From Drake to DJ Khaled: 29+Rappers and Their Expensive Homes, Ranked


| LAST UPDATE 08/09/2022

By Manny Ray

We already know they're living large, but we never realized just how large. From Drizzy's "Embassy" to Swizz Beatz's "Razor House," we're headed inside some of hip-hop's most expensive homes.

30. Snoop Dogg: $720,000

And who said being in the doghouse was a bad thing? Back in the late '90s, Uncle Snoop splashed out the big bucks for this Cali crib. And once we take ya behind closed doors, it'll be clear why he's stayed put ever since.

snoop dogg expensive homessnoop dogg expensive homes
Gregory Bojorquez via Getty Images

Boasting almost 4,000 square feet, the $720,000 mansion (as several sources estimated) is equipped to fit a king. Not only does it come stacked with almost 3 acres, but it features a basketball court, a spa, and - of course - a generous amount of greens. Impressive, huh? We're just getting started. Keep scrolling...

29. Blueface: $1 Million

Ever wonder what goes down at the BlueGC Mansion? Consider those days long gone. Back in 2020, the Thotiana rapper opened up his doors after listing L.A. mansion on Airbnb. For just $2,500/night, the 3 bed 2 bath will have ya living like Blueface in no time. Well, sort of.

blueface airbnb rapper mansionblueface airbnb rapper mansion
Instagram via @bluefacebleedem

According to the fine-print, renters of the $1 million rental (as Blueface himself estimated) are forbidden from having pets, parties, or smoking. Hey, gotta keep the premises pristine for the rapper's Blue Girls Club. Right? But don't worry, its hot tub, home theater, and basketball court will keep visitors plenty entertained.

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28. DaBaby: $2.3 Million

There's flexing, and then there's forgetting about the movie theater in your mansion. For DaBaby, that's exactly what happened when he took to the 'gram to show off his $2.3 million (as several sources estimated) digs. "No cap… I ain't tryna flex or nothin'. I forgot I had a… movie theater in my crib," the rapper joked.

DaBaby home Dani LeighDaBaby home Dani Leigh
Instagram via @dababy

But can we really blame him? With over 11,000 square feet, 5 beds, and 8.5 bathrooms, we'd, no doubt, have trouble navigating our way around the North Carolina mega-mansion. Oh, and did we mention the NFL-sized football field and basketball court DaBaby recently had installed? Consider us impressed.

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27. Mac Miller: $2.79 Million

Gone, but never forgotten: Mac's former crib was just as impressive as the life he once led. Whether ya caught it on Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family or not, the 6,000+ square foot mansion was a true gem. Not only did it boast an infinity pool and incredible views of the city, but it was also where all the magic happened.

mac miller rappers homes mac miller rappers homes
Instagram via @macmiller

That's right - the $2.79 million pad (as Keller Williams revealed) also doubled as Mac's studio. When he wasn't busy lounging upstairs in one of the 6 bedrooms, the late rapper was busy downstairs whipping up the music we now know and love today. And for that alone, this home will forever remain priceless...

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26. Post Malone: $3 Million

He wasn't lying when he said he was livin' like a rockstar. With roughly 13,000 square feet, approximately 7 acres, and 5 beds, the baller's Utah mansion has him livin' large. But perhaps our favorite part? The underground apocalyptic bunker. Yes, really.

post malone utah homepost malone utah home
Instagram via @postmalone

"I'm building it underground… I'm gonna put in, like, 30 bunk beds," the rapper revealed back in 2017 of his $3 million pad (as several sources estimated). "It's going to be fun until the world ends. But whenever the world ends, it's going to be functional." Still waiting on our invite, Posty…

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25. Pop Smoke: $3 Million

In the early hours of February 19, 2020, the hip-hop world lost a real one. Fast forward almost 1 year later, and Pop Smoke's tragic passing is just as evident. Not only has the late legend continued to climb his way up the charts, but his former pad is still turning heads to this day.

pop smoke home invasionpop smoke home invasion
Instagram via @__mikedee

And we can see why. Boasting almost 3,000 square feet, the Hollywood Hills pad comes stacked with a koi pond, infinity pool, and insane views of the entire city. Of course, though, it also marks the scene of The Woo's death, making its estimated $3 million sale (as TMZ reported) back in 2020 that much more memorable.

