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The Rise of Youtube Star Tammy Hembrow


| LAST UPDATE 07/19/2021

By Felicia Brown

If you've spent any time on the internet, you've probably already heard of the insta-famous single mom, Tammy Hembrow. From Instagram hackers to photoshop fails, we're diving in to get the scoop!

Family Life

Tammy was born April 22, 1994, in the Gold Coast of Australia to a large half-Australian, half-Trinidadian family. As a teen, she traveled to Malaysia and Switzerland to experience urban society before settling down in the kangaroo-filled continent.

Tammy Hembrow Sisters FamilyTammy Hembrow Sisters Family
Instagram via @tammyhembrow

Tammy added 2 little munchkins to her big family after meeting her ex-fiancé, Reece Hawkins. Since their 2019 split, Tammy has become a single mama. The 26-year-old now lives in Queensland with her son, Wolf, and daughter, Saskia. For those of you wondering how the young couple went from childbirth to cut off, buckle up.

Whirlwind Lover

So, Tammy was engaged to the handsome Reece Hawkins, a personal trainer, for 4 years. No wonder they got along! After just a few months of dating, in 2016, they purchased the Queensland home and welcomed their first child, a son named Wolf. A year later, their family grew with the arrival of their adorable daughter Saskia.

Tammy Hembrow Reece Hawkins SplitTammy Hembrow Reece Hawkins Split
Instagram via @tammyhembrow

Their romance fizzled and came to an end after 4 years. Tammy explained the waves of their relationship to Jute Magazine, "You have a picture of what you think your life is going to be like, and then circumstances change, and people change too." Although they are no longer together, their children remain their top priority.

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An Influencer Career

Before Tammy took Instagram by storm, she lived an admittably unhealthy lifestyle that included drinking and smoking. It wasn’t until she learned about proper nutrition and fitness that she evolved into a gym bunny. Tammy gained blogger and fitness guru status as she rose to fame by documenting her 2014 pregnancy.

Tammy Hembrow Instagram PregnancyTammy Hembrow Instagram Pregnancy
Instagram via @tammyhembrow

Her page became full of images that compared how quickly she managed to bounce back to her pre-pregnancy body after giving birth. Her aim seemed to be inspiring fellow mamas worldwide to not give up on fitness after childbirth and to encourage them to hit the gym when they felt ready.

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Mommy Mode

As her following began to grow, Tammy gave her followers a front-row seat to watch her 3 babies grow - Wolf, Saskia, and her newfound purpose online. In the blink of an eye, her life became more public than ever before. The Insta account she started in 2013 had racked up nearly 12M followers. It was time to expand.

Tammy Hembrow Children Wolf SaskiaTammy Hembrow Children Wolf Saskia
Instagram via @tammyhembrow

In a video on her new YouTube channel, Tammy addressed questions about her past relationship. She said, "I decided to end things with Reece. He didn't cheat on me. I didn't cheat on him." Tammy wanted to clarify that although she was now a single mother, it was for the best, and she and Reece remained friends and co-parents.

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Top of the Newsfeed

As her following continued to grow, Tammy expanded her platforms more and more. The fitness mogul started a second Instagram account to focus solely on health and fitness. She shared her training tips and tricks and even offered up some of her favorite workout regimes and recipes.

Tammy Hembrow Famous WorkoutsTammy Hembrow Famous Workouts
Tibrina Hobson via Getty Images

Tammy began sharing all kinds of information, from her 3-5 sessions per week workout schedule to how she focuses on weight, HIIT, and cardio training to achieve a lifted bum. While speaking to The Sun Online, she said that she feels "Healthier than ever, even after two babies." And, by the looks of it, everything was paying off!

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1.32M Subscribers

Tammy soon expanded her content on YouTube. She created a channel where she could share her workouts and family life with her 1.32M subscribers. Over the past couple of years, she has shared fitness inspiration and workout plans, as well as some of her most precious moments and milestones with her kiddos.

Tammy Hembrow YouTube ChannelTammy Hembrow YouTube Channel
Youtube via Tammy Hembrow

According to her channel, her videos have received 133,460,038 views and counting. She now posts between 1-2 videos per month and often collaborates with fellow fitness gurus to workout, hang out, and vlog day-in-the-life activities. Tammy has even vlogged getting new piercings and some weekend-getaways with her friends.

