29+ Stars With Beautifully Unexpected Body Features


| LAST UPDATE 10/20/2021

By Manny Ray

With their faces plastered on magazines and movie screens, we sometimes forget that even our favorite celebrities are only human. From moles to missing fingers, let these stars' beautiful flaws serve as a reminder that nobody's perfect.

Kate Bosworth's Colored Eyes

Whether it's from her latest blockbuster or another magazine cover, there's a pretty solid chance our next face is recognizable. And with good reason: Her eyes. Yep, go ahead and take a good look. One of Bosworth's eyes is blue, while the other has a touch of brown. And we'd be lying if we said we weren't only a little bit jealous.

Kate Bosworth, Eyes, FeaturesKate Bosworth, Eyes, Features
Getty Images via John Shearer

But the truth is that it actually stems from a harmless condition called Heterochromia, causing a sector of one's Iris to be discolored. And while most of us will never be as lucky as her, there's always colored contacts, so that's something. Right? Keep scrolling, there's more where that came from...

Kesha's Tail

Most of us remember her for brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack. But how about the time she was born with a tail? That's right, according to the Tik Tok artist, she was born looking very different than most babies. "I had a tail," she revealed to Heat Magazine.

Kesha, Tail, Body partKesha, Tail, Body part
Getty Images via David Becker

Granted, "It was a tiny tail - about a quarter of an inch," as the TikTok singer explained. Nonetheless, it was still 1/4 inch more than we ever had. As for what happened to it? "They chopped it off and stole my tail," she joked. Tail or no tail, we're sure Kesha will always be the life of the party either way.

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Jonah Hill's Scar

"I said to myself, 'I'll never let them down ever again,'" the Superbad actor revealed of how he came to land a massive scar on his right arm. Unfortunately, back when Hill was 15 years old, the troubled teen found himself in a life-threatening car accident.

Jonah Hill, Scar, ArmJonah Hill, Scar, Arm
Getty Images/Gotham/GC Images

One scar and endless years later, the Hollywood legend has since turned his life around. In fact, the comedian now views the battle wound as a reminder of just how far he's come. "I look at this scar every day. That reminds me to work hard," Hill proudly revealed.

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Natalie Portman's Mole

Natalie Portman and her beauty mark practically go hand in hand at this point. But back in the day, it wasn't always viewed as a good thing. Unfortunately for the A-list actress, she was met with endless criticism and concern from casting directors among other faces in Hollywood.

Natalie Portman, Mole, FeatureNatalie Portman, Mole, Feature
Getty Images via Dimitrios Kambouris

From photoshopping it out to passive remarks, the actress eventually decided to take a stand against the judgment. Today, she's grown to embrace the beautiful mole etched on her left cheek. As she put it, "Finally, I had to say, 'No, this is part of me.'" And we couldn't agree more.

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Vince Vaughn's Thumb

Vince Vaughn knows how to take things easy, and that's exactly what we love about him. He's the kind of guy you'd wanna grab a beer with, one that doesn't take himself too seriously. Unfortunately, though, the truth behind his missing finger is no laughing matter.

Vince Vaughn, Clubbed thumbVince Vaughn, Clubbed thumb
Dani Abramowicz/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Back when he was 17 years old, the Hollywood funny guy was involved in a brutal car accident. As a result, Vaughn lost the tip of his right thumb. And while it might make day-to-day life that much more difficult, the star hasn't let it slow him down one bit.

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Karolina Kurkova's Missing Belly Button

Standing at 5'11, the leggy Victoria's Secret supermodel is truly a rare breed. But we're not talking about her striking beauty. We're talking about Karolina Kurkova's missing body part: Her belly button. Yep, the blonde bombshell is neither an innie nor an outie, considering, you know, she's got nothing there.

Karolina Kurkova, Stomach, UniqueKarolina Kurkova, Stomach, Unique
Getty Images via Arun Nevader

But don't worry, "she's not an alien," as her reps assured Glamour. So, what happened? As BBC put it, there's a good chance we're looking at the "result of a surgery needed to correct abdominal problems at birth." Whatever the case may be, we certainly wouldn't mind looking like Ms. Kurkova.

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Matthew Perry's Middle Finger

He's been making us laugh on our screens for over a decade now. But it's not just his knack for one-liners that makes him stand out from Central Perk's finest. Of course, we're talking about the Friends star's right middle finger, which is mysteriously shorter than the rest. Could we BE any more intrigued?

Matthew Perry, Finger, UniqueMatthew Perry, Finger, Unique
Getty Images via Gregg DeGuire

According to IMDb, he's actually got "an unfortunate door-shutting accident" to thank for that one. And while we might never know what truly happened behind closed doors (see what we did there?), we're happy his legendary sense of humor hasn't changed.

