The Story Of This Rapper Saving Someone In A Burning Car Will Blow Your Mind

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Could you imagine driving down the highway and getting into a car accident and as your life hangs in the balance a platinum recording artist comes and saves you? That sounds ridiculous right? Like almost not even possible of happening. Because why would a superstar artist put their life on the line to save a total stranger, they have too much to live for. Well, that might normally be the case, but when discussing Chance The Rapper, everything about the guy is abnormal. And that's the situation he found himself in on Easter 2018, when he saved a man from a burning car. Here is his story and how it happened.

Who Is Chance the Rapper?


He is one of the most popular rappers of his generation. He has grown into becoming a household name with little to no help if you let him tell, though that may be a bit of embellishment. But I'm not here to get into that, just to give you the details of who he is.

He Grew Up In Chicago


His father was the aide to former Chicago mayor Harold Washington and then-Senator Barack Obama and his mother worked for the Illinois Attorney General. So if there was ever any evidence that he was destined for greatness you could look at his parents, though his path might not have been the one they expected him to take.

He Gained Prominence While Suspended From High School

While serving a 10-day suspension in high school for smoking at school, he recorded his debut mixtape 10 Day. The mixtape featured Vic Mensa who was making his come up at the same time as Chance in the music industry.

Which Led To His Breakthrough Mixtape

Chance would go on to release his breakthrough mixtape Acid Rap in 2013, a year following the release of 10 Day. This project would serve as the breakthrough for Chance and his real introduction into mainstream pop culture. The project had features from people such as Ab-Soul and Childish Gambino.


Surf would come after a two-year hiatus for Chance in which he didn't drop new music. This project, a collaboration with The Social Experiment, would show just how far Chance has come as a star in the music industry with him being able to collect features from artists such as J. Cole, Big Sean, Quavo, and Jeremih.

The Success of Surf Got Him On Saturday Night Live


Where he would become the first ever independent artist to grace the Saturday Night Live stage. Chance was officially a star by this point but this is still only the tip of the iceberg compared to what comes next.

Linking Up With Kanye

Consequence of Sound

Being from Chicago, Kanye West was one of Chance's biggest influences and idols. Every kid from the city had dreams of working with the biggest hip-hop icon ever from the city and the success Chance was experiencing had now afforded him the opportunity.

Helping With The Life of Pablo


Chance linking up with Kanye would lead to him helping write and produce tracks on Kanye's album The Life of Pablo. Chance would be featured on the intro track "Ultralight Beam" and helped write songs such as "Waves" and "Famous".

Kanye Brings Chance Back To SNL

This time Chance would be a full-fledged superstar when he graced the SNL stage. No longer would he be the precocious up and coming rapper, but now he was standing somewhat adjacent to Kanye on the stage.

Coloring Book

Next Chance would release his third mixtape Coloring Book in 2016, which went on to receive critical acclaim and show his full range of talents. The mixtape featured artists such as Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Justin Beiber, and 2 Chainz.

In Fact, Coloring Book Was So Good


Chance would win the Grammy award for Best Rap Album for it. This would be the first time that an artist ever won a Grammy award for a project that they did not sell. This project was only available for streaming and went on to win the biggest award in music, a Grammy.

Michelle Obama Surprised Him With A BET Award


He received the Humanitarian Award at the 2017 BET Awards from Michelle Obama for his work in the Chicago community. He has made it a point to continue to give back to the city he comes from and help the schools and kids who need assistance.

He Has Also Done Commencement Speeches

ABC News

He did the commencement speech for Dillard University in New Orleans in 2018. This was a huge feat because not many rappers get the opportunity to do this and especially not as such a young age like Chance, who was only 25 years old at the time.

He Also Has a Daughter and Is Married


He married his high school sweetheart in 2018 and the couple has a daughter together. This guy is living a charmed life, it seems as if blessings are just falling from the sky for him. His karma must be great, only explanation.

So If You're Keeping Track


Chance The Rapper is a Grammy award-winning, critically acclaimed rapper and he is only 26 years old. Not a bad path to be on before the age of 30 if you ask me.

Oh And He's Also Religous


I forgot to mention this important fact. He has a lot of gospel influences and sounds in his music, using choirs often. This plays a part in the story I'm about to tell you of Chance and I promise this is relevant, just stick with me.

So It's Easter Sunday


So it's a day you are celebrating the life of Jesus ya know? You might go to church that day, you might dye some eggs for the kids, you might even have dinner or brunch or something at the house, who knows? Some people might just be happy for the extended weekend off from school or work.

But I'm Sure You Aren't Expecting To Be In A Car Accident


I mean, nobody really is ever expecting to be in one but on a holiday nonetheless? This would really suck and probably feel worse than usual if you are having a good day or expecting to be having a good day. And the last thing you would be expecting while in that accident is to be saved by a superstar rapper.



That's exactly what happened when Chance The Rapper saved somebody from a car accident by himself on the way to church on Easter Sunday. I mean seriously, what are the odds of your life being in danger and the person who saves you is Chance The Rapper?

This Is the Story


According to Chance, he was driving to church solo, about to go onto Lakeshore Drive, and a car crashes into the wall in front of him going 90 mph off of the exit. He was the only person there when it first happened and the car was on fire and he had to break the window and lift the passenger out of the car.

Sounds Insane

Paramount Pictures

If I didn't know any better, I would think Chance had seen one too many Mission: Impossible films and was had a hyper imagination. I'm going to need some witnesses or somebody to step up and verify this story for me to believe it. It's too good to be true.

He Has Witnesses


His friends vouch for him that this is the truth but they could be lying for him who knows. My friends would lie for me to tell the world that I saved somebody from a burning car if it meant my legend would grow. Do we actually have real witnesses?

Well, Actually, We Do


Ahh, so it really did happen. We actually have photo evidence and everything now. Chance makes gospel influenced rap music and then turns around and saves somebody on one of the biggest religious holiday's of the year. You can't make this up.

Reaching Out To Chance


A kid reached out to Chance informing him that it was his uncle that Chance saved from the burning car on Easter. And even better news, the guy lived and is doing perfectly fine now. Props to Chance for stepping up in the heat of the moment and saving this guy's life.

How Many Celebrities Would Have Done This?


Putting their life on the line for a total stranger? I can't think of many, if any, that I know for a fact would have done this. Chance is a millionaire, a father, and a husband, and put that all on the line to save somebody else's life. That's special.

Not Many Regular People Would Do It


I know I probably wouldn't have been able to make this type of decision in a split second. Way too much pressure would have been on me and I don't thrive under pressure. I probably would have made things worse, to be completely honest.

What Can't Chance Do?


We have Chance The Rapper. Chance The Philanthropist. Chance The Husband. Chance The Father. And now Chance The Hero? I think he should go ahead and change his name to Chance The Renaissance Man because there appears to be nothing he can't do.

We Need More People Like Chance


These acts of selflessness can't go unnoticed and they should be championed. But the best part about this is I doubt Chance did this for the glory or for the acknowledgment, he did it because he's a genuinely good person who cares about other people.

And When You're That Pure


You get rewarded with all that Chance has been rewarded with to this point in his life. Good things happen to good people and Chance is the living embodiment of that.

So Once Again


Salute to Chance for stepping up in a crazy situation to do the right thing. Because doing the right thing isn't always the easy thing to do. But it's worth it when you're on the right side of history, which Chance is.