Rarely Seen Photos of Stars Partying in the ’70s

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During the era of disco and rock 'n' roll, Hollywood's finest were out partying until the late hours of the night (*cue Studio 54*). Here are some rare photos of these icons partying hard in the '70s.

Sidney Poitier Dancing the Night Away

Sidney Poitier is remembered as one of the best actors of all time for his roles in Lilies of the Field, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - and many more iconic films we still constantly watch today.

Vintage Celebrities Partying 70s Vintage Celebrities Partying 70s
Robin Platzer via Getty Images

When this photo was taken back in 1979, Poitier was taking a little break from the biz and had married actress Joanna Shimkus a few years prior, who he was together with until he passed away. Looks like the two were madly in love, enjoying a night out dancing at Studio 54.

Rocky's Big Night Out

Buckle down because a lot of these iconic nights happened at the one and only Studio 54, the most famous disco at the time. In 1978, the loving couple, Sylvester "Sly" Stallone and his wife Sasha enjoyed a night out dancing and decided to talk a quick break when the photographer captured this adorable moment.

Sylvester Stallone Partying 70s Sylvester Stallone Partying 70s
Bettmann/Contribuitor via Getty Images

The highly nominated film Rocky had previously debuted in 1976, and Stallone was on a Hollywood high. The superstar has just written and starred in the classic boxing film, and a night out on the town with his wife partying at Studio 54 feels right.

The Hulk Goes Country

An unlikely duo, but nevertheless, a great one. The one and only Dolly Parton and the Hulk himself are pictured together at a Dolly Parton concert after-party at Victora Station in September of '79, and we can only imagine the surprise Dolly had when she saw Lou Ferrigno!

Vintage Celebrities Partying 70s Vintage Celebrities Partying 70s
  Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

The professional bodybuilder and star of The Incredible Hulk series, Lou Ferrigno, was well known for his massive stature and strength, and it looks like Dolly wanted to check it out for herself after going in for a hug! We can only imagine the iconic group of people attending a Dolly Parton after-party in the '70s (and now).

Diamond and Dolly

There were plenty of star-studded celebs coming through to Dolly Parton's after-parties, and it looks like Neil Diamond was one of them. Diamond happened to roll through the same time as Ferrigno, making it quite the exclusive evening out, some would say.

Dolly Parton Partying 70s Dolly Parton Partying 70s
Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Individually, the two are known as two of the greatest country artists to date, so together, they were unstoppable. Although Diamond and Parton didn't link up until 1993 to record You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin, it was an absolute hit, and the two have tremendous vocal chemistry.

Country Icons Take The City

Kris Kristofferson is a singer, songwriter, and actor extraordinaire, and here he is pictured sitting next to another iconic recording artist, Rita Coolidge, as they enjoy a fun night out partying in New York City at Studio 54. Where else, of course...

Photos Celebrities Partying 70s Photos Celebrities Partying 70s
 Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

These country superstars fell for each other immediately on a flight from Los Angeles to Memphis in 1971. Coolidge often referred to their meeting as "love at first flight." The power couple married in 1973 but divorced a few years later in 1980.

Celebrating Interview Magazine

A legendary novelist, Truman Capote was a seasoned regular at Studio 54 in the '70s amongst a few other celebs. Famously known for the true-crime novel In Cold Blood, Capote was often regarded as one of the most controversial figures in contemporary American literature.

Vintage Celebrities Partying 70s Vintage Celebrities Partying 70s
Bettmann/Contribuitor via Getty Images

The talented genius was captured partying at Studio 54 in 1979 in honor of the tenth anniversary of Interview Magazine, with a big old smile on his face! Interview was the celebrity magazine created by Andy Warhol in 1969, where he featured celebrities, artists, musicians, and all-around creatives.

Robin Williams Throws On His Dancing Shoes

The outfits (and haircuts) here are a dead giveaway that Robin Williams and his wife Valerie are enjoying a night out at Studio 54 in 1979. The beloved actor and comedian was the star of the hilarious sitcom Mork & Mindy, and little did he know he would soon become one of the most famous faces in Hollywood.

Studio 54 Celebrities PartyingStudio 54 Celebrities Partying
Robin Platzer/IMAGES via Getty Images

Although the two divorced ten years later, it seemed like they had quite a romantic connection. Williams is remembered for his unbelievable life-changing roles in films like Good Will Hunting, Jumanji, Dead Poets Society, and Mrs. Doubtfire. Safe to say, his legacy will live on forever.

A Trip to Greystone Mansion

Famously known for creating Glam Rock alongside Marc Bolan, David Bowie is one of the most influential artists to date, so we can only imagine how he used to party! Bowie hit stratospheric success with the hit song Life on Mars in 1973 - and his career only skyrocketed from there.