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Seal's Facial Scars

Seal's endless talent first propped him front and center back in the '90s. But his famous voice isn't the only reason he's since morphed into a household name. The singer's signature scars have been the talk of endless rumors for decades now, as Seal himself will happily tell ya.

Seal, Scars, Condition, LupusSeal, Scars, Condition, Lupus
Getty Images via Matt Winkelmeyer

But he's actually turned his battle wounds into something positive: "Something that had kind of been initially traumatizing turned out to be something that has made me instantly recognizable," the Kiss From a Rose artist confessed of his scars - a result from his battle with Discoid Lupus Erythematosus.

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Gigi Hadid's Body Moles

Life's good when you're an international supermodel, huh? Unfortunately for Gigi Hadid, it wasn't always smooth sailing. As a matter of fact, there was once a time when the Victoria's Secret supermodel suffered from insecurities over her body moles.

Gigi Hadid, Moles, UniqueGigi Hadid, Moles, Unique
Getty Images via johnny Louis/FilmMagic

From photoshopping them out of magazine spreads to purposely wearing one-pieces, Hadid's moles were once hidden from our feeds. As the years went on, though, the model learned to embrace her beautiful marks. And we're certainly glad she did. Just like our next star...

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Padma Lakshmi's Scar

"When I was young, I tended to be more self-conscious," Padma Lakshmi confessed of the massive scar plastered on her right arm. After a life-threatening car accident years back, the reality star was left with a seven-inch battle wound. Safe to a say, a lot's changed since then.

Padma Lakshmi, Scar, UniquePadma Lakshmi, Scar, Unique
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage via Getty Images

"But now, after being a mother, after living a life, after being a model for so many years, I'm proud of my scars," the Top Chef star finally realized. How does she see it? "They mean that I've had a life... an interesting one." We couldn't agree more.

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Megan Fox's Clubbed Thumbs

Maybe it's from her time as Mikaela Banes. Or maybe, it's her romance with Machine Gun Kelly. Whatever the case may be, Megan Fox's name has been dominating headlines for years now. But there's one thing we didn't know about her...

Megan Fox, Clubbed thumbsMegan Fox, Clubbed thumbs
Getty Images via Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Fox's thumbs are actually clubbed. In other words? "They're so, like, short," the actress joked to Jay Leno. The Transformers star has a hereditary condition called Brachydactyly, which calls for unusually short bones. Nonetheless, Megan will always be flawless in our eyes - and we've got a feeling we're not alone on that one...

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Jane Seymour's Colored Eyes

The redhead beauty has been dominating our screens since the '60s, but what exactly has that called for? According to the actress, perhaps more than we may have realized. As she put it, her beautifully colored eyes haven't always been met with open arms.

Jane Seymour, Eyes, HeterochromiaJane Seymour, Eyes, Heterochromia
Getty Images via Steve Granitz

"I have contact lenses so I can have just one color if the part requires it," Seymour revealed of her Heterochromia - resulting in one green and one brown eye. But unlike some casting directors, the actress actually loves her unique beauty: "I don't look like me if my eyes are the one color. I look more... original like this."

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Ashton Kutcher's Webbed Feet

Ashton Kutcher has come a pretty long way since we first met him as Michael Kelso back in the '70s. But ever since the That 70's Show actor made it big, he's left some pretty big shoes to fill. That's because the star actually has... webbed feet. Yep.

Ashton Kutcher, Feet, BizarreAshton Kutcher, Feet, Bizarre
Getty Images via Andy Butterton/ PA Images

"I have slightly webbed toes," Kutcher revealed to Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. But hey, "When everything else is this good-looking, something has to give," the actor joked. Touché. Though we'd love to know what Jackie would have to say about that one.

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Cassandra Naud's Birthmark

One look at Cassandra, and it's not hard to see why she made it to our list. But she knows that: "People always had questions," she revealed of the striking birthmark perched under her right eye. But while people may not understand it, she's actually "grown to love it." 

Cassandra Naud, Mark, FaceCassandra Naud, Mark, Face
Instagram via @cassandranaud

After endless years spent begging her parents to have it removed, she's finally made peace with her unique mark. "I feel like it's been such a positive thing in my life," the professional dancer proudly revealed to People. "It helps me be more memorable."

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Mekhi Alante Lucky's Blue Eye

When Billie Eilish couldn't stop staring at those ocean eyes, she must have been talking about our next famous face: Mekhi Alante Lucky. Born with Heterochromia, the blue-eyed model is clearly a sight for sore eyes. And we're not the only ones who feel that way.

