The LaBrant Family, Scandal

The Untold Story of The LaBrant Family


| LAST UPDATE 10/20/2021

By Manny Ray

She was a star. He, the king of Vine. To their millions of viewers, the LaBrant family seemed perfect, living out a fairytale in front of their screens. But life in the spotlight may have revealed a little bit more than they intended...

Meet Cole

Before we walk you through the YouTube family's journey to online stardom - and all of the road bumps that came with it - let's start at the very beginning; the face our story starts and ends with: Cole LaBrant.

Cole LaBrant, Scandal, ExposedCole LaBrant, Scandal, Exposed
Instagram via @cole.labrant

On August 21, 1996, proud Christian parents Sheri and Ken welcomed their baby boy into the world. From the minute Cole was born, he was practically destined to live a life in front of the camera. He just didn't know it yet. So when he wasn't busy at Church, the young boy had his sights set elsewhere.

Going Viral

The online world - alongside his 2 best friends, Baylor Barnes and John Stephen Grice. The curious teens spent their days navigating the wonders of the internet. Little did they know, an innocent dare one fateful night was about to change their lives - forever.

Dem White Boyz, VineDem White Boyz, Vine
YouTube via The New York Magazine

"We did it as a complete joke. We really thought that it was gonna go nowhere," Cole revealed of the moment they morphed into online stars. It was a parody; A twerking video uploaded to Vine under the name Dem White Boyz. Only the events that soon followed were all too real.

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He Went Solo

Sure enough, by 2015, the endless fans the trio now boasted were met with a shocking announcement: The viral friends were heading their separate ways, as far as the internet was concerned at least. What did that mean, exactly? Their time on our screens was coming to an end.

Cole LaBrant, Vine, ViralCole LaBrant, Vine, Viral
Instagram via @cole.labrant

"Dem White Boyz" was officially over. Baylor and John simply couldn't keep up with the content their new career demanded. Instead, a 19-year-old Cole was taking their place on our Vine feeds. With a newly titled account, the teen was more than ready for a solo career.

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He Was Rejected by Selena Gomez

As the year went on, young Cole continued to get his name out there. Only now, he wanted to catch someone specific's attention. "It was the first YouTube video I had ever posted. I had no idea if she'd ever see it," LaBrant revealed of the moment he wore his heart on his sleeve for millions of viewers worldwide.

Cole LaBrant, Selena GomezCole LaBrant, Selena Gomez
Instagram via @cole.labrant

"Selena Gomez, will you go to prom with me?" Cole's latest upload read. Unfortunately, the young star was met with an ultimate rejection: She was simply too busy, or at least that's what the singer's team assured him. If only Cole knew this would soon be the least of his worries...

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His Account Was Hacked

In only a matter of time, the rising star was met with the ultimate wake-up call; A nightmare he couldn't escape from. Cole LaBrant's Vine account was hacked. And with that, crumbled everything he'd spent endless hours building. In just one week, he'd lost 100,000 followers.

Cole LaBrant, Hacked, VineCole LaBrant, Hacked, Vine
Instagram via @cole.labrant

"It was just so humbling to see… everything that I'd worked for about two years. Just to see it all crumble," the star revealed. "It's like, all this could literally be gone at any second." And it was at this very moment that Cole knew he would never be the same.

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He Reinvented Himself

No, not because of the invasion of privacy that left him feeling helpless; not because of his Follower count that went plummeting as a result: We're talking about the moment Cole LaBrant decided to shed his "twerking boy" image, as he stepped out with a new title.

Cole LaBrant, Christian, ScandalCole LaBrant, Christian, Scandal
Instagram via @cole.labrant

"It was a hard transition," Cole revealed as he reinvented his platform with religious content. Going from a wisecracking high-school kid to an inspired preacher was something even he never expected. "People knew you for dancing, or making funny videos, and now? You're talking about Jesus."