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24. T.I.: $3.27 Million

When your name is T.I. you can literally have whatever you like. Just let his splashy Atlanta crib do all the talking here. Purchased this past summer for roughly $3.7 million (according to TMZ), the rapper's massive mansion might just have it all. Let's get into it, shall we?

T.I. expensive rapper homes T.I. expensive rapper homes
Instagram via @troubleman31

Situated on the Chattahoochee River, the palace comes equipped with its own guest house, massage parlor, wine cellar - oh yeah, and "god-sized" king bed, of course. Then again, with about 14,000 square feet to work with, we've gotta applaud the man for making great use of space. Right?

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23. Chris Brown: $4.3 Million

Yard sales are nice and all. But when they're hosted by a Grammy-winning artist? They don't exactly take long to become the talk of the town: back in 2019, that's exactly what happened after Breezy set off to clear out some space in those closets of his.

chris brown rapper homeschris brown rapper homes
Instagram via @chrisbrownofficial

"First come, first served," the rapper's announcement read. From 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., 19602 Citrus Ridge Drive was the place to be as eager fans got their hands on some of Breezy's retired drip. But our only question here is: did his $4.3 million (as several sources revealed) Tarzana "smart house" live up to the hype?

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22. Lil Uzi: $4.4 Million

Let's face it - Lil Uzi likes the finer things in life. So when he got the keys to his new crib back in May, it's no surprise it cost him the big bucks. But don't worry, Uzi's $4.4 million mansion (as several sources estimated) was well worth every penny...

lil uzi instagram diamondlil uzi instagram diamond
Instagram via @liluzivert

Sitting on about 1.5 acres, the Bell Canyon pad is surrounded by glass walls overlooking the valley. The splashy cop also consists of a massive patio, outdoor pool, and 2 stories. But if by some chance that purchase price seems a bit steep, just remember our guy paid 6x more to have a diamond implanted into his forehead...

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21. Wiz Khalifa: $4.6 Million

Ever wonder what Wiz's man cave looks like? Exactly what we'd expect it to look like. Featuring 6 massive bedrooms, a gumball machine, and a top-notch recording studio, the Sherman Oaks retreat is fit for a god. And by god, of course, we mean, god of greens.

wiz khalifa rapper mansionwiz khalifa rapper mansion
Instagram via @wizkhalifa

Not only does the $4.6 million pad (as Architectural Digest revealed) feature an entire wall dedicated to Bob Marley, Snoop, and others who share his same interests (catch our drift?), but there's lots of room to kick back in the spacious crib. Just don't expect an invite anytime soon. "I don't bring people to my house," Wiz noted.

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20. French Montana: $5 Million

Ever wonder where French unwinds in his signature silk robes and designer slides? Look no further: the rapper's 7,786-square-foot Calabasas pad is as flashy as it gets - and well, we'd expect nothing less. From the massive recording studio to the 3 acres it sits on, the Mediterranean palace certainly doesn't disappoint.

french montana home salefrench montana home sale
YouTube via GQ

Though we should mention, French has since parted ways with his massive man cave - and the two-story billiards room it called for: this past summer, the 5 bed, 6 bath home sold for $5 million (as several sources noted). And we can't help but wonder if it'll be as unforgettable to Montana as it is to us (had to).

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19. Cardi B: $5.8 Million

She ain't no regular, shmegular girl. Back in 2019, Cardi and Offset made waves online after inviting us inside their new crib. Safe to say, their Buckhead, Atlanta mansion (which set them back roughly $5.8 million, as several sources estimated) is as over-the-top as you'd expect. But don't take our word for it...

cardi b offset mansioncardi b offset mansion
Instagram via @iamcardib

"God, WE GOT OUR HOUSE!" Bardi flexed on the 'gram after making the splashy purchase. Though, we wouldn't quite use the word "house" here. Boasting over 22,000 square feet, a wine cellar equipped for 1,8000 bottles, and a massive outdoor pool, this marble palace makes quite the playground for Kulture and her baby bro.