Mekhi Lucky, Eyes, heterochromiaMekhi Lucky, Eyes, heterochromia
Instagram via @officialmekhilucky_

"People stare at me all the time," Lucky revealed. "I never thought [my eyes] would make me famous - I never really thought about that." But he's not the only one worth admiring: His children have, too, inherited his lucky trait. And we'd be lying if we said we weren't only the slightest bit jealous.

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Slick Woods' Gapped Teeth

From the moment we caught her face on Fenty billboards, Slick Woods - born Simone Marie Thompson - has taken the fashion world by storm. And with good reason. From her sleek, shaved head to her streetwear style, the edgy model isn't one to play it safe. But perhaps her most noticeable asset?

Slick woods, teeth, uniqueSlick woods, teeth, unique
Getty Images via Thaddaeus McAdams

Of course, her smile. The Fenty model was born with Diastema, a common condition causing a gap between one's front two teeth. And while she may have once been insecure about the striking feature, it's since morphed Woods into the international icon she is today.

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Angelina Jolie's Knobbly Knees

It's no surprise that Angelina Jolie knows a thing or two about turning heads. But forget her relationship (well, lack thereof) with Brad Pitt, her outings with her kids, or any other headlines along the way. We're here to talk about her knees. That's right.

Angellina Jolie, Knees, UniqueAngellina Jolie, Knees, Unique
Todd Williamson via Getty Images

The Hollywood beauty has been dominating red-carpets for decades now. But behind those couture gowns or million-dollar jewels, the actress's knobbly knees have left many fans doing a double-take. Safe to say, the bombshell will always be stealing the show.

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Joaquin Phoenix's Cleft Lip

His smile has put his face on the map in more recent years, but we're not here to talk about Joaquin's time in Gotham City. Off-screen, the Joker actor's smile has, too, been met with lots of questions. More specifically, the scar on the star's upper lip. What happened?

Joaquin phoenix, lip, ConditionJoaquin phoenix, lip, Condition
Getty Images via Francois G. Durand

"While pregnant with me, my mother felt a sharp pain one day, and I was born with a mark on my lip," Phoenix revealed of how the mysterious scar came to be. According to BBC, it's said to be the result of a microform cleft, a mild form of cleft lip known to leave a mark.

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Moffy Gathorne-Hardy's Eye

Moffy Gathorne-Hardy has been doing things differently ever since she was a little girl. In fact, that's exactly what caught scouts' eyes when the beauty made her way onto the modeling scene. Unfortunately, though, that doesn't mean life was always so glamorous.

Moffy Hardy, Eyes, strabismusMoffy Hardy, Eyes, strabismus
Dave Benett via Getty Images for Viktor & Rolf

But despite surgeons insisting on operations or stares from strangers on the street, Moffy - along with her lazy eye, a result of a condition called Strabismus - wouldn't have it any other way. "It never occurred to me to do [surgery]; I wouldn't feel like myself without it," she confessed.

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Mark Wahlberg's Extra Nipple

Also surprised to learn Mark Wahlberg has a third nipple? Don't worry, you're not the only one. "We never talked about that… I just assumed he had two of them," Mark's co-star Will Ferrell, too, joked of the unexpected surprise. But make no mistake about it, he'll have no problem showing it off.

Mark Wahlberg, Nipple, ConditionMark Wahlberg, Nipple, Condition
Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

"Yes, it's true," Wahlberg proudly explained of his unique feature. About "the size of an infant's nipple," as the actor put it, his tiny third nipple is very easily missed. Safe to say, though, we'll never be able to unsee this one. As if Marky Mark wasn't memorable enough...

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Elizabeth Berkley's Different Eyes

There's a lot we didn't know about this Saved By the Bell star. For starters, her role of Jessie Spano was written specifically for her. But perhaps more shocking? The actress's eye color: Ever noticed how they are two entirely different shades? There's a good reason for that.

Elizabeth Berkley, Eyes, heterochromiaElizabeth Berkley, Eyes, heterochromia
Getty Images via Jeffrey Mayer

The star is one of many famous faces to have been born with central Heterochromia, the medical condition calling for two different colors within the same eye. As a result, Berkley's left eye is green while her right is half green and half brown. And suddenly we can't stop staring...

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Harry Styles' Four Nipples

Thought Mark Wahlberg's chest was a sight to be seen? Harry Styles is lucky enough to have not three - but four nipples. For years now, there's been talk about the One Direction star's extra features, but back in 2017 the star finally put the rumors to rest.

Harry Styles, Nipple, UniqueHarry Styles, Nipple, Unique
YouTube via Chelsea

"I do," the artist revealed to Chelsea Handler when asked if he had extra nipples. As for what caused the medical marvel, known as Supernumerary nipples? According to dermatologist Dr. Zeichner, "When the body develops, sometimes nipple forming cells accidentally migrate down the chest below the normal nipple."