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He Lost The Amazing Race

Then came along 2016, and Cole's newfound path landed him at a remarkable destination: The Amazing Race. Alongside his mom, Sheri, the 19-year-old traveled to every inch of the globe. Viewers watched the two race for a million-dollar prize, though it didn't end well.

The Amazing Race, LaBrantThe Amazing Race, LaBrant
The Amazing Race (2016) - CBS via YouTube via Idol_Thoughts

The LaBrants had come so far and worked so hard, only to walk home in 2nd place. It was crushing. But while Cole might have been down on his luck, things were about to change. In fact, his little ray of hope was actually waiting right around the corner.

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Meet Savannah

Meet Savannah Soutas, otherwise known as the other half of our story. She and Cole were star crossed lovers, destined to find one another. Though they couldn't have been more different - like night and day. "I don't think that anyone would ever pair us together," as Cole himself told People.

Savannah LaBrant, Scandal, ShockingSavannah LaBrant, Scandal, Shocking
Instagram via @sav.labrant

She was raised in sunny California, but Sav's childhood was actually far from it. "[My parents' divorce] definitely got to me," the star revealed of the moment everything changed. The self-titled "daddy's girl" watched her family fall apart, as she said goodbye to her dad; Something she'd never be able to forget.

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Her Painful Childhood

As the years went on, growing up without a father was nothing short of challenging; Every day, a painful reminder of what could have been. "Especially as a teenage girl, I think it's so important to have your dad in your life," Sav reflected on her lonely younger years.

Savannah LaBrant, Scandal, SecretSavannah LaBrant, Scandal, Secret
Instagram via @sav.labrant

For the young girl, it seemed like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Instead, Savannah was actually headed “down a darker path,” as she revealed. Little did she know, her lonely days were about to change. She was about to be met with an unexpected visitor.

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Her Unexpected Pregnancy

She was pregnant. A thought that sent chills down her spine. How would she care for a baby when she was supposed to be finishing college? And if she didn't finish school? "What kind of life could I have?" the anxious girl wondered. Sav now had two people to worry about, a fact she simply couldn't avoid.

Savannah Soutas, Pregnant, ShockingSavannah Soutas, Pregnant, Shocking
YouTube via The LaBrant Fam

As for the baby's father, Tommy Smith? While Savannah was haunted by worry, her boyfriend felt otherwise. He was "oddly excited," as she recalled. Only their rocky relationship was not as optimistic. In fact, Smith's prior infidelities left their relationship at a standstill.

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Breaking the News

But with a belly growing by the day and nerves hijacking every waking thought, Sav had another problem: "Telling my parents I was pregnant." For the expecting teen, it "was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do." As for how they took the news?

Savannah LaBrant, Pregnant, EverleighSavannah LaBrant, Pregnant, Everleigh
YouTube via The LaBrant Fam

The young girl's family was nothing but supportive, including her estranged father. The same man who was once absent from her life was now back; Eager to make up for lost time. And just like that, Savannah Soutas' "fears about being pregnant went away."

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She Felt Completely Alone

Unfortunately, old habits tend to die hard. And in Savannah's case? She learned that the hard way: Just 14 days later, her rebuilt relationship with her father went crumbling. "My disappointments were just beginning," Sav revealed, as her dad headed for the door.

Savannah LaBrant, Scandal,ShockingSavannah LaBrant, Scandal,Shocking
Instagram via @sav.labrant

A few months later, though, and Sav faced even more heartbreak. Her boyfriend had been unfaithful, again. She was heartbroken, finally done with him - or so she thought. But while the 6-month pregnant teen continued to struggle, she was about to be blessed with the ultimate joy.

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It's a Girl

On December 14, 2012, Savannah Soutas and Tommy Smith welcomed a little bundle of joy into the world: Blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Everleigh Rose. She was everything they could have ever wanted, and then some. And as Sav held her tiny daughter in her arms, there was one thing she knew for sure.

Savannah LaBrant, Everleigh RoseSavannah LaBrant, Everleigh Rose
Instagram via @sav.labrant

It didn't matter what the future held for her and Tommy. So long as she had her baby by her side, nothing else mattered. Perhaps that's why the 19-year-old mother would soon wipe those tears under her eyes, ready to make a bold move. But it wouldn't be easy.

