Eddie Murphy Originally Wrote 'Coming 2 America' With Tracy Morgan Playing His Son

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Tracy Morgan & Eddie Murphy
Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

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In 'Coming 2 America,' the long-awaited sequel to the namesake classic now available on Prime Video, Tracy Morgan plays the certainly hilarious Reem, the uncle of Prince Akeem's (Eddie Murphy's) long-lost son, Lavelle.

But there was a point when Tracy himself was about to take on the role of Eddie's royal kin – at 52 years old.

"Three years into writing [Coming 2 America], Tracy was the son still," Eddie revealed to CinemaBlend while talking about scrapped plot ideas. "What changed is we met with Tracy a couple of times and we was like, 'Tracy look the same age as me. How are we gonna make this believable?'"

It's a good question. Tracy is only 7 years younger than Eddie, who he calls "one of my idols and my comedic heroes." Eventually, instincts prevailed and a much younger Jermaine Fowler assumed the character of Lavelle.

Still, Tracy seems more than satisfied with how things shook out. He likened the experience on set to a "fairy tale," admitting, "I had to snap out of that and get back to work!"

The bizarre and boundless thinking that led Eddie and other notable writers like Kenya Barris to even consider Tracy as Akeem's potential son is a promising indicator of how 'Coming 2 America' will push the boundaries of humor like the first one did over 30 years ago.

Fans can expect Eddie to again embody an array of wild characters, though it's unknown just how many.

In the OG 'Coming to America,' he played three in addition to Prince Akeem: a rambunctious barber named Clarence, an elderly Jewish man named Saul, and the unforgettable Randy Watson, lead singer of everyone's favorite Whitney Houston cover band, Sexual Chocolate.

'Coming 2 America' finds Prince Akeem preparing to become the king of Zamunda when he discovers he has a son back in Queens, NY. To fulfill the dying wish of his father, King Jaffe (James Earl Jones), Akeem and his best friend Semmi (Arsenio Hall) return to locate Lavelle and his mom, Leslie Jones, and school them on their regal duties.

There's a range of other major names making cameos as well, including Wesley Snipes, Teyana Taylor, and Rick Ross and his 109-room estate. You can watch it now on Prime Video.