From Megan Fox to Lionel Messi: 29+ Regular Folks Who Look Like Celebs


| LAST UPDATE 02/02/2022

By Felicia Brown

Could you imagine being chased down the street or ambushed by paparazzi on a day-to-day basis? These people can. From Cardi B to Queen Bey, be prepared to be amazed (and only a little jealous).


Imagine looking so much like your favorite celebrity, that you even had them do a double-take. Well, for 28-year-old Brazilian, Priscilla Beatrice, that's exactly what happened. Are you jealous yet?

Rihanna, Priscila Beatrice, Look-alikeRihanna, Priscila Beatrice, Look-alike
Instagram via @badgalriri / @priscila.beatrice

"Where the album sis? #R9" the Fenty goddess joked on her doppelganger's TikTok page. Funny, we were about to ask the same thing. Something tells us, we've got a long wait ahead of us. Until then, keep scrolling.

Gigi Hadid

She might not be gracing Vogue covers or headlining Victoria's Secret fashion shows, but this Dutch model looks so much like the blonde bombshell, that she might as well be. In fact, we've got some questions for Yolanda Hadid, who, in case you forgot, hails from the Netherlands.

Gigi Hadid, Iza Ijzerman, Look-alikeGigi Hadid, Iza Ijzerman, Look-alike
Instagram via @gigihadid /@izaijzerman

Could we be looking at an actual case of long-lost twins? Well, if you ask the doppelganger herself, it appears we've actually got it all wrong: "I think I look more like Bella," Iza Ijzerman told Refinery29. Nonetheless, while we might never know the secret to Iza's flawless genes, we'd sure love some of 'em.

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Katy Perry

"I would just get mistaken everywhere," Francesca Brown revealed to Elle of life as the California Girl's long-lost twin: It all started with a wild night out in Vegas, back in 2008. Safe to say, a lot has changed for the 36-year-old doppelganger since then.

Katy Perry, Francesca Brown, Look-alikeKaty Perry, Francesca Brown, Look-alike
Kevin Mazur for KCA2010 / WireImage via Getty Images / Instagram via @francesca_brown

"I was standing, waiting to go into a club in Vegas and, this guy came over who was security," she revealed. "He was like, 'Don't wait. Follow us.' And I thought, 'They think I'm someone.'" Sure enough, they did - and her resemblance to the pop star has since landed her a flourishing career as a celebrity impersonator.

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Ariana Grande

Decked out in a high-ponytail, striking cat-eye, and glitzy choker, this 15-year-old TikTok-er can pass for Ari's twin, any day. Perhaps that's why she's racked up an impressive army of fans - including the queen of pop herself. "I was so shocked," Paige Niemann told Teen Vogue. "I was shaking." 

Ariana Grande, Paige Niemann, Look-alikeAriana Grande, Paige Niemann, Look-alike
Instagram via @arianagrande / @paigeniemann

What'd Ari do, that took Paige from a look-alike to a super-fan? "'Let me know if you're ever going to my Sweetener Tour, so we can grab a hug,'" Neimann's pint-sized doppelganger DM'd her. Could we be looking at a pop-star in-the-making? I guess we'll have to wait and find out...

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Taylor Swift

Our next doppelganger looks so much like Miss Americana, that it's actually sort of creepy. Not only does the blonde nurse live in Nashville, but after ditching her scrubs for shades and a hoodie, she left the TikTok world buzzing. What went down exactly?

Taylor Swift, Ashley Traumarn, Look-alikeTaylor Swift, Ashley Traumarn, Look-alike
Instagram via @taylorswift / @traumarn13

"I wear scrubs all day and just wanted to look nice for a change," Ashley, or "@traumarn13," revealed of the moment her resemblance to Swift began to hijack our TikTok feeds. But that's not even the best part: "My nickname has been TS ever since I could remember." This is getting weird. Carry on scrolling...

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Does she also feel the morning on her face? This online user, @jazlyn.hope, looks so much like the Euphoria goddess, that we're actually starting to wonder if we're looking at Rue's long-lost sister. We wonder how Jules would feel about this. Do you see the resemblance?