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Daryl Hannah's Missing Finger

Unfortunately for our next famous face, her unique feature has nothing to do with additional growths or overproduction of cells. Instead, a tragic accident at just three years old left the little girl missing a chunk of her left index finger. What happened?

Daryl Hannah, Finger, UniqueDaryl Hannah, Finger, Unique
Getty Images via Lalo Yasky

According to the actress, her finger had gotten stuck in the pulley of a well at her grandmother's, and, well, the rest is now history. But despite losing the tip of her index, you probably wouldn't know any better. The star has been using prosthetics during her time on screen.

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Winnie Harlow's Unique Skin

From Vogue to Victoria's Secret runway shows, Winnie Harlow is officially a woman on the move. In fact, just because she grew up with a rare medical condition doesn't mean, well, anything. "I'm not a "Vitiligo Sufferer." I'm not a "Vitiligo model." I am Winnie," the model proudly assured.

Winnie Harlow, Vitiligo, skinWinnie Harlow, Vitiligo, skin
Pascal Le Segretain/amfAR/Getty Images for amfAR

Despite being bullied for her rare skin - a result of her immune system fighting off her melanin production - Harlow has since welcomed her former struggle with open arms. "Vitiligo is a blessing in disguise," the Hollywood beauty gushed. Love to see it.

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Tom Hardy's Bent Pinky

He knows how to keep us on the edge of our seats. Perhaps that's why we never noticed Tom Hardy's pinky finger. One quick glance, and suddenly we've got lots of questions. Unfortunately, the truth behind the actor's bent pinky is rather painful: "A kitchen mishap," as he put it.

Tom Hardy, Finger, UniqueTom Hardy, Finger, Unique
Getty Images via Oleg Nikishin/Epsilon

What went wrong? According to the Inception star, he accidentally cut his right pinky with a kitchen knife when he was younger. As a result, Hardy damaged his tendon, leading his finger to stay permanently bent. Despite three operations to fix it, we can't help but admire what it looks like today.

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Mila Kunis' Colored Eyes

Confused to learn Mila Kunis is yet another star with different colored eyes? Don't worry, so were we. And there's actually good reason for that. Unlike our other famous faces, the Family Guy actress doesn't have Heterochromia to thank for her remarkable feature.

Mila Kunis, Eye, BlindMila Kunis, Eye, Blind
Getty Images via Michael Tran

The truth? Mila was "blind in one eye for many years, and nobody knew," the star herself revealed. Sure enough, after undergoing an operation, the actress's eyes have never looked the same ever since. "They cut it open and dropped a new lens in there." Talk about seeing things with a fresh set of eyes...

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Forest Whitaker's Droopy Eyelid

Everything about Forest Whitaker's time on our screen is unforgettable. But we're not just talking about his undeniable talent. The Black Panther actor's droopy eyelid has also been labeled as "intriguing" by several film critics. But the truth is that it was never intentional.

Forest Whitaker, Eye, DroopyForest Whitaker, Eye, Droopy
Getty Images via John Shearer

Whitaker was actually born with Ptosis, a hereditary condition that causes the drooping or lowering of the eyelid. As a result, the star's left eye tends to look different than his right. And while he's considered having it fixed (to correct his eyesight), we can't see him without his beloved trademark feature.

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Sanaa Lathan's Short Thumbs

Much like Megan Fox, our next Hollywood beauty has been slaying our screens for years now - with clubbed fingers. Or what Fox would describe as thumbs that are "so, like, short." Unfortunately, the star was once shy about flaunting her unique feature on our screens.

Sanaa Lathan, Thumb, ConditionSanaa Lathan, Thumb, Condition
Getty Images via Kevin Winter

Just like Fox, the actress was born with Brachydactyly, a hereditary condition called for shortened bones. Fast forward to today, though, and the Love & Basketball star has grown to love her rare feature. She gets a thumbs up in our book for embracing her unique self (had to).

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Jessica Cauffiel's Rare Eyes

Most of us remember her from her time at Delta Nu. But the Legally Blonde star is also one of many stars with a rare set of eyes. One glance at that picture, and it's pretty hard to miss it. Yep. The actress's right eye is green, while her left is green with specks of brown.

