about a theme park full of dinosaurs was instantly considered a blockbuster hit. Earning more than $1 Billion at the box office, Jurassic Park cemented its name in the cinematic world. But fans noticed something rather strange about the movie.

Jurassic Park Fan TheoryJurassic Park Fan Theory
Universal Pictures via Getty Images

Aside from the park's historically inaccurate dinosaurs, fans noted how John Hammond's speech revealed he "started his career with a flea circus designed to trick children." This led to a common theory suggesting the dinosaurs aren't real, and Jurassic Park is simply an elaborate illusion.

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Bender Wasn't Programmed Right in Futurama

This popular animated sitcom aired from 1999 to 2003 and was nominated for 12 Emmy Awards. After growing a big fan base along the way, Futurama's fans began to dig deeper into the meaning behind the show. This has led to many shocking conspiracy theories.

Futurama, Conspiracy, Fan theoryFuturama, Conspiracy, Fan theory
Futurama (1999) Rough Draft Studios via IMDb

In the series, Bender is portrayed as a reckless criminal. As a result, many theorize that he is only this way due to an electrical issue in the pilot, where he reboots to fit his surroundings. Many fans believe that he was rebooted in the hall of criminals, leading to his infamous personality.

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The Scooby-Doo Gang Escaped Conscription

Scooby-doo was ranked by TV Guide as the fifth-greatest TV cartoon of all time, and perhaps with good reason. The suspenseful show is filled with mysteries and spooky stories, which taught fans how to think critically. And you can bet many fans took such sleuthing a step further.

Scooby Doo, Fan theoryScooby Doo, Fan theory
Scooby Doo, Where Are You! (1969) Hanna Barbera Productions/Warner Bros. via IMDb

One of the most popular Scooby-Doo theories traces back to the show's 1969 premiere during the Vietnam War era. The pilot shows Scooby's gang crossing the border into Canada, and many fans speculated they were fleeing. Why? To save Fred from conscription, being that he was clean-cut and seemingly in shape.

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The Simpsons Are All Geniuses

Since its 1989 debut, a whopping 697 episodes of The Simpsons have been aired, making it one of the longest-running American sitcoms ever. With so much content, endless ideas and conspiracy theories have arisen over the years. As for what fans have speculated?

The Simpsons, Fan theoryThe Simpsons, Fan theory
The Simpsons (1989) Fox via IMDb

One of the more exciting fan theories suggests that the Simpsons are all geniuses. The conspiracy claims that while Lisa is the only member of the family who accepts her intelligence, the others purposely deny it to live happier lives. Who would have thought?

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The Rugrats Are Part of Angelica's Imagination

Since debuting in 1991, Rugrats has earned over 20 awards - including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But it appears the TV series left more than just a Hollywood mark. Many fans grew up alongside the famous series, and its impact followed them into adulthood.

Rugrats, Fan theoryRugrats, Fan theory
Rugrats (1990) Nickelodeon via IMDb

But one fan theory is rather creepy, claiming that all of the babies were merely a product of a lonely Angelica's imagination. There are many examples that back up the idea, like Chuckie's widowed father, who is always a nervous wreck. Safe to say, this theory gives us goosebumps.

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Aladdin's Genie Once Disguised as a Human

Aladdin is yet another classic Disney film that boasts valuable lessons, like don't judge a book by its cover. However, many of the award-winning movie's fans decided to read between the lines. And in doing so, they stumbled across something quite interesting.

Aladdin, Disney, Conspiracy, TheoryAladdin, Disney, Conspiracy, Theory
Aladdin (1992) Walt Disney Productions via IMDb

In fact, their fan theory regarding the Genie was eventually confirmed by the film’s directors, Ron Clements and John Musker. It suggested that the peddler who welcomed viewers to Agrabah at the beginning of the film was actually the Genie in human form. Consider us amazed.

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Marlin's Son in Finding Nemo Isn't Real

As one of the highest-grossing G-rated films of all time, it is understandable how Finding Nemo has garnered such a massive fanbase. But despite the movie's friendly feel and wide acclamation, fans have managed to come up with a rather sinister theory.