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18. Rick Ross: $5.8 Million

Costing $1 million/annually just to maintain the place, it's clear Rick Ross is living large. Like, really large. In fact, we don't even know what to tackle first - the bowling alley? The banquet hall? The 100-person dining room? Ya get the gist. But we're actually not done here...

rick ross rapper mansion rick ross rapper mansion
Instagram via @richforever

Sitting on roughly 54,000 square feet, the 109-room palace is the perfect retreat for a hustler such as Rozay. So it's no surprise it set him back $5.8 million, after copping the place from boxing champ Evander Holyfield (according to Forbes). But perhaps the most striking part? Mr. Ross mows his own grass - all 235 acres of it.

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17. Iggy Azalea: $6.7 Million

She's not one to do things quietly - and her latest cop is no exception. Back in June, Azalea made quite the name for herself after moving into her new $6.7 million (as several sources revealed) Calabasas mansion. But forget the countless complaints her neighbors have already filed against her. Let's talk specs...

iggy azalea Calabasas homeiggy azalea Calabasas home
Instagram via @thenewclassic

The rapper's 3,982-square-foot retreat features 4 beds, 4 baths - and a whole lot of shade. "You live next to a Gemini now, sweetie. Hi, I'm petty!" Iggy warned her new neighbors after settling down. But given the property's zip-line, playground, and meditation area, we're hoping this Gemini gets the zen she clearly craves.

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16. Kid Cudi: $7.7 Million

"Nestled at the very top of the hill behind double gates," as Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices noted, Cudi's crib is as low-key as we'd expect. But don't get it twisted - behind closed doors, the legend's Calabasas mansion is a real head-turner. Keep scrolling.

kid cudi rapper homeskid cudi rapper homes
Twitter via @kidcudi

The 8,925-square-foot Park South Estates pad comes stacked with a grotto, gym, indoor theater, and priceless views of the surrounding valley. And it didn't come cheap. According to several reports, the 6 bed, 8 bath pad set him back about $7.7 million. Not too bad for a man on the moon…

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15. Big Sean: $11.1 Million

They don't call him Don for nothing: Before selling the place for roughly $11 mil (as several sources noted), Big Sean's Beverly Hills pad saw him living like the boss that he is. Let's break it down, shall we? Here's what earned the Blessings rapper a spot on our list...

big sean architectural digestbig sean architectural digest
YouTube via Architectural Digest

After copping the place from Guns N' Roses legend Slash, it took half a year for Sean to add his own flair to the place. From the recording studio to the nightclub (yes, nightclub), the 10,971 square foot palace is a reminder of how far this Detroit native has come. And we love to see it.

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14. Will Smith: $11.3 Million

Sure, he lived the good life over in Bel Air. But this Fresh Prince’s Hidden Hills crib is just as impressive. Back in September, Smith, and wife, Jada, dropped $11.3 mil (as Architectural Digest noted) for the 10,417 square foot pad - making them the first to ever call it home.

will smith jada homewill smith jada home
YouTube via Will Smith

And while, yes: the 6 bed, 6 bath mansion is only the latest of the Smith's flashy real estate, it certainly stands out from the rest. Boasting a refrigerated wine closet, soundproof theater, game room, and multifunctional sports court, we'd say it makes quite the upgrade from his Aunty and Uncle's in Bel Air...

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13. Tyga: $12.8 Million

This baller’s crib called for lots more than ten ten ten twenties and them fifties. Sitting on 13,000 square feet, the Rack City rapper’s pad set him back $12.8 mil (as several sources revealed). And from the looks of it? We’re surprised we haven’t yet caught it in one of his music videos…

tyga expensive rapper homestyga expensive rapper homes
Instagram via @tyga

Featuring a 70-foot pool (yes, really), multi-level guest house, and massive walk-in closet, the Santa Monica Mountains mansion is the ultimate bachelor pad. Then again, we’re not done here just yet. Keep scrolling to see who’s giving T-Raww a run for his money…

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12. Nicki Minaj: $13 Million

The Queen of New York is officially the Queen of the Hills. Back in 2016, the Pink Friday rapper landed the keys to a hilltop mansion, set in an uber-exclusive gated community. Safe to say, the 11,500 square foot pad fit right in with the posh area code.

nicki minaj mansion instagramnicki minaj mansion instagram
Instagram via @nickiminaj

Estimated by Zillow at roughly $13 million, the Mediterranean-style mansion is practically made for Hollywood royalty. In fact, it actually once belonged to Frank Sinatra. And while both he and Minaj have since parted ways with the 8 bed, 11 bath gem, we certainly wouldn't mind moving in.