Jessica Cauffiel, Eyes, heterochromiaJessica Cauffiel, Eyes, heterochromia
Getty Images via KMazur

Seriously, we can't stop staring. As for what caused the striking mark? While it's most likely the result of partial Heterochramia, luckily, it hasn't affected Cauffiel's eyesight. Though we can't help but wonder what Elle Woods would have to say about it…

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Denzel Washington's Bent Pinky

From The Equalizer to Malcolm X, we thought we'd seen it all when it came to this Hollywood legend. But if there's one thing we had yet to catch? The actor's "magic finger," as he likes to call it. That's right, Denzel Washington's pinky finger is like nothing we've ever seen before.

Denzel Washington, Pinky, UniqueDenzel Washington, Pinky, Unique
Getty Images via KMazur/WireImage

"It's like a gummy bear in there," the star joked to Graham Norton of his broken finger. As for what happened? According to the actor, "I had injured it so many times playing football," Washington revealed of his right pinky. Suddenly we've got lots of questions...

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Tina Fey's Scar

Whether it's from her time as Liz Lemon or Ms. Norbury, the 30 Rock actress has been dominating our screens for quite some time. But for most of us, we were too busy laughing at her endless one-liners to notice the mysterious scar etched right under her lip. What happened?

Tina fey, scar, peculiarTina fey, scar, peculiar
John Lamparski via Getty Images

Perhaps we'll never know: "I'm not going to lay out the grisly details for you like a sweeps episode of Dateline," Fey joked. What she has revealed, though, is that the mark - a result of a stranger injuring her as a child - doesn't faze her. "I was a very confident little kid... almost like I'm kind of able to forget about it."

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Eva Mendes' Mole

It's wild to think of Eva Mendes ever being criticized for her looks. But unfortunately, back in the day, that's exactly what happened. The Hollywood goddess was teased for one of her most beloved features: the mole. Safe to say, a whole lot has changed since then.

Eva Mendes, mole, peculiarEva Mendes, mole, peculiar
Venturelli/WireImage via Getty Images

"In junior high, the other kids would say, 'You've got some chocolate on your face,' and I fell for it every time," Mendes confessed. And while it may have left her eager to get the feature removed, she's grown to love the signature mark - just like the rest of us.

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Shawn Marion's Pinky

Sure, he's a star on the court. But when he's not busy wowing us with that famous jump shot, the NBA baller might not be as graceful as we may have thought. But why don't we let his pinky finger do all of the talking here? "It's facing 10 o'clock," Marion joked of his dislocated finger.

Shawn marion, pinky, injuryShawn marion, pinky, injury
Jun Sato/WireImage via Getty Images

What went wrong? Perhaps that's something we might never know. "When did I first mess this up?" Marion joked of his finger. "Maybe 9 or 10. I probably was playing basketball, or soccer or like kickball or something." Whatever the case may be, we're happy to see that it hasn't slowed down his game one bit.

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Gerard Butler's Ear

Never knew about Gerard Butler's remarkably uneven ears? Don't worry, neither did he. "I didn't realize it until I had to shave my head for that movie [Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life]," the actor jokingly confessed. But despite his initial confusion, he actually knows exactly what caused it.

Gerard Butler, ears, uniqueGerard Butler, ears, unique
Tomokazu Tazawa/WireImage via Getty Images

The Olympus Has Fallen star underwent surgery as a child after suffering an ear infection. As a result, the actor's right ear was left protruding more than his other. Unfortunately, it also left him with trouble hearing. Luckily, though, it doesn't seem to have slowed him down one bit - and we love to see it. 

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Selena Gomez's Scar

From Waverly Place all the way to Hollywood, we practically grew up alongside this former Disney star. But her journey to stardom hasn't always been smooth sailing. After battling with lupus, Gomez had to undergo a kidney transplant - something that left a massive scar on her upper thigh.

Selena gomez, scar, kidneySelena gomez, scar, kidney
Instagram via @selenagomez

"I remember it being very difficult at first showing my scar," the starlet admitted. Fast forward to today, though, and Gomez feels very differently. "I feel confident in who I am and what I went through." She hopes to inspire others through her journey to recovery, and we'd say she's done exactly that...

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Ed Sheeran's Scar

Ever wonder how Sheeran got that sudden scar on his cheek? Perhaps don't ask him. "We made a fancy story up, people fell for it. It was very embarrassing," his pal, James Blunt, confessed. That's right: no, Princess Beatrice didn't accidentally cut him during a prank gone wrong. (Though it does make a pretty good story.)

Ed Sheeran, scar, faceEd Sheeran, scar, face
Isabel Infantes/PA Images via Getty Images

As for what really happened? It appears the singer had a bit too much to drink and accidentally ended up whacking himself. Talk about a bad hangover. In all seriousness, we can't help but admire just how unique the scar makes the already one-of-a-kind hit-maker.