Finding Nemo, Fan theoryFinding Nemo, Fan theory
Finding Nemo (2003) Pixar/Disney via IMDb

Fans pointed out that "Nemo" translates to "no one" in Spanish. This helped fuel the theory that Marlin's son doesn't actually exist. Instead? Nemo is just an elaborate figure of his imagination, which Marlin uses to overcome past trauma over the death of his wife.

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Malcolm In The Middle Is a Young Walter White From Breaking Bad

After blessing our screens in 2000, Malcolm In The Middle received endless positive reviews and seven Golden Globe nominations. But it almost seems like the popularity of the show lives on through its fans. Including the conspiracy theories many viewers have scrounged up over the years.

Malcolm in the Middle, TheoryMalcolm in the Middle, Theory
Malcolm in the Middle (2000) Fox via IMDb

One of these theories links Breaking Bad to the hit-show. It suggests that Malcolm grew up to be Walter White. Why? Malcolm, like Walter, is portrayed as very intelligent with a passion for chemistry - all while being somewhat stubborn and manipulative.

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Eric Was in a Coma for Half of That 70's Show

With 16 Primetime Award nominations and an Emmy Award for Outstanding Costume Design, this sitcom has a lot to show for itself. Some fans of the series, however, theorize that there may be a little more to the hit comedy than we may have initially realized.

That 70's Show, TheoryThat 70's Show, Theory
That 70's Show (1998) Fox via IMDb

One theory shockingly claims that Eric was in a coma for the whole second half of the show. Fans noted that in season 4, episode 15, after Eric ventures out into a tornado, a radio announcer can be heard saying that "a local teen is in critical condition."

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Each Character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Represents a Sin

Based on the famous children's story by Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory seems like a rather innocent and quirky film. Right? However, some fans have been left wondering if perhaps there's more to the playful nature of this film than meets the eye?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, TheoryCharlie and the Chocolate Factory, Theory
Charlie and the Chocolate Company (2005) Warner Bros. via IMDb

One fan theory suggests the movie depicts the seven deadly sins: Augustus is 'glutton,' Violet is 'pride,' Veruca is 'greed,' Mike is 'anger,' Charlie is 'sloth,' and Willy Wonka is 'envy.' Nonetheless, many fans still can't seem to dispute what the Oompa Loompas are. But the theory lives on!

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Cobb Was Dreaming During Inception

As most of us already know, Inception was a commercial success. After being named the fourth-highest-grossing film of 2010, the thrilling movie created a loyal fan base. But many zealous fans took to the online world to share their own conspiracy theories.

Inception, Leo DiCaprio, TheoryInception, Leo DiCaprio, Theory
Inception (2010) Warner Bros.- YouTube via 4K HDR Media

But one of the more prominent theories is that Cobb was actually dreaming all along. Theorists suggest that Cobb's totem was not the spinning shirt. Instead? It was his wedding ring. This gets confusing because DiCaprio was seen wearing the ring in his dreams, but the said ring was gone when he was awake.

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Dumbledore and Ron in Harry Potter Were the Same Person

Harry Potter is the third highest-grossing film series of all time as of February 2020. The value of the franchise was estimated at $25 billion in 2016 alone. But with great value comes a great fan base, which in turn creates a lot of theories and opinions.

Harry Potter, Fan theoryHarry Potter, Fan theory
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) Warner Bros. via IMDb

One theory suggests that Dumbledore and Ron are actually the same person. With very similar physical features, like being skinny and tall, there were other breadcrumbs that left fans wondering. When it was revealed that Dumbledore had red hair when he was younger, all fingers pointed to Ron. Coincidence? We think not.

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Dexter's Laboratory Killed and Recreated His Family

Dexter's Laboratory earned nominations for four Primetime Emmy Awards, as a hit animated TV show. Boasting a captivating plot, many intrigued fans began to critically examine the show. And, of course, they took to the internet to share their findings with the rest of us.

Dexter's Laboratory, Fan theoryDexter's Laboratory, Fan theory
Dexter's Laboratory (1996) Cartoon Network via IMDb

One of these wild theories suggests Dexter’s entire family was killed when one of his experiments went wrong. So, he created a new family replicating them using his famous lab. Fans suggest that they found a hint in the show’s theme song, implying that Dee Dee was injured in his experiments.

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Max From Mad Max 2 Was Completely Replaced

The 1981 Australian post-apocalyptic action film Mad Max 2 received much recognition from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films. So much so, that it won the Saturn Award for Best International Film. In addition, the film earned a fanbase that left many theories running wild.