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11. Lil Wayne: $15.4 Million

While we never quite pegged Weezy for the "white picket fence" type, don't sleep on his Hidden Hills crib. The Cash Money legend copped the 12,135 square foot pad for $15.4 mil (as TMZ reported) back in 2019 - and it might just as impressive as his neighbor, Kylie Jenner's.

lil wayne rapper homeslil wayne rapper homes
Gregory Bojorquez via Getty Images

With 7 beds, 7.5 baths, and a massive guest house, the lux hideaway is the perfect place to unwind. Not only does it come stacked with a pool, basketball court, entertainer's lounge, and home theater, but it has a view that looks almost surreal. And with neighbors like Drake and Dwyane Wade, just think of all those block parties...

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10. Russell Simmons: $18.9 Million

No, it's not Bel-Air or Hidden Hills. But one look at Russell Simmons' New Jersey crib, and we certainly wouldn't know any better. Then again, would we expect anything less from one of hip-hop's founding fathers? With 8 beds and 15 bathrooms, the 19,075-square-foot palace is fit for the king that he is.

Russell Simmons expensive homesRussell Simmons expensive homes
Johnny Nunez/WireImage via Getty images

Sitting on almost 4 acres, the Saddle River retreat features a 14-seat home theater, 7-car garage, multi-tiered library, and its very own koi pond. And while it hit the market back in 2018 for a cool $18.9 mil (as several sources revealed), we can't help but wonder what Simmons' new digs look like...

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9. Swizz Beatz: $20.8 Million

With a name like "Dreamland," Swizz Beatz's family home is as dreamy as it gets. As his wife, Alicia Keys, put it, their 11,000-square-foot mansion is "a place to create dreams — for us to even be here is a wildest dream." Clearly, their architectural wonder, slated at $20.8 mil (as noted), was worth every penny.

swizz beatz razor houseswizz beatz razor house
Instagram via @therealswizzz

Said to be the inspiration behind Tony Stark's bachelor pad, the La Jolla marvel didn't happen overnight. In fact, Swizz had his eyes on the property - named the "Razor House" - for years before it hit the market. And with floor-ceiling windows, insane views, and a massive art collection, we'd say it was well worth the wait.

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8. Kanye West: $23 Million

With a Christian Genius Billionaire as the proud owner, copping this Hidden Hills palace won't come cheap. In fact, ex-wife Kim had to shell out $23 mil to get the keys to the place after the two called it quits (as recent court docs noted). Ironically enough, though when 'Ye first moved in, he wasn't too enthusiastic about the place...

kanye west kimye homekanye west kimye home
PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP via Getty Images/Instagram via @kimkardashian

But while he called it "workable," we're more than amazed by the 15,000 square foot gem. Then again, maybe that's because it's like nothing we've ever seen before. With bare white walls and matching white furniture, the minimalist mansion looks more like a wellness center than a rapper's pad. Where's he storing all those Yeezys?

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7. Travis Scott: $23.5 Million

He might be the highest in the room, but La Flame's Brentwood pad is officially next level. Back in 2020, the rapper splashed out $23.5 million (as several sources noted) for the 16,700 square foot mansion. And, well, let's just say, Mr. Scott truly outdid himself.

travis scott astroworld hometravis scott astroworld home
Instagarm via @travisscott

Designed to resemble a modern yacht, the futuristic home makes for the ultimate bachelor pad. Sitting on a remote cul-de-sac, the 7 bed, 11 bath hideaway has it all. From the 20-car garage to the 75-foot infinity pool to the panoramic views of virtually the entire city, Travis is, no doubt, living large. Just like our next baller...