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She Was Ready for Change

"I had put in my head that nobody would accept me since I had a kid," Savannah admitted of the insecurities that followed. As a result, she continued to take Tommy back with open arms. "For our daughter's sake," the young mother assured, despite the haunting doubts.

Savannah LaBrant, Everleigh, ExposedSavannah LaBrant, Everleigh, Exposed
Instagram via @cole.labrant

But eventually, Savannah Soutas realized she desperately needed a change. After endless tears shed, it was time to put her happiness first. And with that, she said goodbye to Tommy, once and for all. For the first time in a while, she was hopeful for that which lay ahead.

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She Caught Cole's Eye

By 2016, Savannah was ready to try her luck in the lip-syncing world of Alongside her pint-sized companion, the young mom instantly caught viewers' eyes: She was an online superstar; On top of the world - or so it seemed, as she smiled her way to the top.

Savannah LaBrant, Everleigh, ViralSavannah LaBrant, Everleigh, Viral
Instagram via @sav.labrant

The truth? "I wasn't a happy person," Sav admitted of her newfound fame. Nonetheless, she and Everleigh had won over just about everyone - including her future soulmate: Cole. Little did the smitten teen know, his unanswered DM would soon go answered face to face...

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They Finally Met

"I never imagined Cole might be the answer to [my] prayers when I sent my sister off to find him," Savannah revealed of the moment fate brought them together: It was a sunny day at The Grove. Sav was a 23-year-old single mom. Cole, a 19-year-old Southern boy visiting L.A. They couldn't have been more different.

Cole LaBrant, Savannah LaBrantCole LaBrant, Savannah LaBrant
Instagram via @cole.labrant

Nonetheless, there was something in the air that fateful day that couldn't be denied. "Something about him drew me," Savannah explained; Intrigued by the mysterious blonde boy standing before her. They'd never met, complete strangers - and yet there was something so familiar.

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Their Love Story Begins

Sure, he was “too young” and lived on the other side of the country. But what started off as an exchanging of numbers - “business purposes” - soon morphed into something more: Sav had fallen in love with the man behind the screen. Something she’d never expected in a million years. 

LaBrant Family, Scandal, YouTubeLaBrant Family, Scandal, YouTube
Instagram via @cole.labrant

And, of course, Cole was just as smitten. In fact, it wasn't long before he packed up his bags and headed out West. Eager for a new chapter with his future Mrs., Cole said bye to the place he once called home. Only the adjustments were far from over.

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Becoming the LaBrant Family

It was truly a sight to be seen: In the span of 6 months, Cole LaBrant had gone from Alabama to California to getting down on one knee. Sure, it was quick. But he’d never been more sure of anything in his life. And he wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

The LaBrant Family, YouTubeThe LaBrant Family, YouTube
YouTube via The LaBrant Fam

On July 9, 2017, in front of 45 million eager eyes, Cole and Savannah vowed their love on our screens. Through all of the hurdles thrown their way, life had brought them together. As they proudly revealed to their new YouTube channel, they were a family now. The LaBrant Family.

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Only Up From Here

“I never thought I would find somebody who would not only choose and love me, but also choose and love my daughter even more,” an emotional Savannah gushed. After endless years headed on a dark path, there was no doubt about it: Sav had finally found the light at the end of the tunnel.

The LaBrant Family, ScandalThe LaBrant Family, Scandal
YouTube via The LaBrant Fam

Everything seemed perfect, with a growing fanbase and bank account to match. So long as they stuck together, nothing could get in the way of their fairytale - right? Well, as the LaBrant Family was about to find out: They couldn't have been more wrong.

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Cole's Old Tweets Were Found

On paper, our story should end here: A Southern boy falls in love with a California girl; They live happily ever after, alongside baby Everleigh. But as we're about to see, the LaBrants' story was just getting started. After all, fame often comes with a price.