Zendaya, Jazlyn Hope, Look-alikeZendaya, Jazlyn Hope, Look-alike
Instagram via @zendaya / @jazlyn.hope

The online world sure does - at least 552,000 of them do; That's how many fascinated followers the TikTok user has managed to rack up, after her striking similarities to the Disney star landing her lip-syncing fame. "Everywhere I go, ppl call me Zendaya," Jaz explained. Yep, we understand why.

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Billie Eilish

We don't know about you guys, but we simply can't stop staring at those ocean eyes. Instagram user, @alisa.michellemight not tour sold-out arenas or boast millions in the bank account, but we sure wouldn't know any better. Does Billie know she has a doppelgänger wandering around in Nashville? 

Billie Eilish, Alisa Michelle, Look-alikeBillie Eilish, Alisa Michelle, Look-alike
Instagram via @billieeilish / @alisa.michelle

I mean, just look at her; And if, by some chance, you don't see the resemblance? You should see her in a crown. In all seriousness, from the baby blues to the signature stare, we're having a pretty hard time believing we're not looking at the same person.

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Selena Gomez

Okay, the wizards of Waverly Place had to have cloned Alex, because that'd be the only way to explain this next one: Meet Sofia Solares, or as we like to call her, Selena Gomez's 26-year-old doppelganger. Boasting thick brows and a full pout, we'd love to know how Sofia looks more like Selena than, well, Selena.

Selena Gomez, Sofia Solares, Look-alikeSelena Gomez, Sofia Solares, Look-alike
Instagram via @selenagomez / @sofiasolares

Hailing all the way from Mexico, the Instagram beauty has raked in thousands of followers over the years, thanks to her A-list twin. How does she feel about it? "I always try to be myself... it's okay to look like her, but I do not want to lose myself for trying to be someone I'm not," she told E!.

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Lady Gaga

Step aside, Little Monsters, because it looks like a new star is born. That's right, with piercing green eyes, thick brows, and that same signature gaze, we'd love to know how Gaga's doppelganger measures up on-stage. Are you thinking what we're thinking?

Lady Gaga, Amethyst Rose, Look-alikeLady Gaga, Amethyst Rose, Look-alike
Instagram via @ladygaga / @walmartladygaga

It's okay if you're not, but we should warn ya, you might just be the only one: "If I had a dollar for every time someone said I look like Lady Gaga, I'd be very rich," the blonde lookalike, Amethyst Rose, wrote on Instagram. We wonder if she also has her fair share of papa-paparazzi.

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J. Lo

She might still be Jenny from the block, but our next star's doppelgänger is taking her all the way to Peru, where J. Lo's twin hails from. Go ahead and take a good look. Are you as impressed as we were? The Latina beauty looks so much like her, that she's actually made a career out of it.

J.Lo, Connie PenaJ.Lo, Connie Pena
Instagram via @jlo / @conniepena

From glammed-out looks to spicy Salsa routines, the tribute artist has been slaying our screens for over a year now. So much so, that she actually had to hire bodyguards to keep the fans at bay. But back in 2019, she finally came to meet her A-list twin. How did Jenny feel about it? "We look alike!"

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Ed Sheeran

No, you're not dreaming. You are, indeed, seeing double of our favorite guitaring legend. In fact, "Ed's evil twin," as Ty Jones likes to call himself, and his striking resemblance to the British heartthrob is so uncanny, he literally "Can't escape it," as he revealed to The Mirror.

Ed Sheeran, Ty JonesEd Sheeran, Ty Jones
Instagram via @edsheeran / @ty1991ed

"When Ed became really famous, I had people always coming up to me and talking to me and wanting my picture - it was crazy," he explained. "He's such a big artist, and I'm a massive fan of his, but now it's like I can't escape it - people go mad." We don't know about you guys, but if we saw Ty in the street, well, we certainly would…

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Kim Kardashian

Sorry Kimmy, but it appears that your unbeatable selfie-game has officially just met its match. Meet Kami Osman, the 25-year-old Canadian model who's become famous for, well, looking like someone famous. Have you figured out who that is, yet? Allow this picture to help you out here.