David Bowie Rare PicturesDavid Bowie Rare Pictures
Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images

Ziggy Stardust himself and his wife Angie were snapped stepping into the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills in April 1975 to celebrate the Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni hosted by The American Film Institute. Antonioni had just completed The Passenger, starring Jack Nicholson, and the night must have been poppin'.

The Ultimate Crew

Bowie, who was known for transforming into many musical characters during his career, most famously rocked the title Ziggy Stardust for a short amount of time and retired the name in '73. This black and white photo captured Bowie right after he played Stardust for the last time.

Photos Celebrities Partying 70s Photos Celebrities Partying 70s
Bettmann / Contributor via Getty Images

In this star-studded image, not only is David Bowie featured, but a crew of some of the best of the best are featured. Next to Bowie are Lou Reed, Mick Jagger, and Lulu, all gathered up and enjoying the after-party at Café Royal in London. That must have been one whirlwind of a night.

Workin' Hard, Partyin' Harder

Famously known for being an avid partier back in the day, Elton John must have run nightlife back in the '70s. John was and still is entirely open about his party lifestyle, as seen in the iconic '73 song, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, where he sings, "It'll take you a couple of vodka and tonics, To set you on your feet again."

Elton John Partying 70s Elton John Partying 70s
David Cairns/Daily Express/Hulton Archive via Getty Images

So naturally, this photo was taken as the Tiny Dancer singer was living it up alongside British actress Nanette Newman back in '74. At this point, John had put out seven majorly successful studio albums and was really living the high life. Plus, look at his dope outfit.

Pvt. Judy Benjamin and the Rocket Man

Naturally, Elton John was going to make it on this list a few times being the party animal he was back in the '70s. But this time, he's captured next to one of Hollywood's finest, the one and only Goldie Hawn. And where are they? At Studio 54, of course.

Goldie Hawn Partying 70s Goldie Hawn Partying 70s
Bettmann/Contribuitor via Getty Images

The Hollywood legends were out celebrating John's opening show at the Palladium in '79, and the energy was high! John was actually touring the Soviet Union during this time, something not many other Western artists had ever done, and Hawn had just starred in Lovers and Liars.

461 Ocean Boulevard

Let's hear it one more time for Elton John! The celebrated artist is kicking it with the one and only rockstar Eric Clapton in this awesome 1974 black and white shot. Elton John, looking fly as ever, is clearly having a good time, partying it up, and enjoying a drink (or two).

Photos Celebrities Partying 70s Photos Celebrities Partying 70s
Michael Putland via Getty Images

The two music legends were out partying in honor of Clapton's return to recording and live music performance at the China Garden in Soho, London. The Wonderful Tonight artist returned back to the stage after a hiatus from live shows due to substance abuse struggles and enjoyed a night out celebrating with pals.

The Who Meets E-Street

Two of the most legendary rockstars of the '70s, Roger Daltrey and Steve Van Zandt, are posing for the camera in this iconic shot. The lead singer and founder of The Who, Daltry, and guitarist for Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band, Van Zandt, must have had some pretty wild nights out!

Rare Celebrity Pictures 70s Rare Celebrity Pictures 70s
Allan Tannenbaum via Getty Images

The rockstars here are pictured at the Mudd Club on White Street in New York City attending the Quadrophenia party in 1979. The film Quadrophenia was inspired by The Who's 1973 sixth studio album and was later turned into an acclaimed production in 1979.

A Night Out at the Grammys

Talk about a dynamic duo. David Geffen, one of the most successful businessmen in music, and Cher, who needs no explanation, are pictured looking fly as can be on a cool Los Angeles night in 1974. Cher is rocking her iconic butterfly outfit with a matching pin in her hair alongside Geffen as they attend the Grammys.

Cher Rare Pictures 70s Cher Rare Pictures 70s
Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images

Cher once told Geffen's biographer, "I was the first person to share his bed and to share his life. People don't believe that, or they don't want to believe it, or they don't understand how it could be. But we were really crazy about each other." Geffen and Cher dated back in the '70s before he came out in 1992.

Stevie Wonder Lookin' Fly

Stevie Wonder - a man who needs no introduction but deserves an enormous amount of credit for paving the path for following musicians in the rhythm and blues genre (amongst many more). The Isn't She Lovely singer released a couple of majorly successful albums in the '70s and, of course, had to celebrate!

Stevie Wonder Young 70s Stevie Wonder Young 70s
Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images

In this fabulous shot, the year was 1977, and Stevie Wonder was on top of the world. He had put out many highly successful records and completely changed the music game, so he was ready to party. He is dressed up after headlining Festac 1977, a massive festival celebrating pan-African culture in Nigeria.