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6. DJ Khaled: $26 Million

He's already given us the keys to success, but we sure wouldn't mind copping the keys to his 2,750 square foot palace. Situated on the Miami waterfront, DJ Khaled's $26 million (as Forbes reported) family home is as over-the-top as we'd expect it to be. Safe to say, baby Asahd is livin' good.

dj khaled instagram mansiondj khaled instagram mansion
Vivien Killilea via Getty Images for Roc Nation/Instagram via @djkhaled

With an 80-foot-long pool, 4-bedroom guest house, 2-story gazebo, and massive safe-room, Khaled clearly thought of everything. Including, of course, a top-notch kitchen, otherwise known as the inspiration behind his daily Snapchat stories. Bless up. And keep scrolling to see who scored our fifth slot...

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5. Birdman: $33 Million

This bird has officially left his nest: back in August, Birdman's former Miami pad hit the market for $33 million. But we've got a feeling ya'll want to take a peek inside the 20,000-square-foot hideaway. After all, with a price tag that steep, it's gotta be good.

birdman expensive rapper homesbirdman expensive rapper homes
Matt Winkelmeyer via Getty Images for BET/Twitter via @BIRDMAN5

Sure enough, the hip-hop legend's 7 bed, 13 bath purchase lives up to the hype. Situated in Palm Island's gated community, the swanky pad comes with 3 different structures - all stacked with everything one could ask for. From the private dock with 100 feet of water frontage to the recording studio, we've got to applaud Birdman's taste.

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4. Diddy: $40 Million

Mo money mo problems? Not so sure about that one: Diddy's $40 million (as per the LA Times) crib is bound to have him and his clan living the good life. After all, who wouldn't be happy with an on-site beauty salon or pool and grotto - connected by an underwater tunnel?

diddy rapper mansion newdiddy rapper mansion new
Mat Szwajkos via Getty Images for CP

Located in Holmby Hills (yes, the same place as Hef's Playboy Mansion), the 17,000 square foot mansion has got something for everyone: a 3,000 square foot guesthouse, 35-person movie theater, separate spa house. If we were Puff Daddy, we've never leave the premises...

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3. Dr. Dre: $40 Million

Our next mega-mansion has seen lots of touchdowns over the years. No, really. Not only did Dre cop the $40 million pad (as several sources noted) from NFL legend Tom Brady, but it brings an entirely new meaning to "winning." But we'll let ya be the judge of that one.

dr. dre celebrity homesdr. dre celebrity homes
Ken Hively/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

From the 10,000 square foot recording studio (built underneath the 18,298 square feet property) to the moat - yes. Moat - the Brentwood estate has Dre living like a royal. And we're not even talking about the castle play-house he had installed for his little ones. Oh, to be rich and famous...

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2. Jay-Z: $90 Million

He's got 99 problems, but his home ain't one: much like everything else he does, Jay's family hideaway is in an entirely different league of its own. Back in 2017, when Mr. and Mrs. Carter splashed out $90 mil for the place, it marked the highest-selling sale in L.A (as per the LA Times). Would we expect anything less?

jay-z beyonce homejay-z beyonce home
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images for Roc Nation

Spanning almost 2 acres, the Bel-Air mansion features 8 beds, 11 baths, a 15-car garage, staff quarters, and 4 pools (including one on the rooftop). But that's not all. The 30,000-square-foot crib also comes stacked with bulletproof windows and a helipad. Hey, that Cali traffic hits hard...

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1. Drake: $100 Million

The moment we've all been waiting for: allow us to introduce ya to "the embassy," otherwise known as Drizzy's 50,000 square foot Toronto pad. Featuring chandelier-lit rooms connected by limestone hallways, the $100 million home (as several sources reported) looks more like a hotel. And we're not the only ones who feel that way.

drake toronto mansion embassydrake toronto mansion embassy
Karwai Tang/WireImage via Getty Images/Instagram via @champagnepapi

Our certified lover boy has opened up his doors to countless A-list pals over the years, including YK Osiris, who called "this **** crazy." From the NBA-sized basketball court to the 3,200-square-foot master suite - and the "musical toilet" it calls for - he may have started from the bottom, but Drizzy is officially #1.

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