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"Get Tammy Fit"

As if 2 Instagram accounts and a YouTube channel weren't enough for the young mom, Tammy soon launched her own app, the Tammy Fit app. Within it, she shares lifestyle tips with her sizeable fan base and sells workout essentials. You could purchase some booty bands, workout programs, or even protein powder directly from her app.

Tammy Hembrow Fit AppTammy Hembrow Fit App
Youtube via Tammy Hembrow

According to the app, customers can "Purchase step by step video workouts for home and gym to get fitter and stronger, nutritionist-crafted meal plans, and build strength and tone with Tammy, no matter what your goal is." The app gives access to a blog with tricks for staying in shape, taking charge of your health, and more.

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The Birth of Saski Collection

Tammy gained fame after documenting her pregnancy online, and soon, she began acquiring fame around the world. Before she knew it, she became a viral sensation and an inspiration to many. Hembrow was rumored to have not finished college, but she graduated with a Business degree that helped lead her to her next venture.

Thomas Concordia via Getty Images

In 2017, Tammy launched her clothing line, Saski Collection, which features luxury athleisure wear. Her brightly colored designs soon became widely sold in more than 190 countries worldwide. The blonde beauty soon became one of the most-followed Australians on Instagram, earning up to $33,000 for a single sponsored post.

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Hanging With The Hembrows

Tammy, Business News Australia's Young Entrepreneur of the Year winner, didn't settle for the success she had gained so far. She started her own Podcast, Hanging With The Hembrows, with 2 of her sisters, Amy and Emilee. Amy has 125,000 followers herself but works with her sis as manager of Saski Collective and Tammy Fit.

Hanging With The Hembrows PodcastHanging With The Hembrows Podcast
Instagram via @tammyhembrow

On an episode of Hanging With The Hembrows, Tammy told her sister-hosts and listeners, "Life is non-stop work." She continued, "I’ve been working heaps...I’m lucky my businesses are going well and I have lots of things happening." It's no wonder she feels worn out; she's been working several jobs while on that single mom grind!

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Klose With The Kardashians

Tammy, who has modeled for Khloé Kardashian's Good American company, has been named a member of her "Good Squad," and is regarded by Khloé as a "casual" friend of the family. Apparently, Khloé was a fan of Tammy's for "a while" and acknowledged her as an inspiration on Instagram.

Tammy Hembrow Khloe KardashianTammy Hembrow Khloe Kardashian
Instagram via @goodamerican

The Good American creator said, "[Tammy] has motivated me on my fitness journey for longer than she is probably aware of." This caused Khloé's agents to reach out to the blossoming influencer about a business deal, and from then on, a friendship was forged.

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Medical Emergency At The Jenner's

The Kardashian-Jenner family grew close with the Hembrows through their collaborations for Good American. Because of this relationship, Tammy was invited to Kylie's 21st birthday in 2018. But, the night didn't end up the way Tammy envisioned. As a result, Kim, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kris have reportedly unfollowed her on Insta.

Tammy Hembrow Medial EmergencyTammy Hembrow Medial Emergency
Chris Hyde via Getty Images

According to The Blast, Tammy had a "medical emergency." That night, she was seen lying face-down on a stretcher and placed into an ambulance. On YouTube, Tammy recalled, "Honestly, I’m super embarrassed about it," she continued, "I probably, definitely shouldn't have been drinking because of how jet-lagged and exhausted I was."

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Photoshop FAIL

Tammy came under fire when a hawk-eyed Instagram follower caught several photoshop accidents on her social media. Earlier this year, followers accused Hembrow of changing the shape of her hips and waist after many spotted that the background of the picture was wonky and distorted.

Tammy Hembrow Photoshop FailTammy Hembrow Photoshop Fail
Instagram via @ronanfownes / Instagram via @tammyhembrow

Fans accused the international fitness blogger of regularly photoshopping her pictures. This came after a tourist shared an unedited photo with Tammy that she posted herself as well. In Tammy's photo, her facial features appear smoother, and her shoulders narrower. She looks more tanned, and her eyes appear blue instead of brown.

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More Work Than Working Out?

Tammy has always shut down rumors of surgery. But, according to the Daily Mail, Beverly Hills Dr. Randal Haworth believes that she has had a "Striking transformation of not only her facial features but also of her facial shape." He continued, "Her jawline is more defined [and] her chin has been shortened and narrowed."