Birthday Behavior, Tom Jones Style

Despite the grim facial expression on his face, Tom Jones is celebrating his 34th birthday amongst some of the most famous names in the biz at the time! The It's Not Unusual singer would often perform in Las Vegas, so naturally, celebrating his birthday there made sense!

Old Hollywood Partying 70s Old Hollywood Partying 70s
Bettmann / Contributor via Getty Images

The star-studded crew is all huddled together, singing the musician "happy birthday" as he slices his cake, celebrating 34. Joan Rivers, Joey Heatherton, Sonny Bono, Jones, Dionne Warwicke, Debbie Reynolds, and Liberace are all partying it up into the late hours of the night at the Caesars Palace during a backstage party.

The King and Sir Tom

The year was 1971, and Elvis Presley, his wife Priscilla, and Tom Jones were partying together in Vegas, and boom, this unreal photo was taken. The King of Rock and Roll and Sir Tom Jones met a few years prior at the Paramount stage when Elvis was shooting Paradise Hawaiian Style, and well, the rest was history…

Elvis Presley Rare PicturesElvis Presley Rare Pictures
Alan Band/Keystone via Getty Images

The three of them became good friends, often spending time in Vegas, so we can only imagine the partying that went down. In 2021 Jones told People, "Elvis was a one-off, believe me. He was fantastic." When they met in 1965, Elvis sang one of Jones' songs to him, and he thought, "My God, if the boys back home could see me now!"

Casual Night Out

Robert Redford and his wife Lola are all smiles as they attend The Rainbow Room for the premiere party of his film The Great Waldo Pepper. At the time, Redford was one of the most celebrated actors in the industry and even won the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Studio 54 Parties 70s Studio 54 Parties 70s
Tom Wargacki via WireImage

The laid-back couple decided to take the more casual route for the premiere party in their matching colorful button-downs and silver chain necklaces. Besides the very obvious groovy style choices, both Redford and Lola's hairstyles are screaming '70s!

When Legends Cross Paths

It looks like the celebrities were out partying with each other, but they were out partying in pairs! In this iconic shot from 1977, Dustin Hoffman, his wife Anne Byrne Hoffman, Robert De Niro, and his wife Diahnne Abbott were pictured out and about.

Photos Celebrities Partying 70s Photos Celebrities Partying 70s
Michael Ochs Archive via Getty Images

The foursome was enjoying a late night out in NYC, so we can only imagine the shenanigans they got up to. By this point in their respective careers, the actors were thriving, so a fun night out was only a part of the game. Little did they know that in 1997 the two would star in a film together, Wag the Dog.

New York, New York

What an iconic trio enjoying a night out on the town! Legendary actors Liza Minnelli and Robert De Niro join together with director Martin Scorsese as they all gathered up for a photo during the premiere of their film, New York, New York, at the Alice Tully Hall in 1977.

Photos Celebrities Partying 70s Photos Celebrities Partying 70s
Bettmann/Contributor via Getty Images

The romance film starred the two young actors as they met during V-J Day celebrations at the end of World War II and became a musical duo together. The two immediately fall head over heels for each other, but unfortunately, their relationship falls apart until they reconnect years later.

The Godfather

One of the few to achieve the Triple Crown of Acting, Al Pacino might just be one of the best there is. The actor and filmmaker has had a career like no other - and a party career like no other. This incredible shot captures Pacino and Christine Lahti during the "And Justice For All" Opening Benefit Party in 1979 in New York.

Al Pacino Young 1970sAl Pacino Young 1970s
Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

With all that fame came a whole lotta partying! In a 2015 interview with the British newspaper, The Sun, he revealed, "I was a drinker, for sure; my career was exploding in the '70s and, I'm sorry, but I don't remember much of the '70s." Good thing there are some great photos of him lying around!

An Ode to Studio 54

On any given night out in the '70s, supermodel Grace Jones could be spotted partying it up, especially at New York's Studio 54. In this iconic photo, Jones is pictured next to American columnist R Couri Hay and fashion designer Xandra Rhodes as they pose during the 'Raul Brazil' party in New York.

Vintage Pictures Celebrities 70s Vintage Pictures Celebrities 70s
 Allan Tannenbaum via Getty Images

In her memoir, she expressed her love for Studio 54: "the music was magical, and the DJs were crowd-grabbing showmen," and that "It all contributed to creating this special atmosphere." She wrote the nightclub "offered a self-indulgent, excessive, even amoral form of freedom, and was a place where I could let it all hang out."

The Caines (and Connery) Celebrating Together

Something about these outfits screams 1970's glamour. The velvet or satin bowties, the design on Shakira Caine's dress, mixed in with her very light touch of makeup; it was simple yet funky. The style during this period was unforgettable, and the celebs going out partying made fashion statements like no other.

