Did Fake Drake Just Trick YouTuber Anthony Fantano Into A Serious "Drake" Interview?


| LAST UPDATE 06/08/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Cole Burston via Getty Images

There's a Drake doppelgänger out there who goes by Fake Drake or Izzy Drake, and some fans are saying he just finessed well-known music critic Anthony Fantano into believing he was the real Drizzy. Huh?!

If you're unfamiliar with Fantano, he's probably the most popular music critic on YouTube with more than 4 million subscribers across channels. He also does interviews with various artists, and he recently had people thinking he snagged the real Drake's first video interview since 2019.

At one point, "Drake" even sends shots at Kendrick Lamar: "He's talented with his vocabulary but he's not near the record that I'm on. I've got more everything – views, I've got more records sold." The two also discussed his creative process, ghostwriting theories and more.

While Fantano keeps a straight face for nearly 20 minutes, it turns out he was in on the joke. "Some of you really think I interviewed Izzy Drake thinking it was real Drake???" he tweeted. "I had been DMing the guy on IG for weeks to do this bit."

The 36-year-old also called his shot back in January when he teased the idea of linking with Fake Drake.

Fake Drake caught a buzz last year around the time Drizzy was rolling out 'Certified Lover Boy,' mostly thanks to his heart-shaped hairstyle. The 22-year-old is reportedly making as much as $10k for a show!

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He also claimed Drake knows about him and said the stunt "doesn't bother" him, according to an interview with No Jumper.

If there's one thing about the real Drake it's that he knows how to use the internet to his advantage.

He caused a stir after posting the below meme that photoshops Addison Rae's hand onto a picture showing his fresh braids. "I can't make plans with you I don’t even know when I’m gonna see sleep," he captioned the post.

The TikTok star commented, "This was way too familiar."