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Andy Cohen's Eyes

He may know how to dish and take it, but it wasn't always that way. Unfortunately for the king of Bravo, he once suffered from brutal bullying for what he once referred to as his "wandering eyes." And it almost cost the reality star his time on our screens.

Andy cohen, eyes, strabismusAndy cohen, eyes, strabismus
Aaron Davidson via Getty Images

"When I wound up getting on air, I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this is so harsh. I'm horribly deformed,'" Cohen confessed of his crippling insecurities. Luckily, the reality star has grown to embrace his unique set of eyes. And it's only been uphill ever since. Just like our next star...

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Kate Hudson's Ears

This blonde bombshell is just as memorable off-screen as she is on-screen. And with good reason. Her carefree spirit is just as contagious as that giant smile she's always sporting. But it wasn't always that way. In fact, even Ms. Hudson once battled crippling insecurities.

Kate hudson, ears, uniqueKate hudson, ears, unique
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Why? Her ears: "They were something people made fun of," the actress confessed of her protruding ears. But despite earning the cruel nickname of "Dumbo," among others, Hudson learned not to care what others have to say. And that's exactly what we love about her.

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Henry Cavill's Eyes

Sure, we may know him as Superman - but that doesn't mean he's perfect. That's right, even our favorite superheroes are "flawed." The Man of Steel actor was born with heterochromia, a condition many of our other famous faces are also familiar with. Ring a bell?

Henry cavill, eyes, heterochromiaHenry cavill, eyes, heterochromia
Jerod Harris via Getty Images for DC Entertainment

Yep. While Cavill and his baby blues practically go hand in hand, the star's eyes are actually two different colors. Take a closer look at that picture above. At the top of the actor's left eye, there's indeed a tiny patch of brown. Mind = blown. But there's more where that came from. Keep scrolling.

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Kristen Bell's Eyes

Much like Andy Cohen, Kristen Bell's unique eyes have been met with endless attention. But don't get it twisted: it hasn't slowed her down one bit. When she's not busy starring in the latest blockbuster, we can find her on the 'gram flaunting the unique trait.

Kristen Bell, cross eyedKristen Bell, cross eyed
Vera Anderson/WireImage via Getty Images

"I am slightly cross-eyed. Always have been, always will be," the actress proudly shared on Instagram. Luckily, though, it hasn't impacted the star's eyesight or thriving career in Hollywood. In fact, we'd say Kristen Bell is in a very good place (had to).

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Kylie Jenner's Scar

Back in 2018, the youngest Jenner almost broke the internet (like her sister Kimmy) as her latest GQ spread dropped. No, we're not talking about the loved-up shots with Travis. We're talking about the massive scar that was visibly perched on her upper leg. What happened?

Kylie jenner, scar, injuryKylie jenner, scar, injury
Instagram via @kyliejenner

Unfortunately, the Kylie Skin mogul suffered a painful accident while playing hide-and-seek as a little kid. Thankfully, she's since recovered from the injury and loves to show off the beautiful battle wound. "I love my scar," Jenner gushed. And so do we.

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Tyra Banks' Forehead

You wanna be on top? Perhaps there's more to it than a good smize. In fact, as the America's Next Top Model star put it? Individuality is exactly what landed her on that first catwalk several decades ago. And she's actually got her forehead to thank for that.

Tyra banks, forehead, uniqueTyra banks, forehead, unique
Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

"So I have a very large forehead. Some people call it a five-head, and maybe even a six or a seven," Banks joked to the Today Show. But she wouldn't want it any other way. "If I didn't have a high forehead, I would've been too safe-looking... too commercial-looking."

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Karlie Kloss's Height

She's the leggy goddess who's been dominating runways and magazine covers for years now. But that doesn't mean it's always been so glamorous. In fact, it hasn't. Unfortunately, the supermodel's most famous feature was once met with endless hardships.

Karlie kloss, height, uniqueKarlie kloss, height, unique
Instagram via @karliekloss

Clocking in at 6'2", Kloss has always been standing out from the crowd. "It used to be something that I really disliked about myself, being tall and lanky," the model confessed. Safe to say, things look very differently today. "It turned out to be the greatest asset I have — how uniquely weird I am."

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Jason Momoa's Scar

We should warn ya: Ask Jason Momoa how he came to land that scar above his 'brow, and you're in for one heck of a story. In fact, as the actor himself put it, "It was crazy." Well, what went down that resulted in over 140 stitches across Momoa's face?

Jason Momoa, scar, injuryJason Momoa, scar, injury
AFP/NICK AGRO via Getty Images

Back in '08, before we met Khal Drogo, the Game of Thrones star got into a pretty nasty altercation at a bar. But despite the stitches and scars that soon followed, he's pretty pleased with the way things panned out. "I got called 'pretty boy' my whole life," Momoa joked. "If anything, it's like,' Good.' It's not my thing now."