Studio 54 Parties 1970sStudio 54 Parties 1970s
Silver Screen Collection via Getty Images

Pictured here is actor Sean Connery, posing next to model and actress Shakira Caine and actor Michael Caine during a premiere party in 1975. The trio here was partying it up on a cold December night in celebration of The Man Who Would Be King starring Connery and Michael Caine.

Bad Boy Drive

Again with the style! These two are looking extra fly in their matching pinstripe suits, funky ties, and glasses. Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson were spending a night out partying together during a Mabel Mercer convert at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles in '78.

Jack Nicholson Young PartyingJack Nicholson Young Partying
 Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

In the '70s, the two lived on Mulholland Drive in L.A., the famous street that became known as "Bad Boy Drive" after all the partying that would happen on the hill. There was even a rumor circulating at the time that the "Bad Boys" had a tunnel under their houses that connected them to the Playboy Mansion.

The Academy Award Goes to…

The Academy Awards is regarded as one of the most prestigious awards in the biz, so no surprise Jack Nicholson was a frequent attendee at the event! Here, Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston were captured in playful conversation at the 47th Annual Academy Awards in 1975.

Studio 54 Celebrities Partying Studio 54 Celebrities Partying
 Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

At the star-studded event that year, Nicholson was nominated for his iconic role in Chinatown as J.J. "Jake" Gittes. The actor brought his girlfriend at the time, Anjelica Huston, daughter of director John Huston, who was Nicholson's co-star in the film. The two dated on and off again until they finally called it quits in 1990.

Jamie Lee Curtis Takes Atlantic City

Oh, Atlantic City. Another party destination, known for its casinos, and beaches, especially in the '70s. But it seems like Jamie Lee Curtis and Johnny Lee Schell are having a blast dancing the night away during the Celebrity Ball in Atlantic City back in 1978!

Jamie Lee Curtis YoungJamie Lee Curtis Young
Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Jamie Lee Curtis was a newbie in the industry when this iconic shot was taken. Her breakthrough film, Halloween, had just debuted and she was out dancing away with guitarist Johnny Lee Schell. The actress would soon take over the industry with her talent.

'Saturday Night Fever' in Action

Grease star John Travolta was spotted out on the town partying it up next to actress Marilu Henner in '78 when this photo was snapped. We know Travolta has the moves, but this photo just proves it further. It looks like he was really focusing on what move was coming next!

John Travolta Disco 1970sJohn Travolta Disco 1970s
Bettmann / Contributor via Getty Images

Travolta was out on the town celebrating after being nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award. The actor credits his nomination in Saturday Night Fever to David Sheehan, who advocated his performance - so they all celebrated together at Pipe, a private club where Sheehan's series, Focus on Hollywood, premiered.

A Smiley Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell just oozes with cool. Her style, her voice, and her attitude - it all just screams '70s cool. The folk singer is pictured here attending a party at Cass Elliott's, a member of the Mamas & The Papas, after a night out at a John Denver concert in L.A. in 1972. Now that's an after-party.

Joni Mitchell Young 1970sJoni Mitchell Young 1970s
Michael Ochs Archive via Getty Images

The famous Laurel Canyon home of Cass Elliott, AKA Mama Cass, was the spot for musicians to link up in the '70s. It was a legendary spot for people to connect, have fun, and party all night long. We can only imagine the wild stories that have come out of that house.

When Rockstars Meet Models

During the height of his career as lead guitarist for The Beatles, George Harrison was married to supermodel Patti Boyd. The two were out and about partying when this photo was snapped in 1971 - and we can only imagine the crazy memories they experienced!

Studio 54 Parties 1970sStudio 54 Parties 1970s
Tim Boxer via Getty Images

However, the nightlife wasn't always a party; there was a dark side too. In a conversation with Harper's Bazaar, Boyd recalled leaving a gig, saying, "There were these girls behind me. They followed us out, and they were kicking me and pulling my hair and pushing us all the way down this long passageway."

Dancing With Charlie's Angels

One of the leading ladies behind the television series Charlie's Angels, Cheryl Ladd, was on top of the world during her time playing the iconic Kris Munroe! The actress took over Farah Fawcett's role in the second season and stayed on until the show was canceled in '81.

Studio 54 Parties 1970s Studio 54 Parties 1970s
Bettmann / Contributor via Getty Images

The Charlie's Angels star and her husband, David Ladd, were out dancing at the one and only Studio 54 just after she had a full day of press and acting in a few commercials. Her husband dabbled in acting before he went on to produce films like The Mod Squad, A Guy Thing, and Hart's War.