Kim Kardashian, Kami Osman, Look-alikeKim Kardashian, Kami Osman, Look-alike
Neilson Barnard via Getty Images / Instagram via @kamiosman

One look at that side-by-side, and suddenly we're starting to wonder if there's a 6th Kardashian sister we don't know about. Kris, care to explain? But while Kim's look-alike might know a thing or two about contouring, the skilled makeup artist has yet to land a "Christian Genius Billionaire," so there's that...

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"Overnight, I've had to learn to adjust to the frequent stares, the airport chases, and cameras being in my face," Kenni Powe revealed to XO Necole. The plus-sized beauty might share a striking resemblance to the twerking queen, but that doesn't mean it's been easy.

Lizzo Lizzo
Instagram via @lizzobeeating /@kennipowe

"To get to the point: yes, ladies, I know who I look like. And thank you for the compliment," she continued. Back in the day, long before Lizzo hit our radios, Kenni was just a hostess living in Buckhead when she first stumbled across her twin - an aspiring artist. Since then? "I've learned to embrace it all."

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Kylie Jenner

Believe it or not, we might be doing a double-take over Kylie's middle-eastern doppelganger, but "if you came to Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, you'd see all the girls look like [her]," as Jenner's twin, Fyza Ali, put it. Well, we know where we're vacationing next...

Kylie Jenner, Fyza Ali, Look-alikeKylie Jenner, Fyza Ali, Look-alike
Instagram via @kyliejenner / @soniaxfyza

But while the Dubai-based model might have gained a following for her resemblance to the KUWTK star, it wasn't always that way: "Before, we were always ignored by brands... because we didn't have that 'English look' with rosy cheeks or blond hair and blue eyes," the 28-year-old blogger revealed. Safe to say, a lot has changed since then.

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You already know the Beyhive doesn't mess around when it comes to their queen, but something tells us you didn't know just how far they'd go to catch a glimpse of their idol - or her doppelganger: "I get approached all the time, whether it be on planes, at the airport or while attending events," Brittany Williams told The Daily Mail.

Beyonce, Brittany 'SurB™' Williams, Look-alikeBeyonce, Brittany 'SurB™' Williams, Look-alike
Instagram via @beyonce / @sur__b

Go ahead, take a good look at that picture, and you'll understand why. Over the years, the Detroit native and her striking looks have just about seen it all: car chases, viral pranks, ruthless paparazzi - but she gets it: "We're simply blessed to have a woman with such grace, humility, loyalty, talent… to exist in our time."

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Kendall Jenner

Did you really think we'd find her sisters' doppelgängers and not find hers? When your face is plastered on just about every magazine cover, every Instagram feed, and every swanky billboard, I guess it was only a matter of time before it found its match: 29-year-old blogger, Teona Chachua.

Kendall Jenner,  Teona Chachua, Look-alikeKendall Jenner,  Teona Chachua, Look-alike
Instagram via @kendalljenner / @teonachachua

"I get a lot of comments, especially from her fans who actually think it's her," the Georgia native told The Daily Mail. "Sometimes people double-take when they look at me in the street.'" But while Teona might live life as Kenny's long-lost twin, she sure looks different doing it, standing at a mere 5'2."

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Megan Fox

From the piercing blue eyes to the perfectly chiseled cheekbones, it's safe to say the gods only created one Megan Fox. She simply can't be duplicated; Or at least, that's what we thought: Folks, meet Claudia Alende, or as we like to call her, Brazil's very own Megan Fox.

Megan Fox, Claudia Alende, Look-alikeMegan Fox, Claudia Alende, Look-alike
Steve Granitz for WireImage via Getty Images / Instagram via @claudiaalende

Boasting a swanky 9.2 million followers, the Instagram bombshell has made a huge name for herself, thanks to her striking facial features and her, um, backside: After competing in Brazil's "Miss Bum Bum" competition, which is exactly what you think it is, fans were quick to make the 'Megan Fox' connection, and, well, the rest is history.