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Sophia Hadjipanteli's Unibrow

When a Greek-Cyprian model decided to ditch the tweezers one day, she never dreamed it'd lead to international stardom. Sure enough, Sophia Hadjipanteli has since taken the fashion world by storm, as the model continues to defy the typical beauty norms.

Sophia hadjipanteli, unibrow, faceSophia hadjipanteli, unibrow, face
Stuart C. Wilson via Getty Images

"I am not really doing this to show people that they have to like [my unibrow]," she assured. "I am more so doing it to show people that they can get on with their lives by having a preference." Despite being called the "unibrow girl," the fearless beauty will continue to do things her way. And we're here for it.

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Max Scherzer's Eyes

Clearly they don't call him "Mad Max" for nothing. But forget the impressive stats that earned the MLB star his nickname for a second. We're here to talk about the pro-athletes other noteworthy asset: His different-colored eyes. Go ahead and take a good for yourself.

Max Scherzer, eyes, heterochromiaMax Scherzer, eyes, heterochromia
Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos via Getty Images

One glance at that picture, and it's clear that Nationals Park isn't the only place this pitcher struck out. "I've always celebrated it," the Nationals star confessed of his heterochromia. "Whether you like it or not, that's who I am... There's nothing I can do about it."

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Stephen Colbert's Ear

He's the king of late night. But when he's not busy grilling our favorite celebrities, the Late Show host actually has an interesting secret of his own: The story of how his right ear came to protrude more than his left. It all traces back to an operation he underwent at the Medical University [of South Carolina] as a child.

Stephen colbert, ears, uniqueStephen colbert, ears, unique
Matt Winkelmeyer via Getty Images

"I had this weird tumor as a kid, and they scooped it out with a melon baller," the Late Show host revealed. Yes, really. Unfortunately, the surgery also resulted in Colbert losing his hearing in his right ear. Thankfully, though, it doesn't seem to have slowed him down one bit.

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Anna Paquin's Gap

Sure, she might play a Halfling on our screens. But off-screen? The True Blood actress is only human, just like the rest of us. But if there's one "flaw," Paquin'll never change about herself? It's those gapped teeth, which we simply can't get enough of.

Anna paquin, gap teethAnna paquin, gap teeth
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic via Getty Images

"Interestingly enough, I don't really care about my teeth," the actress proudly explained. In fact, as she sees it, changing her unique feature would only limit her. "If you have a whole bunch of work done... you're only going to play modern people," she explained of landing future roles.

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Busy Philipps' Moles

Busy Philips loves the moles scattered across her neck and chest. In fact, as the actress put it, "Without them, I think I'd look kind of plain and boring." Unfortunately, that doesn't mean everyone's been as welcoming of her beautiful trait as she is.

Busy Philipps, moles, uniqueBusy Philipps, moles, unique
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic via Getty Images

From being advised to hide them to endless hours spent in the makeup chair doing exactly that, Philipps' moles haven't always been appreciated in Hollywood. Luckily, the star is proud of who she is and will continue to be her unapologetic, true self.

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Lindsay Lohan's Freckles

From the moment we first watched Lindsay Lohan dominate our screens, it's been nothing short of memorable. And we're not just talking about the fact that we were seeing double. We're talking about the Parent Trap star's most famous feature: Her freckles.

Lindsay Lohan, freckles, bodyLindsay Lohan, freckles, body
Barry King/WireImage via Getty Images

Despite the ever-changing roles (and scandals) she's been met with since then, the child star's signature trait has always remained on full display. In fact, one look at that picture above, and it's no wonder Lohan and her beautiful freckles practically go hand in hand at this point.

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Cara Delevingne's Eyebrows

When Cara Delevingne first stepped onto the scene back in 2011, she instantly turned heads. Of course, we're talking about her famous brows. But believe it or not, the same trait that put her face on the map was once something she tried, desperately, to get rid of.

Cara delevingne, eyebrows, peculiarCara delevingne, eyebrows, peculiar
Mike Marsland/WireImage via Getty Images

"I did [hate my brows]; my mum would always tell me they were my best feature," the supermodel confessed. "I was like, 'They look like giant slugs on my face.'" Safe to say, Delevingne feels a whole lot differently these days, and we certainly love to see it.

Miles Teller's Scar

Unfortunately, our next star's famous feature was the result of a near-fatal accident. That's right. Back when Miles Teller was 20 years old, the actor was involved in a brutal car crash; something that resulted in both emotional and physical scarring.

