Ballin' on a Budget: Apple Previews New $399 iPhone SE

Mahlik Campbell

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Apple unveiled the smaller, more affordable iPhone SE available for pre-order starting this Friday. 🔥

On Wednesday, Apple made good on a recent report that a new iPhone was coming for the money-conscious consumer this April. They offered a first look at the upgraded iPhone SE (Special Edition) as part of a virtual announcement complete with product details, striking images and a couple of videos, like the one below.

The online-first unveil was unusual for Apple. Typically, they debut their flagship smartphones through a real-life presentation, but with the coronavirus pandemic putting a halt on all large events, Apple was forced to pull an audible.

Speaking of odd circumstances, anyone else think it's a little too convenient that Apple dropped its cheapest iPhone just as the federal government started to deliver stimulus checks? 🤔

Anyway, let's breakdown some of the nitty-gritty of this latest device...

As "the most affordable iPhone," the SE will start retailing at $399, which is the same price as the original model that arrived four years ago. For comparison, the iPhone 11 currently goes for $699, while an iPhone 11 Pro Max breaks the bank at $1099.

Available in a white, black or red colorway, one of the most recognizable features of the SE is the reduced screen size. Measuring 4.7 inches, it's about an inch and a half smaller than the iPhone 11 display.

Even with a smaller figure, the SE comes packed with highly competitive capabilities, like the A13 Bionic processor ("the fastest chip in a smartphone") that's useful for gaming, Retina HD display, TouchID for extra security, wireless charging and 30-minute water resistance. The battery life is the same as the iPhone 8.

The SE also touts "the best single-camera system in an iPhone," offering 4K video, image stabilization and quick autofocus in bad lighting. Hopefully the 64, 128 and 256GB memory options hold enough space for all those new pics.

While pre-order begins this Friday, April 17, the phones will officially become available a week later, on April 24. Must cop!


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