Apple Will Reportedly Drop New Over-The-Ear Headphones This Summer

Mahlik Campbell entertainment /

Apple is working on a new pair of headphones that will eventually replace its Beats lineup. 🎧

Rumors started spreading earlier this week about an unreleased over-the-ear headphone from Apple that will reportedly hit shelves in June 2020, around the same time as the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Tech analyst Jon Prosser, who broke the news on Twitter, claimed the product is being developed under the internal alias of B515 and will pull design cues from the Bose 700. The headphones will start at a retail price of $350.

Along with the over-the-ear headphones, Apple is also reportedly planning to release a new pair of athletic-friendly AirPods called AirPods X. Dubbed with the spicy codename B517, they're being likened to the current Beats X offering and should be released in fall 2020 at a roughly $200 price point.

Prosser also mentioned that the end goal with the launch of the B515 headphones is to phase out Beats. Why would Apple want to transition away from a brand they spent $3 billion on acquiring just six years ago?

According to Prosser, it's all about brand recognition. "The AirPods brand is more meaningful and valuable to Apple than Beats," he tweeted. "They wanna make everything in-house and ship with an Apple logo instead."

Apple is attempting to get rid of excess inventory by giving employees a 40% discount on a range of Beats products as well. Let me get that promo code!

This latest series of scoops comes just a few days after Prosser also sparked rumors of a potential 14-inch MacBook Pro coming as soon as next month.

This dude is on fire, lol. 🔥