Mad Max, Fan theoryMad Max, Fan theory
The Road Warrior (1981) Warner Bros. via IMDb

One of the more significant theories is that Hardy isn’t the original Max. As theorists put it, a character shown before had stolen the title from the prequel, Mad Max. Fans also suggested that Hardy’s Max might really be the Feral Kid who appears in the second film, thanks to their similarities.

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Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Only Existed in Cameron's Mind

As one of the top-grossing films of 1986, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was very much adored by critics and audiences alike. The hilarious movie instantly became a classic. But over the years, many fans have found several oddities within the beloved film.

Ferris Bueller's Day OffFerris Bueller's Day Off
Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) Paramount Pictures via IMDb

One of many fan theories connects Ferris Beuller's Day Off to Fight Club conceptually. The idea claims that Ferris only exists in Cameron's mind. As a result, Cameron envisions an entire adventure-filled day as he lies sick in his bed. Pretty intriguing, to say the least.

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Star Wars' Jar Jar Was Skilled in Mind Control

The pop-culture phenomenon, Star Wars, seems to be living on forever. After turning into a cult classic, the franchise garnered merchandise and games worth about $70 billion - as of 2020. But theorists seem to have a whole lot to say about the famous films.

Star Wars, Jar JarStar Wars, Jar Jar
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) Lucasfilm Ltd. via IMDb

Out of the many theories made by the Star Wars community, one suggests that Jar Jar was not, in fact, "the bumbling idiot he portrays himself as." Fans have claimed that he is actually a highly skilled force specializing in mind control who manages to keep his powers veiled.

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Pokémon Is Based in a Post Apocalyptic World

The renowned animated series was widely accredited for introducing anime to the western world. In fact, in the United States, the two highest-grossing anime films are now Pokémon films. But with such a massive fanbase soon came a massive array of theories regarding the peculiar show.

Pokémon, Fan theory, ConspiracyPokémon, Fan theory, Conspiracy
Pokémon (1997) TXN via IMDb

A popular theory suggests that there was a great war before all of the Pokémon events took place. Given their powerful capabilities, the animated creatures were likely used as weapons during the conflict. Lieutenant Surge, one of the original gym leaders, was even quoted saying, "electric Pokémon saved me during the war!"

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The Dark Knight's Joker Was a Former Soldier in the Iraq War

The Dark Knight seemed to have left its mark very distinctively throughout the cinematic world. Having grossed over about $1 billion, the film was heavily screened and received a massive fanbase. In addition, many questions soon arose due to the suspenseful theme of the film.

The Dark Knight, JokerThe Dark Knight, Joker
The Dark Knight (2008) Warner Bros. via IMDb

Many fans have speculated about the Joker's background. One theory even suggests that the villain was a former soldier in the Iraq War suffering from PTSD. Not only would that explain his facial scarring and knowledge of firearms, but also his seemingly mad character.

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'James Bond' Is Not a Person

James Bond is a widely renowned international success. Over the years, a total of six different actors played 007. But if that sounds like a lot, wait until we reveal one of the endless theories fans have put together regarding the thrilling franchise.

Skyfall, 007, Daniel CraigSkyfall, 007, Daniel Craig
Skyfall (2012) Columbia Pictures via IMDb

One of the more popular theories suggests that 'James Bond' is not referring to one person. Instead? It's actually just a code name given to multiple agents over the years, as fans put it. It may help explain why the character's appearance, age, and even personality all change throughout the years so distinctively.

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Wallace’s Sold Soul Is the Secret of the Brief Case in Pulp Fiction

Ever since winning the Palme d'Or at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival, Pulp Fiction earned its place in the cinematic world as a major success. Alongside its success and cult-status, the movie's fanbase only continues to grow. Over the years, loyal fans have formed endless theories regarding the film.

Pulp Fiction, Fan theoryPulp Fiction, Fan theory
Pulp Fiction (1994) Miramax via IMDb

One of the theories is that the famous briefcase contains Marsellus Wallace’s soul. An undeniable mystery of the film, the briefcase retrieved by the hitmen allegedly possesses the soul of the gangster boss. Fans base this theory on the fact that Wallace had previously sold his soul to the devil.