Cole LaBrant, Tweets, ScandalCole LaBrant, Tweets, Scandal
Instagram via @cole.labrant

And for Cole? His was about to leave him under inspection. From intimate details of his wedding night to comments on a 3-year-old's looks, LaBrant's Twitter history was surprising. Unfortunately for the newfound star, fans weren't done digging just yet.

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Under Fire for Their Wildfire Evacuation

In fact, by 2018, the flames were just being ignited. "A giant fire made us evacuate our house," the LaBrants cried in their latest upload. The reality? There may have been more to the story, as angry neighbors rushed to the media to speak their truth.

The LaBrant Family, FireThe LaBrant Family, Fire
YouTube via The LaBrant Fam

"Since I live in the same neighborhood as them, I was baffled as to what fire," neighbor Emilie Blum told LAist. As fans continued to dig, it appeared the LaBrants' Ladera Ranch home was never evacuated. In fact, "The fire never got close," Capt. Tony Bommarito of the Orange County Fire Authority assured.

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They Were Stalked By Fans

But where there's smoke, there's fire. And as the LaBrants' name continued to plaster our feeds, so did the scandals that followed. Unfortunately for the family, their latest trouble was nothing they'd ever dealt with before: "Our family is being harassed."

LaBrant Family, Hate, VideoLaBrant Family, Hate, Video
Facebook via The LaBrant Family Videos

As Cole revealed to the camera, they were being met with pizzas; Endless unwarranted deliveries at both their home and Everleigh's school. Approaching their residence was one thing - but their child's school? "We're going to keep calling the police… we're going to find you," Savannah warned.

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The Puppy Prank

It was supposed to be a joke, an April Fool's Prank all in good fun. Unfortunately for Cole and Savannah, their latest YouTube upload was no laughing matter. What happened? "Basically, we are giving Carl away to somebody else," Sav told Everleigh of their family Pomeranian. 

Everleigh Rose, Puppy, PrankEverleigh Rose, Puppy, Prank
YouTube via The LaBrant Fam

Clutching the puppy, viewers watched Everleigh as she fought back the tears - until suddenly she couldn't. "April Fools… We're keeping Carl!" Sav giggled, as she tried to reassure her crying daughter. Sure enough, it wasn't long before their deed was deemed cruel.  

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People Thought They Were Using Everleigh

But as their fame and fortune continued to soar, it was undeniable: The LaBrant family’s online endeavors were far from over. Only at what price? Sure, they’d secured an army of fans, but who were people truly following? The internet had its own answer, and it was alarming.

Everleigh Rose, YouTube, ScandalEverleigh Rose, YouTube, Scandal
YouTube via The LaBrant Fam

Everleigh Rose. One scroll through the family’s feed and the young girl’s blue eyes were almost always staring back. Were Cole and Savannah featuring their daughter for views? It was something so troubling, almost too shocking to say out loud. But the online skeptics were far from done.

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Trisha Paytas Was Upset with Them

As a matter of fact, the family's blogging ways hadn't only caught the eyes of strangers. The LaBrants had troubled some of the biggest names on YouTube, including Trisha Paytas. Safe to say, the outspoken vlogger didn't keep her latest concerns to herself.

Trisha Paytas, Feud, LaBrantTrisha Paytas, Feud, LaBrant
YouTube via blndsundoll4mj

"People say don't bring children into this; Guess what? Their entire channel is based on [it]," Trisha's upload, "COLE LABRANT - FAKE CHRISTIAN +BAD DAD!" slammed. From documented hospital visits to posing for thumbnails, Everleigh's reality was concerning, as she put it. "Children are not clickbait… shame on you."

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They Struggled With the Hate

Sure enough, the LaBrant name was busy being plastered just about everywhere. Perhaps that's why they soon took to YouTube with their own take on the matter. How did they explain it? "90% of you guys are so sweet," Savannah began. As for the other 10%?