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Leonel Messi

We know, the resemblance is uncanny. But we'd be careful if we were you. In fact, we should warn ya: 28 (+/-) year-old Iranian football fan, Reza Parastesh, looks so much like the Argentinian footballer, that it almost landed him behind bars. Yes, you heard us right.

Leo Messi, Riza Perestes, Look-alikeLeo Messi, Riza Perestes, Look-alike
Darrian Traynor via Getty Images for ICC

What went down? Apparently, back in 2017, the Hamedan native was strolling local streets, when he was detained by authorities. Reza's offense? Looking like Leo Messi. Decked out in a #10 jersey, the Iranian doppelgänger was charged with disrupting the peace, as throngs of fans flooded the streets for a glimpse of 'the football star.'

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Bryan Cranston

Don't get too excited just yet, we haven't found Walter White. But while we might not be able to tell you Heisenberg's whereabouts these days, we can tell you this: this British cab worker is a dead ringer for the Breaking Bad legend, and you'd be in for the ride of your life should you ever find yourself behind his wheels.

Bryan Cranston, Lee Nichols, Look-alikeBryan Cranston, Lee Nichols, Look-alike
High Snobiety via AMC / Instagram via @heisenberglookalike

It all started back in 2015, when the 56-year-old made a life-changing discovery: "One day I... was looking in my shaving mirror, and because the sun was in my eyes I was squinting, which made me look a bit like Walter White." Since then? The Heisenberg impersonator has had "A lot of fun," as he lives out his 2nd identity.

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Cardi B

This next one might take a second to digest, so go ahead and take a good look. While she might not be a "regular, degular, shmegular girl from the Bronx," this Instagram model's resemblance to the New York rapper is simply undeniable. Do you see it now?

Cardi B, Mira, Look-alikeCardi B, Mira, Look-alike
Mike Coppola via Getty Images for MTV / Instagram via @mira_cupcake

"People tell me all the time that I look like Cardi B because of how I speak, and because of my personality," @mira_cupcake revealed. From the signature pout to the striking smize, I guess the only question here is just how good our doppelganger can belt out "Okurrr."

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Seth Rogen

From a (super bad) police officer to a fed-up neighbor, we've caught this funny guy in just about every role imaginable. But ever wonder what our favorite comedian looked like, before the A-list blockbusters and millions in the bank? Well, it appears we've just found our answer.

Seth Rogen, Theo McCallum, Look-alikeSeth Rogen, Theo McCallum, Look-alike
Matt Winkelmeyer via Getty Images for SXSW / Instagram via @ h0tst3ppa

Seriously, it's like we've just stepped back in time; And, well, we've got to ask: why does this guy look more like Seth Rogen than Seth Rogen does? Don't worry, though, we're sure he's not getting into nearly as much trouble as his A-list twin does on-screen. Then again, I guess we'll never really know...

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Johnny Depp

Jack Sparrow, is that you? One look at that black-liner, signature earring, and scruffy hair, and it's like we've just stepped back into the '90s. It's no wonder this TikTok user, @vampyjordan, has managed to rake in almost one million followers for his uncanny resemblance to the Pirates of the Caribbean legend.

Johnny Depp, Vampy Jord, Look-alikeJohnny Depp, Vampy Jord, Look-alike
Barry King for WireImage via Getty Images / Instagram via @vampyjord

From popular on-screen scenes to simply dressing like the Willy Wonka actor, fans simply can't get enough of the charming doppelgänger and his viral posts. Do you see the resemblance? If you ask us, he's officially landed a golden ticket to stardom.

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Matt Leblanc

How you doin'? Something tells us your day is about to get a whole lot better because this doppelgänger will always be there for you (when the rain starts to fall). That's right, someone go get the meatball subs, because this TikTok user is officially a reincarnation of Joey Tribbiani.