Tammy Hembrow Plastic SurgeryTammy Hembrow Plastic Surgery
Instagram via @tammyhembrow

In addition, Dr. Haworth claimed that Tammy might have undergone a rhinoplasty to "Sharpen her look and narrow her nasal bones." He noted that Tammy's cheekbones look more angled and sculpted in recent photos and described Hembrow as, "The quintessential Instagram model for our social media world where fake is the new real."

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She Admitted To Editing

Tammy actually admitted to photoshopping pictures of herself for social media on her podcast, Hanging With The Hembrows. She said that she did alter her photos, but "Doesn't go crazy." She continued, "The only thing I do is literally whiten my eyes a tiny, tiny bit, and then sometimes some smoothing if the skin is breaking out."

Tammy Hembrow Photoshop EditTammy Hembrow Photoshop Edit
Instagram via @tammyhembrow

When her sisters asked about photoshopping her body for social media, however, Tammy said, "Definitely not, when people say I edit my body – I'm literally just on the side angle, that's how my body looks." She went on to say that altering her body in photos was off-limits. Some followers remain unsure about what the truth is here.

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Her Instagram Was Hacked

In December 2019, Tammy attended a Pretty Little Thing fashion event in Sydney, Australia, alongside her sister Emilee. During the event, a rogue raunchy story took over her Instagram. She had been hacked, and the anonymous person claimed that "Tammy's inappropriate video" would be released. But, no such video existed.

Tammy Hembrow Hacker ScandalTammy Hembrow Hacker Scandal
Instagram via @tammyhembrow

The hacker claimed that Hembrow was giving away 1,000 Macbooks and 2,000 iPhone 11 pros. They urged her, at the time 10.2M followers, to "Claim yours now" by swiping up on a supposed link. The following day, Tammy addressed the incident, writing on Instagram: "Whoever hacked me last night u suuuuuck."

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Her Relationship Turned Sour

Following her split from Hawkins, Tammy found herself in a relationship with Toronto-based hip-hop artist Jahkoy Palmer. But, by late 2019, they separated. He deleted several photos of them together from a recent trip they went on, and they both unfollowed each other on social media...twice.

Hembrow Jahkoy Palmer ScandalHembrow Jahkoy Palmer Scandal
Instagram via @jahkoy

It was said that their split was caused by an argument they had about Tammy's former flame, Tyga, who had recently recorded an explicit rap song about their relationship. Sources told the Daily Mail that Tyga and Tammy's fling took place at the start of the year when they "hooked up" at the Rolling Loud festival in Sydney.

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"They Were All Over Each Other"

The Daily Mail reported via anonymous sources, "They arrived together, were all over each other, and then left together." They continued, [Tammy] was partying so hard she didn't seem to care what anyone thought." Tammy wanted to live a normal life, but being in the spotlight sometimes exposed more than she would've liked.

Tammy Hembrow Tyga ScandalTammy Hembrow Tyga Scandal
Steven Ferdman via Getty Images

Tyga was previously in a long-term relationship with reality star and makeup mogul Kylie Jenner. The same Kylie Jenner, whose birthday party Tammy was carried out of on a stretcher. This didn't necessarily work wonders for their friendship, as Kylie quickly unfollowed Tammy soon after the news spread.

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Instagram FAIL: Wildfires

Hembrow briefly deactivated her Insta account after fans furiously responded to a since-deleted photo of herself in a wet T-shirt. Supposedly, posted to raise funds for the devastating fires that swept across Australia in 2020, the caption read, "100% profits today are going to emergency relief for the Australian bushfires."

Hembrow Australia Wildfire ScandalHembrow Australia Wildfire Scandal
Instagram via @tammyhembrow

But, the link was routed to Saski Collection. According to Telegraph, people slammed the photo. A fan commented, "Are u serious u post an ad while your country burns. Instead of promoting awareness, you promote yourself." The photo above was later posted to Saski's page, saying that $23,833 had been raised for donation.

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"Every Single Athlete in the World Has Slipped Into My Dms"

On an episode of Hanging With The Hembrows, Tammy claimed that her account had been flooded with DMs with intimate overtones from athletes since her rise to fame on Instagram. She went so far as to say, "I swear to God, every single athlete in the world has slipped into my DMs."

