Apex Legends Season 5 is Here. Find Your Fortune in Latest Adventure

Mahlik Campbell

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Headlined by the introduction of a new legend, Loba, as well as a new Quests mode, Respawn’s Apex Legends: Fortune’s Favor is now available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Origin on PC.

While this latest season of Apex Legends comes packed with a ton of exciting features for the battle royale, one of the most revealing additions is the “stylish, sophisticated, and resourceful” legend known as Loba. 

Originally introduced as a young girl in the Season 4 Assimilation launch trailer, Loba is on a mission to avenge the murder of her parents, who were struck down by Revenant in a ruthless bounty mission.

With her blood-stained eyes eager for answers and lost treasures, Loba possesses several unique abilities that make her a legend neither Revenant nor yourself will want to mess with. First, she’s a highly skilled thief with a penchant for securing and stealing various loot.

Image via Electronic Arts

Adding to her elusiveness, Loba wields a staff that enables her to perform acrobatic jumps and puncture enemies in close combat, as well as provides her teammates with access to an in-battle store when activated.

There’s also a high-tech bracelet that seemingly allows Loba to teleport at a moment’s notice. In the launch trailer for Fortune’s Favor released last week, this ability saved her from perishing in the fiery explosion of King’s Canyon.

Another cool add-on is the new PvE Season Quest that will give players the opportunity to show off their own fortunes by participating in a season-long search for nine pieces of a mysterious artifact, which Loba describes as “a rare and valuable treasure.” 

As players collect lootable Treasure Packs in competitive matches, they’ll unlock rewards and new weekly Hunts for the missing pieces, which will lure them across King’s Canyon. However, only one Treasure Pack can be gathered per day. Each recovered piece will help assemble the artifact as well as the larger tale of “The Broken Ghost.”

There’s no new map offered this time around, but Respawn, assisted by Loba’s not so subtle entrance, has created a sordid underground facility below King’s Canyon accessible for the first time ever. A “dangerous new area” called Salvage sits in place of Skulltown and Thunderdome, which have fallen into the ocean.

The latest iteration of the Ranked Series, Ranked Series 4, will also kick off in King’s Canyon and eventually move to World's Edge.

All told, the Season 5 Battle Pass will offer over 100 exclusive items, including the Legendary Hemlock Retrofitted skin, three new Rare Legends skins, Apex Packs, unseen content and more. 

Don’t worry; you’ll still be able to shoot your shot with a Mozambique if you so choose.

You can snatch the basic version of the Season 5 Battle Pass for 950 Apex Coins. As an extra incentive, you’ll immediately receive access to an unlocked XP boost and a few skins. 

Or, you could scoop the Battle Pass Bundle instead, automatically unlocking the next 25 levels of the pass as well as rewards, like Apex Packs, skins, music packs, banner poses and other items. That’ll cost you 2,800 Apex Coins.

Low on in-game guap? Buy a stack of (1,000) Apex Coins for $10, or 2,150 Coins for $20.

Good luck, legends...