Matt Leblanc, Wyatt Dunlap, Look-alikeMatt Leblanc, Wyatt Dunlap, Look-alike
Pinterest via vale barrios / Instagram via @wyattdunlap_

No, he might have starred on Days of Our Lives, but he's certainly a star online, as the teen's resemblance to the Friends actor has landed him online infamy; And, well, while we can't vouch for his math skills, something tells us that he, too, is a real hit with the ladies.

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Justin Bieber

As his (ex) neighbors will happily tell you, Bieber has had a lot of questionable antics over his younger years. But perhaps the 'craziest' one, was the time we saw JB eat a burrito sideways. If by some chance you don't know what we're talking about? That's okay, because it wasn't really him. Confused? Meet Brad Soussa.

Justin Bieber, Brad Sousaa, Look-alikeJustin Bieber, Brad Sousaa, Look-alike
Instagram via @justinbieber / @bradsousaa

It all started back in 2018, as the Biebs made headlines (yet again) after TMZ caught him downing the burrito improperly - only it wasn't him: it was Brad Soussa, the Biebs' long-lost twin, who even managed to fool paparazzi for his striking resemblance; And, well, we don't blame 'em. Do you?

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Miley Cyrus

While the jury's still out on her twerking skills, there's no doubt about it: Mardee Shackleford is a dead ringer for the Midnight Sky wild-child. From the playful smile to the piercing, big eyes, the Instagram user hasn't only fooled fans into thinking she was the real deal...

Miley Cyrus, Mardee Shackleford, Look-alikeMiley Cyrus, Mardee Shackleford, Look-alike
Steve Granitz for WireImage via Getty Images / Instagram via @mardeeraquel

Back in the day, as young Miley toured sold-out arenas, her very own father was so fascinated by the resemblance that Billy Ray plucked Mardee from a concert crowd for a series of pictures. "Sometimes it feels like I am actually famous or a celeb," she reflected. "It's been really fun for me."

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Zayn Malik

Remember when your childhood self thought no one could ever come close to the British heartthrob, after his shocking exit from One Direction (just us?)? Well, it appears we have some good news for you: There's one guy who does, and he comes in the form of 28-year-old Kosovan model, Flamur Ukshini.

Zayn Malik, Flamur Ukshini, Look-alikeZayn Malik, Flamur Ukshini, Look-alike
Twitter via @zaynsdetails / Instagram via @flamuruk

"In the beginning, I didn't realize we looked the same, because I didn't know him," he revealed to Mail Online. Safe to say, that all changed "When people on the street wanted to take pictures with me." Today, the charming model boasts a cool 230,000 Instagram followers, as fans continue to gawk over Zayn's long-lost twin.

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Bella Hadid

We'll give you a minute to digest this next one. No, not because of the (clearly) striking resemblance, but simply because there's a very good chance those baby blues just blinded you; And yet, we can't look away. Seriously, are you as in love as we are?

Bella Hadid, Kawa Andrade, Look-alikeBella Hadid, Kawa Andrade, Look-alike
Instagram via @bellahadid / @kawa_xo

Boasting bright blue eyes, chiseled cheekbones, and Bella's signature pout, it's only a matter of time before we catch this Instagram model taking our runways by storm. In fact, has Tyra seen this? One thing's for sure though: consider us impressed, and only a little bit jealous.

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Gabrielle Union

We watched Gabrielle Union bring it on back in 2000, as she cheered her way to the top, only you wouldn't know it's been 2 decades since then. In fact, the ageless beauty doesn't have a wrinkle to show for it. Perhaps that's why up-and-coming model, Allie Redmond, has made such a name for herself in the world of lip-syncing.

Gabrielle Union, Allie Redmond, Look-alikeGabrielle Union, Allie Redmond, Look-alike
Frazer Harrison via Getty Images / Instagram via @ allieredmondd

That's right, they might be years apart, but the Wisconsin beauty looks exactly like the Hollywood actress. With beautifully bronzed skin and those pearly whites, Union's long-lost twin is all the proof you needed that the actress hasn't aged one bit; And, well, we'd love to know her secret.