Tammy Hembrow Athlete DramaTammy Hembrow Athlete Drama
Instagram via @tammyhembrow

To prove that she wasn't making it up, she read aloud a DM from an athlete whose name she didn't reveal. He apparently asked, "Are you still with yours? Asking for a friend." She then claimed, "Everyone who's on 'that whole team' has messaged me." We aren't sure what team she's talking about in particular, but our ears are perked!

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She Gave Her Fans a Reality Check

The Insta mama recently shared a video on Instagram of the physical "reminders" that pregnancy left on her body. The post shows Tammy playing with her flat stomach posing in a crop top and undies. Her caption read, "Yes, I’ve got loose skin on my stomach,. It’s just a reminder of my two babies and how incredible the human body is."

Tammy Hembrow Instagram DramaTammy Hembrow Instagram Drama
Instagram via @tammyhembrow

Although intended to promote her fitness app, the post received mixed reviews. Many criticized her for trying to appear relatable, knowing that her body is considered "perfect" by many. One fan even commented, "Millions would do anything to be as physically, mentally, and financially privileged as you. Get over yourself."

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Not Just An Insta Model

Throughout the past couple of years, Tammy has clapped back at trolls that label her "just an Instagram model," as she says she's "Runoff her feet juggling her business empire and motherhood." Tammy told the Courier Mail, "Everyone thinks I'm just an Instagram model yet, I have multiple businesses, and I am a mum."

Tammy Hembrow Business SuccessTammy Hembrow Business Success
'Instagram via @tammyhembrow

She continued, "I am busy." Tammy prides herself on having her own fashion line and fitness program. In August, the mother-of-two reported that her activewear business was 'thriving' despite the coronavirus pandemic. It seems like if there's one thing Tammy wants us to know, it's that she's a hard-working mama who gets stuff done.

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Million Dollar Net Worth

So, how much is Hembrow actually worth? The single mom has earned most of her income from the ads on Instagram, YouTube, and Saski Collective. Since rising to the top of the popularity ladder, she has accumulated nearly 12M followers on her main Insta account.

Tammy Hembrow Net WorthTammy Hembrow Net Worth
Instagram via @goodamerican

Plus, more than 985K on her other Instagram accounts combined. She has gained more than 1.3M YouTube subscribers, purchased a Queensland home, and her car collection includes a Mercedes G-Wagon, Range Rover, and Porsche. According to several sources, Tammy's net worth is estimated to be around $2 Million!

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Hembrow's New Flame

Tammy first appeared on Matt Poole's Instagram back- in September. The photos on his page with the blonde bombshell all have adorably sweet captions such as heart emojis, "How did I get so lucky?", "One of a kind" and "She's electrifying." Posts with Matt on Tammy's page are kiss-filled and have equally as gushy captions.

Tammy Hembrow Matt Poole HalloweenTammy Hembrow Matt Poole Halloween
Instagram via @tammyhembrow

If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that Matt and Tammy are thoroughly enjoying their honeymoon stage and aren't afraid to let the world know. The PDA is real and the 2 even dressed up for Halloween together this year as Greece's Sandy and Danny!

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The Lovebirds

Matt and Tammy seem to bond over intense workouts and relaxing outings. They have been seen by fans and paparazzi packing on the PDA as they arrive at and leave the gym together in the Gold Coast of Australia. Stealing smooches between reps and posting each other on their Instas, the new couple seems to be enjoying time together.

Tammy Hembrow Matt PooleTammy Hembrow Matt Poole
Instagram via @matt_poole1

Hembrow seems to be very comfortable with Poole, as she sported a makeup-clean face on their beach outing last month. The lovebirds were seen enjoying a warm winter day together with Tammy's adorable kiddos, Saskia, 3, and Wolf, 5. Matt must be comfy with the kids, too, as they seemed to all be having a blast in the sun together.

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Saski's New Collection

Breaking news! Saski Collection dropped a new collection on December 16, 2020! As part of her swimwear line, the new release, "Drop 2" includes items such as "Poppy Top," "Noe Bottoms," "Tia One Piece," "Mila Sarong," and more, which Hembrow says are, "The most delicious fabric & my fave styles ever."

Saski COllection New ReleaseSaski COllection New Release
Instagram via @saskicollection

Seems like this Instagram star is continuing to overcome challenges on and offline while hustling to do what brings her joy this holiday season. With those adorable kids and a new man by her side, this Aussie sensation must feel unstoppable. You go, mama!

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