Miles Teller, scar, accidentMiles Teller, scar, accident
Dominique Charriau/WireImage via Getty Images

What happened? "My buddy lost control of my car going 80 mph. We flipped eight times. I got ejected out the window," Teller revealed. Thankfully, the star has since recovered from the accident and isn't shy about showing off his remarkable battle wounds.

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Steve Buscemi's Crooked Teeth

Steve Buscemi is truly one of a kind. And we're not just talking about his unforgettable one-liners on our screen: We're talking about his famous smile, which practically precedes him at this point. But the actor knows that - and that's exactly why he's opted to embrace his unique teeth.

Steve buscemi, teeth, smileSteve buscemi, teeth, smile
Dominique Charriau/WireImage via Getty Images

Despite the endless dentists who've begged to change him, the comedian is happy just the way he is. "You know, I won't work again if you fix my teeth,'" Buscemi joked of having his signature smile "corrected." After all, those Adam Sandler movies wouldn't quite be the same without his famous crooked smile, would they?

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Bella Thorne's Acne

"I don't like the whole perfection look," Bella Thorne explained. Perhaps that's why the Hollywood wild child has taken a refreshing approach when it comes to her Instagram feed. From acne flare-ups to barefaced selfies, the actress has been publicly documenting her skin struggles for years now.

Bella thorne, acne, faceBella thorne, acne, face
Instagram via @bellathorne

"I kinda just changed my whole opinion, which was... I don't give a - I don't care," the star confessed of growing to love the skin she's in (literally). Instead of stressing over sudden breakouts, she's since adopted a new perspective: "That is a beautiful pimple." We couldn't agree more.

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Ashley Graham's Stretch Marks

Ashley Graham has been a body-positive icon ever since she first stepped onto the scene. And with good reason. In a world filled with photoshop, the Hollywood goddess has opted to do things differently. She continues to embrace her beautiful, unique self - unapologetically.

Ashley graham, stretch marksAshley graham, stretch marks
Instagram via @ashleygraham

This includes her documented stretch marks - a result of welcoming her 1-year-old son, Isaac. As she sees it, "This is not just a battle wound. This is something that has changed my life forever... I'm going to celebrate my new body." Safe to say, Graham loves the skin she's in - and so do we.

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Sarah Hyland's Scar

"Scars are scars," as Sarah Hyland will proudly remind us. "They are little tally marks of what you've been through as a human being." As for her little tally marks? The Modern Family actress has got several on her abdomen. And she'll have no problem flaunting them, as she's done time and time again.

Sarah hyland, scar, kidneySarah hyland, scar, kidney
Instagram via @sarahhyland

"I've never been afraid to show my scars," Hyland proudly explained. The marks are reminders of her remarkable strength after undergoing 16 operations for kidney dysplasia. Though if you ask her? "[The scars] either looks like a Samurai sword attack or a shark bite." We'll let you be the judge of that one.

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Demi Lovato's Cellulite

What's wrong with being confident? Absolutely nothing. Back in 2019, the Confident artist took to Instagram to open up about something she's learned to love about herself: Cellulite - and we couldn't agree more. "CELLULIT... Here's me, unashamed, unafraid, and proud," she gushed.

Demi lovato, cellulite, bodyDemi lovato, cellulite, body
Instagram via @demilovato

After admitting to formerly editing her own pictures, the Dancing With the Devil hitmaker decided to ditch the photoshop to keep it real. And we can't help but admire her part in challenging societal beauty standards. "Here's me, RAW, REAL! And I love me," Lovato proudly shared. 

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Kim Kardashian's Pigment Loss

From breaking the internet to the body shots it may have called for, our next famous face isn't exactly shy when it comes to documenting her assets. But if there's one thing she once opted to keep hidden? It was the pigment loss on her legs, a result of psoriasis.

Kim kardashian, legs, psoriasisKim kardashian, legs, psoriasis
Instagram via @kimkardashian

Fast forward to today, and the reality star has grown to embrace her beautifully unique trait. "After this many years, I've really learned to live with it," Kardashian gushed. 'I don't even really try to cover it that much anymore." We're happy to hear it.

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Mary J. Blige's Scar

As Mary J. Blige once put it, she's just fine. But from the sounds of it? She's even better than that. While the artist's journey to Hollywood has been met with several bumps - and scars - she couldn't be happier. In fact, she loves the "flaws" that make her stand out.

Mary J. Blige, scarMary J. Blige, scar
Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

"If I don't accept the scar on my face, the lips that God gave me, the big giant feet… whatever it is… I got to love it so everybody else can," Blige explained. Despite her facial scar (which she has yet to address) or her "giant feet," let Mary - like our other stars, serve as a perfect reminder that beauty is skin deep.

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