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Megan Thee Stallion

She might have cemented her reign as one of the queens of TikTok, but there's another reason the Savage trendsetter has made such a name for herself within the world of lip-synching: Mia Jay. Or, as the internet likes to call her, Meg's uncanny look-alike.

Megan Thee Stallion, Mia Jay, Look-alikeMegan Thee Stallion, Mia Jay, Look-alike
Gregg DeGuire for FilmMagic via Getty Images / Instagram via @thatsmiajay

That's right, and it's since landed the lip-synching doppelganger over 400,000 loyal followers. From glammed-out tutorials to relatable parodies, the viral beauty is clearly just as entertaining as her A-list twin. No word yet on her WAP moves, though. Do you see the resemblance?

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Lindsay Lohan

Someone go grab the Oreos and peanut butter because this next famous face is taking us all the way back to Camp Walden. Folks, meet Grace Kroells, the real long-lost twin of "Annie, Hallie. I mean, Hallie, Annie... Woah!" Are you as confused as we are?

Lindsay Lohan, Gracie Kroells, Look-alikeLindsay Lohan, Gracie Kroells, Look-alike
J. Merritt for FilmMagic via Getty Images / Instagram via @gracekroells

From the fiery hair to the freckled skin, perhaps the only thing our Lindsay Lohan doppelganger is missing is Cuppy (though she'll have to fight Annie for that one). In all seriousness, it's no wonder the blue-eyed beauty has racked up over 100,000 followers. Oh, and did we mention she "could probably quote all of The Parent Trap?" 

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Honestly, this picture had us doing a double-take. From the curly hair to the wide smile, this woman eerily resembles the famous Columbian singer Shakira. And we're not the only ones who've noticed. She, too, is well aware of this fact, so much so that she decided to use her appearance as a career!

shakira viral celeb doppelgangershakira viral celeb doppelganger
Carlos Alvarez / Stringer via Getty Images / Instagram via @shakibecca

The Shakira impersonator explained: "The public that decides to follow me values me for the work I do on the stage. They value the singing and the professional dance I perform, but on the day to day they know that I am still Rebeca Maiellano, a Venezuelan singer and impersonator."

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Meghan Markle

Christine Mathis looks so much like the Duchess of Sussex, that she even works as a body double for the former actress. "I've wanted to be an actress ever since I was a little girl, and people are so convinced that I am actually Meghan that I thought why not see if I can get some jobs pretending to be her," she explained.

meghan markle family twinmeghan markle family twin
Chris Jackson / Staff via Getty Images / Instagram via @christineprimrose

Mathis shared how many times she's been mistaken for the real Meghan. "I'm currently a flight attendant, and ever since she was on Suits, people would tell me I look like her. When she married Prince Harry it intensified. People stare at me and smile a lot. They stop and tell me that I look like the new Princess Meghan Markle."

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Charli D'Amelio

Perhaps one of the biggest and most-recognized TikTok stars is Charli D'Amelio. With over 135.3 million followers, it's clear there are many people out there who are familiar with the dancer's face. So, when fans stumbled across a different user with a near-identical face, they were confused.

charli d'amelio look alikecharli d'amelio look alike
@elliezeiler via Instagram / @charlidamelio via Instagram

Ellie Zeiler looks so much like D'Amelio that the TikToker herself was even stunned by their similarities. "You're telling me this isn't me?" the real Charli commented on one of Zeiler's videos. "This is messing with my brain I can't even comprehend this." 

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Kate Moss

We can't help but be a little jealous of how much this woman resembles the icon 90's supermodel Kate Moss. Those fierce cheekbones have even got this celebrity look-a-like mistaken by paparazzi on numerous occasions. "When I first started to get papped, I used to get very shy and felt like a fraud became I am a Fake Moss."

kate moss look alikekate moss look alike
Dave M. Benett / Stringer via Getty Images / Instagram via @iamnotkatemoss

"But then, as time went on, I started to enjoy it and now find it very flattering," admitted Denise Ohnona. After all, "who wouldn't want to get mistaken for Kate Moss? She's one of the most incredibly iconic women ever!" Honestly, can we really blame her?