Everleigh, LaBrant Family, ScandalEverleigh, LaBrant Family, Scandal
Instagram via @cole.labrant

“We are not bad parents… I know all of you guys have made mistakes, too.” Sure, they were no strangers to critics. “But this time? It was a bit more extreme,” Savannah continued. From “crazy mean comments” to “death threats,” it was simply too much.

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The Video of Their Cousin "Peanut" Upset Fans

Unfortunately, the unwelcomed comments were far from over. By May of 2019, the LaBrant family found themselves in their latest scandal. All from the click of a button: It was a Twitter upload, a sweet video of Cole’s cousin helping a friend at the playground. Or at least that’s what he thought.

Everleigh, Peanut, LaBrant, TwitterEverleigh, Peanut, LaBrant, Twitter
Instagram via @little.miss_jade

"Your video… [reminds us] of the dehumanization of our ancestors," Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King Jr., replied. What happened? Cole's now-deleted clip shared his African-American cousin, "Peanut," helping a white girl onto the swing. While LaBrant found it amusing, the internet did not.

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Accused of Breaking Covid Rules

They say actions speak louder than words. And for Cole and Savannah? A few months later, their documented deeds landed them in more hot water: With a pandemic present across the globe, guidelines had been set in place to keep folks safe. Unfortunately, it appeared not everybody was following them.

Everleigh Rose, LaBrant, CovidEverleigh Rose, LaBrant, Covid
Instagram via @cole.labrant

Including the LaBrant family, if you asked the online world. From birthday parties to vacations, their latest adventures had landed them an army of angry fans. People were far from impressed. “Did they forget about Covid?” one of many concerned users commented.

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The Birthday Party Confession

But by December of 2020, the family’s documented outings were given a brand new perspective; Someone who was actually in attendance. Only our special guest wasn’t here to defend the gathering: “They pop up on my For You page too often for me to keep this story in anymore.”  

Everleigh Rose, Birthday, ScandalEverleigh Rose, Birthday, Scandal
Instagram via @everleighrose 2

What happened? As TikTok user, baldbabydaddy put it, she'd worked one of their events; Everleigh's trampoline birthday party. But despite shelling out $2,000 for the lavish ordeal, Cole and Savannah had left her a mere $5 tip. "I'm not angry... just take care of the people taking care of you."

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Why Cole No Longer Wears a Wedding Ring

"So we just need to clear the air, because there's a lot of speculation," Cole began. On January 6, 2021, the stars took to YouTube to address the latest rumors hijacking our feed. In a video titled, 'The Real Reason I Haven't Been Wearing My Wedding Ring The Past Year,' the LaBrants had lots to say.

The LaBrant Family, ScandalThe LaBrant Family, Scandal
YouTube via The LaBrant Fam

As they put it, the real reason was actually quite simple. "I lost it at the gym, right before Covid happened," Cole revealed to the camera. Despite the online whispers, their marriage was seemingly better than ever. "I feel like you guys were expecting something semi-juicy."

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Their Net Worth

From sponsorships to viral content, the LaBrant family isn't slowing down anytime soon. In fact, they've already managed to rack up a pretty penny from their blogging ways. According to various sources, their net worth is anything from $3-12 million.

LaBrant Family, Net WorthLaBrant Family, Net Worth
Instagram via @cole.labrant

But they're not the only ones cashing in on their online endeavors. According to, 8-year-old Everleigh Rose has already earned an estimated $2.2 million. And with fans growing by the day, something tells us that number is only going to grow.

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Moving Forward

Well, there you have it, folks. We’ve just walked you through Cole and Savannah’s journey to becoming the LaBrant Family. Sure, they were several road bumps along the way. But despite the scandals and skeptics, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed.

The LaBrant Family, ExposedThe LaBrant Family, Exposed
Instagram via @cole.labrant

"We definitely want people to take away that there is hope at the end of that tunnel," as Cole revealed to People. From twerking on Vine to now, father of a happily blended family - there's no doubt about it: "I feel like we've already been through so much, but this is only just the beginning."

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