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Peter Parker Made a Cameo Appearance in Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 grossed over about $623.9 million at the worldwide box office. The famous sequel also received an Academy Award nomination for Best Visual Effects. Many fans, however, believed that there were more than just visual effects to the award-winning plot.

Ironc Man, Tony StarkIronc Man, Tony Stark
Iron Man 2 (2010) Marvel Studios via IMDb

Many Marvel fans have suggested that the little kid whom Iron Man saved at the Stark Expo might just be a special somebody: Spiderman's Peter Parker. And while Spiderman didn't officially enter the MCU until 2016, it's definitely something to think about.

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Kevin From Home Alone Is the Young Serial Killer From Saw

As one of the most popular Christmas family movies, there's more to Home Alone than its staggering $476.7 million box office earnings. The successful live-action comedy has garnered a massive fanbase over the years. This fanbase has introduced us to several shocking theories.

Home Alone, Fan theoryHome Alone, Fan theory
Home Alone (1990) 20th Century Fox via IMDb

According to one theory, Home Alone may actually be the origin of serial killer Jigsaw from The Saw horror franchise. Fans speculate that numerous connections link Kevin to Jigsaw, including a similar appearance, violent tendencies, and a love for booby traps.

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Sid Grows up to Be a Garbage Man in Toy Story 3

Toy Story pretty much took over the world from the moment it was released in 1995. In fact, the film even boasts a rare 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Being such a prominent movie within Pixar productions, many fans have become captivated by it. New followers, however, have noticed something rather odd.

Toy Story, Theory, ConspiracyToy Story, Theory, Conspiracy
Toy Story (1995) Pixar/Disney via IMDb

Many fans claim that Sid grew up to be the garbage man in Toy Story 3. The allegedly grown-up boy was briefly spotted in one scene, even wearing the same shirt he did as a kid in the first film. Though, the theory has yet to be confirmed by the makers of the film!

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The Shining Alludes to the Moon Landing Being Fake

The 1980 adaptation of Stephen King's famous novel might be one of the most memorable horror films to date. In 2018, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress for being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant."

The Shining, Conspiracy, MoonThe Shining, Conspiracy, Moon
Warner Brothers via Getty Images

Perhaps what makes this film even more significant is the conspiracy theory behind it: The Shining may be director Stanley Kubrick's secret confession for staging the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969. Apparently, many clues are scattered throughout the film, such as room 237. Conspiracy theorists certainly left us intrigued.

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Dorothy From Wizard Of Oz Was in an Alternate Reality

The Wizard of Oz made headlines in 1939 for its use of Technicolor as well as its captivating storytelling, musical score, and memorable characters. After becoming an American classic, the film garnered a loyal fanbase. But many fans have been left with endless questions regarding the movie's plot.

Wizard of Oz, DreamWizard of Oz, Dream
Silver Screen Collection/Hulton Archive via Getty Images

One popular theory suggests that Dorothy's time in Oz wasn't a dream but merely an alternate reality. Why? Seemingly every major character Dorothy meets in Oz has a counterpart in her real-life. This theory later suggests that Dorothy's counterpart may even be the Wicked Witch of the West.

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Monsters, inc. Was Afraid of the Black Death

The Pixar classic became a major box office success upon its release, becoming the third highest-grossing film of 2001. With all the attention the movie's garnered, many viewers have analyzed hidden messages behind the movie. But one of their theories is certainly hair-raising.

Monsters Inc, Conspiracy, FansMonsters Inc, Conspiracy, Fans
Monsters, Inc. (2001) Pixar/Disney via IMDb

One fan theory alleges that there is a reason why the monsters are so afraid of children. It states that perhaps, the first time they made contact with the human world was during the Black Death, or Bubonic plague. It may explain why the monsters were so afraid of touching anything human-related.

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Doc From Back to the Future Was Suicidal

The United States Library of Congress selected this classic film and two of its sequels for preservation in the National Film Registry. Boasting such a thought-provoking plot, perhaps it's no surprise Back to the Future has garnered endless conspiracy theories.

Back to the FutureBack to the Future
Universal Pictures via Getty Images

One particularly sinister theory talks about Doc being suicidal. As fans allege, he was depressed from his failures as a scientist. After another failed invention (the DeLorean), Doc grabbed Marty when he tried to run, leading many fans to believe that it was actually an attempt to end his life.

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