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Simon Cowell

"I was spotted at The Isle of wight festival in the VIP area, and someone mentioned the likeness. Since then had a privilege to work with Simon on 3 occasions, also enjoy being able to help so many worthy charities since this started," recalled Simon Cowell's look alike.

simon cowell today twinsimon cowell today twin
Tommy Jackson / Stringer via Getty Images / Instagram via @simonc.lookalike

Fans of American Idol would likely recognize Simon Cowell from a mile away. And we have no doubt that this man has probably been mistaken for the former reality TV show judge. If we saw him walking down the street, we'd definitely try and snag a selfie with Cowell's long-lost twin.

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Tom Cruise

Jerome LeBlanc is possibly the closest resemblance that we have ever seen to Top Gun legend, Tom Cruise. While he may not be walking on red carpets or starring in hit films, LeBlanc still managed to make a career out of looking so similar to the actor.

tom cruise now doppelgangertom cruise now doppelganger
Sunset Boulevard / Contributor via Getty Images / Instagram via @l.a.vation_u2_tribute

"I've been doing this for 9 years now. It's been an awesome journey. I do this full-time as a job. People really love to take photos with me, even though they know I'm the young version. The nostalgia is a strong feeling, it brings people back in the 80s," he revealed.

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Elton John

Honestly, if we looked like one of our favorite celebrities, we would also find it funny to occasionally mess with fans. And that's exactly what this Elton John look-a-like enjoys doing. Can we really blame him for wanting to see what it's like to be a global icon?

elton john twin doppelgangerelton john twin doppelganger
Rodin Eckenroth / Stringer via Getty Images / @eltonlookalike via Instagram

The uncanny appearance has confused many fans. He admitted, "It's great fun, a lot of people do a double-take which is always funny and appreciated. I was at Elton's concert in Leicester U.K. a couple of years ago, and, of course, I dressed as Elton and got mobbed by people all night and even had to sign a few autographs."

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Victoria Pedretti

Fans of the Netflix show You may know Victoria Pedretti for her character as Love Quinn. The actress has become recognized for the distinguishable facial reactions that she consistently had on the show. It even became a part of a trend on TikTok, where users pretended to unlock people's iPhone face ID by mimicking their expressions.

you netflix victoria pedrettiyou netflix victoria pedretti
Rob Latour via Shutterstock/ Instagram via @raeganvanduyne 

When user @raeganvanduyne posted her own version of the trend, her followers were stunned. She looked nearly identical to Pedretti! The video received nearly 3.7 million likes, and many commented how they had to do a double-take. One person wrote, "Omg YOU are HER."

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Madelyne Cline

This TikTok user surprised her followers when she posted a video pretending to unlock Madelyne Cline's iPhone face ID. She looked bizarrely similar to The Outer Banks actress, Madelyne Cline. We wouldn't be surprised if she really was able to enter Cline's phone using her identical features.

madelyn cline outer banksmadelyn cline outer banks
Instagram via @madelyncline/@lilyanaamorgann

The video, posted by user @lilymorgann received hundreds of comments from fans who thought the same things. One TikTok user wrote, "no joke you would probably unlock it." Others added, "The video popped up and I acc[identaly] thought it was her for a sec[ond]."

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Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has been previously voted as Vanity Fair's Most Beautiful Woman in the World. So we have to be honest, we're a little jealous that this woman looks like she could be twins with the Maleficent star. From the cheekbones to the full lips, the resemblance is uncanny!

angelina jolie twin doppelgangerangelina jolie twin doppelganger
Jeff Spicer / Stringer via Getty Images / @melwood1982 via Instagram

"Every time I get the comparison, whether it's at work, running an errand or online, it's very flattering but also hard for me to believe. I think she is absolutely gorgeous and never thought of myself in that respect," Mel revealed about what it's like looking like Jolie.

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