’Creed III’s Epic Redemption Story for Rocky’s Greatest Villain


| LAST UPDATE 03/02/2023

By Amelie Durham
michael b. jordan movie creed
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Get ready to step back into the ring with Adonis Creed in the upcoming film, Creed III. Directed by Michael B. Jordan, the movie sees Adonis at the height of his powers facing off against his childhood best friend turned bitter enemy Damien Anderson, played by Jonathan Majors. But as we reflect on Adonis' journey and the series that inspired it all - Rocky - we can't help but think about the most meaningful villain in its canon.

Rocky III is remembered by many as one of the series' most entertaining installments, mainly due to its powerhouse villain: Clubber Lang. Portrayed with iconic ferocity by Mr. T, this boxer-bad guy gave our titular hero - and audiences alike - a run for their money in an exhilarating fight that ultimately resulted in Rocky's defeat. Undaunted yet humbled at his loss, he seeks wise counsel from none other than Apollo Creed himself and embarks on a quest to refine his style… all leading up to another rematch showdown!

Creed Rocky Sylvester Stallone
IMDB - Rocky III (1982) via Chartoff-Winkler Productions
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Rocky Balboa has long been known for his resilience and powerful determination, but Clubber Lang presents the ultimate challenge. As a villainous embodiment of all, that's wrong with boxing - aggression, egoism, and win-at-all-costs ambition – he represents an entirely new kind of opposition for our beloved underdog hero. Nonetheless, through this formidable foe comes a shining reminder of why we love Rocky so much: his never say die attitude! Clubber Lang's unforgettable machismo has fans buzzing with anticipation to see who the antagonist of Creed III will be. Will they have what it takes to stand up against Mr.T's timeless bravado? It remains to be seen if this next adversary can compete!

Regardless of who Adonis faces in Creed III, one thing is certain - Michael B. Jordan has big shoes to fill as director following Ryan Coogler and Steven Caple Jr.'s successes in the franchise. But with Jordan's talent both behind and in front of the camera, we're confident that Creed III will continue to deliver on what fans love about this underdog story - heart-pumping action, emotional depth, and unforgettable characters. So get ready for another round of boxing glory when Creed III hits theaters soon!

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